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Yes, Your Employees Use Social Media. Now Stop Spying on Them.

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

And they do this by making absolutely foolish decisions in regards to social media. You cannot control your employees'' social media usage.

How much does it cost to build the world’s hottest startups?

The Next Web

Design & Dev Entrepreneur Social Media Analysis and Opinion Investigations But a good developer could make it quicker.”. million to develop.”.

A Marketer’s Ode to Gawker

crowdSPRING Blog

After losing a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan over the publication of a sex tape in which he featured, Gawker Media was bought up by Univision. But I’m also disturbed by the idea that a man with a vendetta and deep pockets could shut down an entire media organization. Way faster than their traditional media counterparts.

5 Ways To Make An Email Newsletter Your Best Sales Tool

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Strategy Social Media aweber Constant Contact Infusionsoft Mail Chimp Pippity Vertical ResponseGrab Attention. Exchange Value. AWeber.

Email 40

Fenwick & West - Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries Silicon Valley and Seattle 2010

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Background - In 2002, Fenwick & West began publishing its Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey. We believe that in recent years there has been a significant change in the angel/seed financing environment primarily in the internet/digital media and software industries. Industry Breakdown: Internet/Digital Media. By Barry J.

The Enterprise Tech Media Hype Cycle

Mark Birch

Some more media folks side with the contrarian view. Then the same media folks shoot down the contrarian view.

The Morning After. What Have We Done?

Both Sides of the Table

The were exonerated after an admission by the real perpetrator confessed in 2002 and DNA evidence proved it. The morning after. And yet he won.

The Power of Gratitude

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

First some background: When they were still dating in 2002 Howard Stern and his wife Beth got their English bulldog Bianca.

Jeff Bezos 'Invented His Way Out' of Failure

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

After Wall Street and the media decided Amazon was boring, the founder gave them something to talk about.

4 Super Smart Entrepreneurs Who Are Dominating their Market

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

With over 30 million registered users, BranchOut is considered a pioneer in social media. Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee: Vayner Media. link].

Innovation and Small Business: 3 Historical Winners

crowdSPRING Blog

Social media  (2002). I wrote a few years ago about some innovations that changed the world. The Mobile Phone (1973).

Prevailing Wisdom

Mucker Lab

2002 – “the social network fad is over”. 2002 – “Information Technology is not a competitive advantage”. Internet). eBay). Google).

LinkedIn Wins Entrepreneur of the Year

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Linquist, CEO of MetroPCS Communications (media); Jose R. LinkedIn is, of course, the professional social network and resume website. billion.

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How Reed Hastings’ Facebook Status Update Landed Netflix in SEC’s Crosshairs


What could be wrong with more transparency? The key words worth repeating here are “ perfect information.” Or its blog?

SEC 43

What is Wrong With Today's CMS

I started using my first content management system around 1997, when things were crude and clumsy. The modern CMS is still in a state of flux. Sponsor.


Quantified Me - DShen's Blogs


It all started back in 2002 when I signed up for my first triathlon and joined Team in Training to help prepare me for it. It all started back in 2002 when I signed up for my first triathlon and joined Team in Training to help prepare me for it. betaworks - next generation media company. The Web and the World of Business. Yahoo!

How To Bootstrap your Startup with Your Paycheck

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

It focuses on social media analytics and helps to reveal the insights in large volumes of data. the answer is yes—you absolutely can. 2010).

Some Career Advice for Aspiring Tech CEOs

Both Sides of the Table

He or she has worked at some very successful big technology or media companies and went to a great school. Maybe they were in their 20s in 2002 when being a startup CEO wasn’t really available to most? A shortened, better edited and with nicer pictures version of this post first appeared on TechCrunch. But how? He has the hunger.

Manage And Schedule Appointments With TimeCenter


Here’s a similar service – TimeCenter ( ). TimeCenter is developed by Sweden-based Niclas Marie and Daniel Ellenson.

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Got "Founder Fit?" If You Want Venture Capital, You Need It

Up and Running

Boris is currently based in Vancouver, Canada and has been since 2002, after his own company, JustBooks, was acquired by AbeBooks. Boris Wertz.

Why The SBIC Doesn’t Work For Venture Capital Anymore

Feld Thoughts

Each of the SBIC funds were raised in the 2000 – 2002 time period. This dynamic has been reported thousands of times so I don’t need to go through it again, but we don’t have to look back very far to hear the drum beat from the media, LPs, and everyone else about how “VC is dead.” Huh, what?


World's Coolest Offices: Your Picks

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Former restaurant executive John Sarkisian founded SKLZ in 2002. asked our Facebook community to submit photos of the world's best offices.

Dealing With Obamacare: 4 Strategies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But no one knows exactly how much Obama care will affect premiums, which surged 97 percent from 2002 to 2012. What's your strategy?

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New Survey from Fenwick & West Looks at Angel Funding Landscape


The survey includes responses from 52 Internet, digital media, and software companies that raised money in the Silicon Valley and Seattle in 2010.

How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


FusionCharts was founded in 2002 by my brother, Pallav Nadhani , in a quest for more pocket money. But that's not the interesting part.

India 56

Best Advice I Ever Got: Antonio Neves

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But back in 2002, this challenge didn't deter the lean staff of Nickelodeon's U-Pick Live where I was a co-host and associate producer.

Report: Immigrants Launch 46% of Top Start-ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new report finds that immigrants are key to startup formation and job creation. But what I found astonished me." But they were immediately stymied.

Iran 33

60 of the Top Domain Name Millionaires

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

He is also the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Reinvent media group. Colin helped to found Reinvent media group back in 2000 shortly after his 10 year tenure with HSBC bank. Dean Shannon has been instrumental in the development of the domain industry, holding one of the first domain conferences in 2002. Chris Chena.

3 Ways to Outwit Your Competition

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Is it time to wage battle, leverage your business model, or just poke fun of your rival? Here's how to tell. Punch them in the nose. So why wage war?

The Gamification Behind Loyalty Cards

Up and Running

However, the same benefits could also be derived from Foursquare’s automatic check in and social media updates too. How does gamification work? 

Looking Bigger

Scott Weiss

” —Director of IT, Fidelity Investments (circa 2002). To make matters worse, for our early adopter industries (ISPs, media, tech, and financial),  no email service meant no work. Call it the enterprise startup conundrum: how do you earn legitimacy if no one will give you an opportunity to become legitimate? How would they do it?

Wayfair's Road to $1 Billion

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bear in mind that this was 2002, when public sentiment and the Dow Jones index held that the heyday of e-commerce had come and gone.

Survival of the Fittest Variation: Evolutionary Algorithms in Optimization


It already drives our search engines , social media , and recommendation algorithms. To name just a pair: Testing simply takes time. Fitness.

The Best Vlogging Camera in 2015 for Serious Entrepreneurs

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Most businessmen, women and other budding entrepreneurs can simply start out by, at least, having a social media account. What is Vlogging?

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Six Advantages that Women Entrepreneurs Have (Over Men)

Mike Michalowicz

million in 2002. In today’s business environment, mastering social media is mandatory, and the ladies absolutely have a leg up! 2.

To build a brand, you need to own a word in the mind

Up and Running

For example, a couple of entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley created a company to develop an iPhone social-media app. Google owns “search.”

Second-Class Investor Citizens: Facebook’s IPO and Dual-Class Equity Structures


If these terms sound onerous and lopsided, it’s because they are. 

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How to Find Hundreds of Business Ideas

Up and Running

They’re a camera company that got started in 2002. There’s a new social media site on the block that has capitalized on anger. Greed.

The Best Vlogging Camera in 2015 for Serious Entrepreneurs

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Most businessmen, women and other budding entrepreneurs can simply start out by, at least, having a social media account. What is Vlogging?

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