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For MBAs, Learning Sales the Hard Way

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Grad students in Texas study entrepreneurship--and learn some tough lessons about sales. Cory Older, an M.B.A. Not exactly. they say no.

5 Ways To Make An Email Newsletter Your Best Sales Tool

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Ways To Make An Email Newsletter Your Best Sales Tool This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Grab Attention. Exchange Value. Be Sharable.

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From $0-100million with no sales people. The Atlassian 10 commandments for startups.

Business of Software Blog

Subsequent to this talk, Scott's company, Atlassian, has achieved the remarkable accomplishment of reaching $100 million in sales despite employing no sales people. Are they going to find out online, cold calling, how are you going to do the sales process, how much are you going to charge? We’ve tried OEM sales.

The 4 Biggest Business Mistakes of All Time (and What You Can Learn From Them)

Up and Running

Gayle Warnock, got wind of the decision, he sent a one-line memo to project head Richard Krafve: “We have just lost 200,000 sales.”

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Episode 57: Marketing Buzz and Business Growth with Michael Shepherd

Mike Michalowicz

million sales mark in a town of 13,000 with an advertising budget of nearly zero. Also Available On. Show Summary. Our Guest  . Show Quotes .

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After Your First Big Success, What’s Next?

Feld Thoughts

about the time I finished working for the company that bought mine) one of the options for consideration was to retire and move to Homer, Alaska. I was making plenty of money consulting and, while I was investing much of the money I made from the sale into new companies as an angel investor, the idea of living in Homer was attractive.

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Not Every Startup Is “Killing It” (How to Speak Up During Tough Times)

View from Seed

PayPal ultimately became a very successful company.  We went public in 2002 and eBay bought the company later that year for over $1.5 billion.

Sales Task App 'GetSalesDone' Raises $1.2 Million From Creandum, DN Capital And 14 Angels


The client side is currently an iPhone app that basically acts like an intelligent task app for sales. Not to mention Creandum and DN Capital.

The Gamification Behind Loyalty Cards

Up and Running

Operations & Productivity Sales & Marketing brand loyalty customer relationships customer retention How does gamification work? 

7 Good Entrepreneurial Habits That Turn Bad

Startup Professionals Musings

For example, there once was a social network called Friendster , often credited with starting the social networking boom way back in 2002.

Which is Right, Your Instinct or Your Customer?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Today the skin-and-hair-care-product company has $40 million in sales and 80 employees. So she created something new.

Square IPO: Is Square A Good Payments Business?

Agile VC

Square filed its  S-1  several weeks ago and is now in the middle of its IPO road show process. This was clickbait at best or bad journalism at worst.

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Big Surprise: eBook Sales Skyrocket

Up and Running

Take a look at this chart: That’s wholesale ebook revenues, by quarter, from 2002 until last quarter, as published by The International Digital Publishing Forum in conjunction with the Association of American Publishers (AAP). My source: Wholesale eBook Sales Statistics. technology trends amazon kindle eBooks iPad

Who You Gonna Call? Navigating the Existential Crisis

John O'Farrell

This series of posts starts off with a short quiz for the startup CEO: Q:  Who’s responsible for developing your product? A: That’s easy—Engineering! Q:  Who in your company is responsible for selling your product? A: That’s easy, too—Sales! Q:  Who in your company has primary responsibility for: Mapping and networking your ecosystem ?

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How to find that first big customer

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

But this was 2002 when AdWords was affordable and I had no competitors, so you can’t repeat that — it doesn’t matter how I did it.

What Are the Building Blocks Of A Story For Your Brand?


It was 2002, the SARS virus had hit China. TV sales were plummeting. Qiangdong Why does that happen? More often than not we get stuck.

The Formula

Feld Thoughts

But we watched Sports Night on DVD from beginning to end around 2002. ” Or, “sales works this way – you need to be getting $X per rep for direct – it has always worked this way.” Last night Amy and I watched the first episode of Aaron Sorkin’s new TV show The Newsroom. Six in two. Awesomeness.

Prevailing Wisdom

Mucker Lab

2002 – “the social network fad is over”. 2002 – “Information Technology is not a competitive advantage”. Internet). eBay). Google).

Jeff Bezos 'Invented His Way Out' of Failure

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They were essentially paying a tax to Google on sales that began with a search," writes Stone.

How to Find the Time to Accomplish Anything

Feld Thoughts

In 2002, I met Libba and Gifford Pinchot, cofounders of Bainbridge Graduate Institute , at a retreat. Apocalypse. Enter the Craziness.

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Some Career Advice for Aspiring Tech CEOs

Both Sides of the Table

Maybe they were in their 20s in 2002 when being a startup CEO wasn’t really available to most? So it could be that a sale would yield you seven figures and you could move on to your next role but the CEO wants to “go big or go home” and sometimes go home is the outcome. But how? He still has the dream. Summary.

The Counterintuitive Cash Flow Strategy That Works

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Using $30,000 of her savings, she opened the first Jimmy Beans Wool yarn shop and coffeehouse in 2002. Sound crazy? 5000 four times. Fantastic!

Yes, Your Employees Use Social Media. Now Stop Spying on Them.

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Because, of course, they want to keep things quiet and private and let''s be honest, that worked well in 1972 and even 2002, but not so well now.

The Top 10 Requirements for an Effective Client Lifecycle

Guy Nirpaz

In a successful Client Lifecycle program, the leaders in departments such of Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Client Services all have a role to play at some point. The Executive owner is often the most senior client-facing (post-sale) executive. Increase your sales revenue! Each Department Leader has a key role to play.

CEOs Are Innovators – Staci Tubbs


From 2002 to 2011, she worked for ACS, a Xerox company, and rose from General Manager to the Vice President of Sales and Integration.

The End Of “Build It Yourself” Software


So they use a pre-made solution, customize the appearance, plug in sales tax and ecommerce software, and then sell immediately. Sound familiar?

9 Founders Who Got a Late Start

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2002, at age 35, he co-founded LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, with money he''d made from the sale of PayPal, which he helped build.

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How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


He previously headed Marketing and Sales at FusionCharts and just launched an eBook on the complete journey of the company on its tenth birthday.

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Stitch Fix: Reinventing Retail Through Personalization

The company, which the founder cleverly named “Stitch Fix,” had a remarkably unique offering compared to other women’s fashion experiences.

Proof That Failure Is the Key to Success

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

billion in 2002. This entrepreneur reveals three founders who started off as failures--but then found their way to success.

The Hail-Mary Pass Called Microsoft "Blue"

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Many of those attacks were ad hominem, on the basis that a "sales guy" can''t possibly be technically savvy. More on this later.) It''s not.

Why Dublin's Tech Scene Is Booming

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Following in the footsteps of Google and Facebook, tech start-ups from around the world are now flocking to Dublin. Our No.

Website Redesign for Higher Conversions? Tread Lightly


Furthermore, its online sales plunged by 8.1% in the first quarter following the launch of its new website. Maybe. Probably not though. Later.

The Secret to Building a Lasting Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

made money from book royalties and mobile app sales. What's more, book sales generate passive income for me. How did I do this? Simon 2.0

Episode 60: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Stan Shields

Mike Michalowicz

Stan Shields is a martial arts professional who began operating a martial arts school in January 2002 (nearly 14 years now). Also Available On.

Wayfair's Road to $1 Billion

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bear in mind that this was 2002, when public sentiment and the Dow Jones index held that the heyday of e-commerce had come and gone.

Patagonia Invests $20 Million in Eco Start-ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Since 2002, his company has donated 1 percent of its annual sales to eco-friendly organizations.

Not Everyone Is “Killing” It: How & When to Admit It

Agile VC

PayPal ultimately became a very successful company.  We went public in 2002 and eBay bought the company later that year for over $1.5 billion.

Meet America's Fastest Growing Private Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2002, I was looking for a new business opportunity when a friend told me about the payment-processing industry. percent. Quite possibly.

Looking Bigger

Scott Weiss

” —Director of IT, Fidelity Investments (circa 2002). We paid up for the best graphic designers for the website, business cards, and the sales collateral. With a firm belief that this was the primary catalyst for word of mouth, we invested heavily in the entire post-sale ecosystem. We were so good, but yet so puny.