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A Typical Example of #GiveFirst

Feld Thoughts

We are investors and Jason is on her board. Later that day, Krista sent me the full story, which follows, in an email. Krista’s words follow.

10 Startup Priorities May Negate The Business Plan

Startup Professionals Musings

In that context, it could be a social enterprise, or even a hobby, and a business plan may not be beneficial. The only reliable test is a real one.

Berlin: Startup Home As A Service

Feld Thoughts

I thought this was outrageously brilliant. Thanks to Andrew Hyde for sending it to me. The Boulder startup community is called Boulder.

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett And Oprah All Use The 5-Hour Rule

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Top business leaders often spend five hours per week doing deliberate learning


22 Ways Brands Can Use Facebook Live Video to Drive Business

crowdSPRING Blog

It’s a well-established fact that video can drive major engagement for a brand. Period. What could be better than that?  Live  video. ” 3.

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Exploring the Social Impact of Graphic Design

crowdSPRING Blog

When it comes to crowdsourcing design needs, the projects that come to mind are pretty specific to branding. There’s That just makes sense.

Walking Away

Numerate Choir

When I mentioned that Bonafide was shutting down, some people were surprised.

Startup 36

Founder Fights in Boulder

Feld Thoughts

The final event at Boulder Startup Week a few months ago was Founder Fights. Carrie and Jerry did a great

8 Business Professional Types Will Test Every Leader

Startup Professionals Musings

Most new startup founders start out by assuming they need to spread their leadership efforts evenly across all team members. Rising stars. Joyriders.

8 Personality Traits of Highly Intelligent People (Backed by Science)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The scientific reason behind some of the personality traits that smart people share


A Look Inside the Fascinating Cannabis Branding and Marketing Boom

crowdSPRING Blog

Make no mistake: the legal marijuana industry is booming, creating huge business opportunities and massive tax revenue incomes for their communities.

It’s all about the reps and mileage

Jeff Hilimire

Of all the books I’ve read about entrepreneurs, I’m pretty close to saying Arnold might be the BEST example of a true entrepreneur. Rando

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 36: Jim Semick and Peter Arvai

Steve Blank

Given all that I’ve seen in my career I don’t sweat the small stuff. We didn’t talk about product; we didn’t talk about organization or raising money. We talked about our values, we talked about our hopes and dreams for the world, and that helped us realize why we were doing this project together. Jim Semick. Peter Arvai.

How to Start a Blog

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Want to learn how to create a blog? Ready to start your blog? Before you start worrying about your blog design get a few things straightened out.

Do You Listen to Music While Working? Here's What It Does to Your Brain (and It's Pretty Awesome)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog


Documentary: Zero Days

Feld Thoughts

Sunday night, Amy and I watched the new documentary Zero Days. also remember the mainstream media discussion on it well as I was fascinated by it.

Iran 36

KUKA Opens Robotics Center in Austin


KUKA ATX is a new robotics research and development center in Austin focused on industrial robots for factory production. Austin

How To Work From Home (And Actually Be Productive)

YFS Magazine

Working from home can be both the best and worst situation you might face in your career. 


Product 34

Your Customers Don’t Need Better Products. They Need Better Stories!


Steve Jobs had just launched the iPhone, and many analysts were dissing Apple for bringing a sub-par product to the market. They Need Better Stories!

Want To Be A Success? Follow This Navy SEAL's 40 Percent Rule

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Winning is hard. Some of those who know about succeeding have a certain formula


You Can’t Spell Hardware without H-A-R-D

K9 Ventures

I started my tinkering with hardware first. It was both fun and frustrating at the same time. Hardware is different. knew this going into it.

On The Beach

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I’m taking the weekend off to spend it with my entire family (parents, brothers, wives, children) on the beach. Here are a couple podcasts that Harry Stebbings did with my partners Albert and Brad in case you want to spend some time going deep on USV this weekend. Podcast w/ Brad.

Free Marketing Images

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

This page features free marketing images for journalists and bloggers. Images

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Why You Should Start Your Entrepreneurial Career In Restaurants


By Anthony Lye, President & CEO of HotSchedules. In our vacation town, that was the best way to make money and get a tan. trillion global industry.

What Do Millennials Really Want? (From Work and Life)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Fewer than 40 percent of all millennials define themselves as "thriving" in any one aspect of their well-being


Why Investing in a Logo is Key to Startup Marketing Success

crowdSPRING Blog

Great companies know that to be successful you have to build trust with your audience through a consistent brand. Why Logos are Important.

How to Develop a Positioning Statement for the Marketing Section of Your Business Plan

Up and Running

Positioning is the essence of marketing strategy, and some would say of all business strategy. See Also: Business Planning Guide. Positioning diagrams.

How technology weirdly solves the problems it creates

Start Up Blog

The erudite Kevin Kelly says that the solution to problems caused by technology is more technology. And I couldn’t agree more. Who knows?

Trump: Learn to Steal Smart

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Stealing Smart and Stealing Stupid. It involves politics — but my comments have more to do with creativity and innovation. Maybe.

The 1 Horrible Habit That's Holding Millennials Back

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Many millennials are stunting their careers by believing the nonsense their parents and teachers fed them


Four Frequently Neglected Elements of Branding You Can’t Afford to Ignore

crowdSPRING Blog

When we talk about branding, we tend to talk a lot about marketing. That said, there are other factors that impact the actual form of your brand.

6 key tips to taking your business global

The Next Web

If your business has seen successful growth in the US, it most likely will see success in other countries as well. How do you even know where to start?

Customer Journey Mapping: Waste Of Time Or Excellent Investment?


That’s the good news. The bad news is that it can be all but impossible to find out what that story is. How to get from here to there.

NewCo Conference Returns to Austin to Showcase the City’s Tech Industry


NewCo Austin is a new kind of conference that takes people into the work spaces of some of Austin’s most innovative companies. The conference takes place on July 26th and 27th at various locations around town, and Capital Factory is hosting several sessions as an affiliate partner of the conference. Austin