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Content Marketing for Startups

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Time and time again I’ve watched this story play out. brilliant developer builds software to scratch their own itch, fill the gap, change the world. They toil away nights, weekends, before they go off to their day jobs, every spare minute because their driven to build that software. And then they finish. They have to — eww!

What ZenHub adds to GitHub and why it matters to you

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Developer teams succeed or fail largely depending on what their development process is. Most of the developers reading this post are very familiar with GitHub (My sincere condolences if you’re stuck with BitBucket.). For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been keeping my eye on something new: ZenHub.io. DeveloperNews

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Can your markdown do this?

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As I build out KeyboardBrains.com, I know I’m going to be handling a good amount of content, without the safety net of a CMS. As I started drilling into this problem domain, I can across kramdown. Take markdown, and then add a super-easy syntax for things like tables, classes, id’s, data attributes and even JavaScript events.

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Goodbye CoffeeScript, hello ES6

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As a Rails first, js later kind of developer, ES6 has been on my ever lengthening technical todo list for months. But two really well done resources I’d like to share with you are definitely helping me adopt the new master standard for all things JavaScript. First First up, what else, but a cheatsheet. DeveloperNews

New Twitter tools for Startups in 2012

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Here’s 5 new Twitter tools I’d recommend, and why. Buffer. What: Repeat your tweets so more people see them. In a word, Awesome. PeerIndex.

Pricing Pages captured in the wild

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If you or your team are at point where you’re ready to bestow on your startup a pricing page, you’re going to want to head over to  PricingPages.xyz  first. There you’ll find example after example of how other companies have designed their all-important monetization moment. DeveloperNews

Your startup needs a pre-launch signup landing page

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[After last week's post on A prelaunch page for your startup , Josh Ledgard of KickoffLabs reached out to point out his alternative. by Josh Ledgard.

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Are your customers in enough pain?

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Let me let you in on a little startup secret: you want your prospective customers in pain. Lots of pain. All rainbows, kittens, and puppies. The Past

Getting your Momentum – Plus

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Sometimes a little beauty in life can sneak up on you. That little something now has over 1.5 million users. Can you say monetize? are coming soon.

The Age of the Platform

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Phil is way smart, insightful and knows how to tell a great story! Recommended Reading!). By Phil Simon. Published by Motion Publishing. DISCLAIMER.

Requiem for Ruby 5 and 5 minutes of Javascript podcasts

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went to the sites and got the scary Google message you see in this post. ” Sad and so incredibly short-sighted. DeveloperNews

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An interesting Amazon innovation

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I just saw something I never expected to see again: a mailman delivering a big heavy box to my doorstep on a Sunday afternoon.

Dark Patterns

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Everyday on the web we as consumers hit one or more dark patterns , usually involving trying to squeeze a little more engagement, or a little more money out of us. There’s 14 such patterns documented with examples over at  [link]  – most you will recognize, but a few are really, really sneaky. DeveloperNews

The Ultimate Startup Bundle and why it’s worth your time.

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The reality for would-be technical startup founders is you’re going to have to learn and master a ton of information about non-technical stuff: marketing, content marketing, seo marketing, pricing your product, raising money, raising more money (not the same thing), etc. Good luck with that. There are better ways. appeared first on 47hats.com.

Startup Idea Stuck? Spend a buck!

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If you’re stuck for an idea to build your startup on, then I’ve got just what you need – and it will cost you a single dollar. Rene

JOBS bill passes – New era for startup funding starts now.

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If you’ve founded a startup, or are thinking of founding a startup, your API to OPM (Other People’s Money) just got earthshakingly easier to use. Sitting in President Obama’s inbox this afternoon is HR 3606 – the JOBS act – ready for his signature, SEC rulemaking, and going into production. How much stock? Dunno.

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Quick prototypes and agile startups.

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I don’t usually mix my day job at TheRightMargin with my various passions here at 47hats, but an experiment I and three other employees are getting ready to launch was just too useful for people here to pass up. Maybe. Makes getting picked last for a dodgeball team in high school PE sound fun. Take, for example, testing a new major feature. Ideas

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They’re back!

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Just close your eyes, shut up, do as we say and go shopping. Or not. from: 47 Hats. If you like this post, there’s plenty more!

Finding a great startup domain name

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There’s thousands of advice posts on picking a domain name; In this post I’ll try to filter down to the few most important ideas, take a quick look at how the interaction between name and market focus work, and share 6 online tools that I found useful in my hunt for Project Y’s URL. The basics. Discoverable or Brandable? Project

I’m Back. Here’s Why.

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For the past two months, hell for the past 3 decades, every time I sit down in front of computer to create I have to push myself to do it. But try and write, try and create, and a truckload of rationalizations, excuses, distractions, emotions and other crap springs out of my screen like some sort of weird airbag. So how and why am I writing this?

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Join fizzle.co now.

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Continuing my experiments to make myself a better solopreneur, I’ve joined and started participating in fizzle.co – and so should you.

Why branding a startup begins with a question, and not the one you’d expect.

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Andrea Shillington. By Andrea Shillington. Founder & Owner . Brands for the people. founded Brands for the people with a passionate purpose.

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What I’ve learned about creating product videos

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By Iain Dooley , Founder of Working Software and creator of Decal CMS. ScreenFlow. Wistia video hosting for business (gotta love the stats!).

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Taking Charge of your Startup’s Scheduling

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By Mark L. Smith , Co-Founder. www.DigMyData.com. Momentum is the life blood of a startup. It’s a wonder sometimes that anything gets scheduled at all.

AskBob: Where do I find developer cofounder?

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(Got a startup question? Ask it at AskBob and I’ll take a stab at it. His top startup problem? Ideas, Cofounders and Belief. They can’t.

I’d like you to meet your replacement

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I know it’s always hard on employees when they’re told they’re no longer needed. It’s hard on management too! Maybe four.

Do you really need an explanatory video for your startup?

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By Marc Strong, Founder, Wienot Films. The world is drowning in information–at least I know I am! In 2011, we created an estimated 1.8 THE COST.

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Why Startups fail to sell.

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[This is a free sample from my ebook, Startup Sites that Sell! Creating and Marketing your Unique Selling Proposition. Startup Sites that Sell!

Start every day with a line of code.

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I’m going to try an experiment: identify and implement 1 small habit each Monday that makes me a better solopreneur, and report the results back here. This week: Start the day with a line of Code. Start every day with a line of code. That one line, that one act, will kickstart your day, focus your intentions, and give you momentium.

A heartening message for a Writer

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Back in December, I got a message from Dan Kerns , a reader of my 2009 Web Startup Success Guide : Hey Bob, Just want to send a heartfelt thank you for the great masterpiece of The Web Startup Success Guide! completed the book yesterday, and it has already been a huge value-add in my startup, the soundBYTE Audio App. Dan Kearns. Dan Kearns.

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Want an hour more a week? Unsubscribe.

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You want claw an hour or so back into your control of the 168 you get each week? Every time you get an email with an unsubscribe link, use it. Use it in your email client on your desktop, use it on your phone use it. Now, that said, please don’t unsubscribe me! The post Want an hour more a week? Unsubscribe. appeared first on 47hats.com.

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Using Evernote to manage your Startup

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Whether it’s the latest set of Heroku commands or alternative revenue models for your startup, you need one place to store all the vital bits, ideas, and decisions. recommend Evernote. Dozens of posts culled from my RSS reader (Mr. For example, DeveloperMemory is not a flashcard application and won’t be marketed as such.

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The Revenge of Microsoft: Windows 8

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After years of being pegged as the impotent giant, Microsoft turned heads and changed expectations today with its first public showing of Windows 8.

You have data. What you need is DigMyData.

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So there you are, with your startup wired up with every type of analytic instrumentation you could ask for. Not one single thing. Highly recommended.

Ponderable: Bookfunding.

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Phil Simon (the Startup Success Podcast #104 ) is doing some very sophisticated customer discovery: Give this interview with him a read. Ideas

Go back to school for your startup. Free!

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That’s exactly what you can get from Steve Blank , at Stanford University, starting in February. How cool is that? Ideas

In or Out?

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In the Zone. Of the Zone I mean. You’re either sitting down with your computer to futz around with something or you’re attempting to get in the Zone.

Use a checklist to control your email addiction

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So what was your most terrible anti-productive habit in 2012? Mine was checking email. little unpacking is in order. Enter Cheddar.

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What’s the most important question about your startup?

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Go take a look right now at your site: What’s the first thing that catches your eye? Not your site. Not your product. Marketing

A prelaunch page for your startup

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One very effective approach is creating a prelaunch page for your startup. That’s what I’ve done today for Project Y – a.k.a

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