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A New Dawn for Consumer Internet Acquisitions

Genuine VC

And last week’s $200M OMGPOP acquisition by Zynga is the starting-gun fire for deals that aren’t just “acquihires,” but real meaningful ones. 

We Were Right – Just a Decade Early

Feld Thoughts

2000 was the Peak of Inflated Expectations. 1995 – 2000 was the climb up to the Peak. rose $7.31 1/4 to 45.06 1/4 on the NYSE.

From Founder to Employee: The Surprisingly Smooth Post-Acquisition Transition

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

talked to Michael and Marcel about the journey from startup to acquisition and beyond. When you considered various exit strategies, was an acquisition part of the mix? Marcel: I had done an IPO in 2000. See an acquisition not as an ending but as the beginning of a new phase. Many startups die on the vine.

The Cost of Customer Acquisition: How Much Can You Spend to Earn New Business?

Duct Tape Marketing

The Cost of Customer Acquisition: How Much Can You Spend to Earn New Business? written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

A Billion Dollars, Through Acquisitions & Perseverance

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The company has since grown to 500 employees, and with the acquisitions of Ketera Network and, was valued at $1 billion in September 2011.

A New Dawn for Consumer Internet Acquisitions

Genuine VC

And last week’s $200M OMGPOP acquisition by Zynga is the starting-gun fire for deals that aren’t just “acquihires,” but real meaningful ones. 


The Lindy Effect on startup potential

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Will you ever get 2000? hope so, but most companies that do get 100 never get 2000. It’s funny because it’s true. Yikes!

Marketing is Design: Three Words that Increased My E-commerce.

Software By Rob

Join nearly 6,000 startup entrepreneurs by subscribing to my RSS feed. Correction…it was 0%. want solid answers. Marketing Isn’t Coding.

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Your Wall Is Dingy

Feld Thoughts

We had just acquired a company (I don’t remember which one or in which city) sometime in 2000. I was visiting the company post acquisition and wandering down the main hallway with the founder of the company we had just acquired. So I deleted the post and decided to tell a story instead. Your wall is dingy is one of them.

Founders – Use Your Down Round To Clean Up Your Cap Table

Feld Thoughts

learned this lesson 127 times between 2000 and 2005. started investing in 1994 and while there was some bumpiness in 1997 and again in 1999, the real pain happened between 2000 and 2005. Mark Suster wrote a great post yesterday titled  The Resetting of the Startup Industry. Go read it now – I’ll wait. It’s simply not true.

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer and Why He Still Has His Job at Apple

Steve Blank

After running Microsoft for 25 years, Bill Gates handed the reins of CEO to Steve Ballmer in January 2000. Here’s why. The result? 

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Not Everyone Is “Killing” It: How & When to Admit It

Agile VC

And even acquisitions painted as successes may look very different below the (typically confidential) surface. billion. Do No Harm. Be Direct.

Not Every Startup Is “Killing It” (How to Speak Up During Tough Times)

View from Seed

And even acquisitions painted as successes may look very different below the (typically confidential) surface. billion. Do No Harm. Be Direct.

Phase Forward: Remembering the Early Days

Venture Cyclist

I went to Newton City Hall today to run an errand and saw the Balsamo/Millenium walkway that the city created to celebrate the year 2000.

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Tech Company Deals Skyrocket in First Quarter (Thanks, Facebook)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Merger and acquisitions in the tech sector are off to a roaring start this year.

Is Your Startup Ready For The Challenges Of An IPO?

Startup Professionals Musings

IPO market showed more activity than any other first quarter since 2000, with 64 companies raising $10.6 In the first quarter of 2014, the U.S.

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Yair Goldfinger’s Newest Exit: Dotomi Sells to Value Click

VC Cafe

Yair Goldfinger’s Dotomi sold to ValueClick for $295 million, of which $162 million are in cash and the rest will be paid in ValueClick equity.

Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work

Steve Blank

Best practices in software development started to move to agile development in the early 2000’s. Here’s how. Waterfall Development.

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The Digital Car and Harman's acquisition of Aha Mobile - NextWala


Mobile: A Walk Down Memory Lane, 2000 to 2011. The Digital Car and Harmans acquisition of Aha Mobile.   Harman today announced its acquisition of Aha Mobile , a Venrock portfolio company. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference The Digital Car and Harmans acquisition of Aha Mobile : Comments. NextWala.

B is for BUBBLE: Venture Capital in 2013

VC Cafe

222 firms held initial public offerings last year, raising $55 Billion, the most since 406 companies went public for $97 million in 2000.

Mentors 6/18: The Best Mentor Relationships Eventually Become Two-Way

Feld Thoughts

In addition to having my company acquired, I worked with them on the diligence team for a number of other acquisitions.

6 “Don’ts” Of Starting A Successful Business


He joined the New York City-based company in 2000 as its first salesperson and quickly rose to Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

New Rules for the New Internet Bubble

Steve Blank

August 1995 – March 2000: The Dot.Com Bubble. Startup exits in the next three years will include IPO’s as well as acquisitions.

Here is Why You Need a Good Startup Exit Strategy

Startup Professionals Musings

So here are the most common exit strategies and considerations these days for planning purposes: Merger & Acquisition (M&A). Wrong.

How Do you Motivate Yourself and Stay Focused?

Both Sides of the Table

But I had been down this road in 2000 and I saw how punishing markets could be when you didn’t sell and had an offer. In one moment.

It’s Morning in Venture Capital

Both Sides of the Table

In 1998 there were around 850 VC funds and by 2000 there were 2,300.  By 2000 the total LP commitments had mushroomed to more than $100 billion.

The Coming Zombie Startup Apocalypse

This is going to be BIG.

Instead of paid acquisition fueling an up and to the right hockey stick, these companies would grow organically. Are we in a bubble?

VC Investment Reaches Highs Not Seen Since Dot-Com Bubble

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

based, venture-backed companies went public in the first quarter, the most since the third quarter of 2000. No, make that huge. Some $5.7

30 Franchises

Scott Weiss

And the traditional approach of dealing with technology shifts – through acquisition – looks like it’s headed towards failure. Let’s examine these forces individually: Software as a service (Saas): Seemingly a little long in the tooth as a disruptor, Saas has finally gone mainstream in the Global 2000. Next Up.

Leaving It All on the Field

Jeff Jordan went from filing to go public in December 1999 to being closed down in June 2000, ostensibly a  casualty  of the end of the “Bubble”.  I saw the writing on the wall and left as they were preparing to file. But Meg Whitman was willing to take a chance on me in spite of this lack of operating experience.  What a ride! heard G.E.

A Recipe for Growth: Adding Layers to the Cake

Jeff Jordan

Businesses don’t grow themselves.  Why is this important?  The pursuit of growth continues to be important regardless of the lifecycle of the company. 

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Forget IPO. The New Goal? Get Acquired

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From 1980 to 2000, an average of 311 companies per year went public in the U.S. The start-up and venture capital communities see it differently.

Proof That Failure Is the Key to Success

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2000, he merged Confinity with another payments company,, co-founded by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and eBay bought PayPal two years later.

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Seeing Both Sides

Big Data meets travel…in 2000. “TripAdvisor is to travel reviews what Kleenex is to tissues.”.  . Henry Harteveldt, Forrester.  . The $4.8B

Why Your Deal Is Taking Forever To Close

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Private equity firms are sitting on a ton of money. Here's why they're scared to actually put it to work. The money is there, but the bar is very hig

IPOs Shine, But Entrepreneurs Turn Down Mergers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The merger and acquisitions activity is just delayed," says John Taylor, head of research for the NVCA. What gives? billion in 2013.

‘Capital Efficiency’ doesn’t exist

K9 Ventures

started the company in December 1996, we sold the company in March 2000 (3+ years). One of those criteria was ‘Capital Efficiency.’

Invest in Israel Newsletter – February 2012

VC Cafe

Worklight is IBM’s 11th acquisition in Israel. For the Invest in Israel archive,  click here. million). ATX Networks Inc. for $26 million.

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Think scaling a company is a walk in the park? Think again. Check out this in depth look at TripAdvisor's experience. Really hard. Magical, really.

60 of the Top Domain Name Millionaires

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Colin helped to found Reinvent media group back in 2000 shortly after his 10 year tenure with HSBC bank. during the acquisition of, a domain name registration and monetization site. was founded back in 2000 and continues to remain a strong contender in the domain arena. Do you own a domain name? Chris Ambler (eNom).