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Should You Offer Equity Compensation to Employees?

Up and Running

In 2005, David Choe was invited to paint a number of murals at Facebook’s HQ in Palo Alto. Different types of equity compensation.

Startup Investor Makes a Deal: Engineers for Equity

“Once that product is built, you will probably have given away a lot of equity.&# ); // Welcome to Mashable! Have an account? startupcto

allensblog: Some Tough Questions You Should Ask

Allen's Blog

More on "Tough Questions" » July 04, 2005. Founders are also “expensive” in terms of equity (usually, and sometimes even rightfully, to reward them for taking the risk in joining a startup). Second, even if it can be done, it’s usually “expensive” in terms of founders’ equity. Smith | Jul 7, 2005 1:38:18 PM.

Cap Table Hygiene

Will Price

Too Many Founders A typical Series A sees the following equity ownership distribution: VC syndicate 50%, option pool 20%, founders 30%. Teams of 2-3 founders seem to be the norm and cap table issues, questions about equity (wrt fairness), often arise if the team gets much bigger. 2. 8^2, or 19.2% of the company.

Is Private Equity on Your Side?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But for small business, private equity can work much differently than it does for big public companies. Then, “We need an equity partner.”

Allen's Blog: Some Tough Questions You Should Ask

Allen's Blog

More on "Tough Questions" » July 04, 2005. Founders are also “expensive” in terms of equity (usually, and sometimes even rightfully, to reward them for taking the risk in joining a startup). Second, even if it can be done, it’s usually “expensive” in terms of founders’ equity. July 4, 2005 | Permalink. Allens Blog.

Allen's Blog: More on "Tough Questions"

Allen's Blog

« Some Tough Questions You Should Ask | Main. | The Problem of the Forgotten Founder » August 14, 2005. claimed this decision is often gotten wrong and that, not infrequently, one or more co-founders leave the company with an amount of founder’s equity disproportionate to their contribution (in the eyes of their co-founders).

Teach Me to be a Successful Entrepreneur While I Stand on One.


Rule #2: Dont be greedy with your equity. May 02, 2005 in Entrepreneurship and VC | Permalink. Steve Brotman of VCBall says that any entrepreneur only needs to remember two rules in order to be successful: "Dont run out of money" and "Dont be greedy with your equity." Tracked on June 30, 2005 at 05:40 AM. Become a Fan.

allensblog: The Problem of the Forgotten Founder

Allen's Blog

Keep the Faith » August 21, 2005. As I’ve written in the last two posts, it not infrequently goes wrong because one of the founders doesn’t work out and leaves the company with an equity stake disproportionate to the value he added – to the economic detriment of the remaining founders. Posted by: David | Oct 19, 2005 3:43:04 PM.

Background - Pequot Ventures

Will Price

I work in the Venture Capital industry for Pequot Ventures , the private equity arm of Pequot Capital Management. Today, Pequot Capital manges equity hedge funds, debt funds, quantitative trading funds, and private equity funds.

April 4-Innovation in Private Company Liquidity-Online Merger Markets, Social Media, Secondary Markets, Non-US Markets, Private Equity, and the Disappearing IPO

David Teten

2005 book about new developments in Web 2.0 Events Private Equity Venture CapitalClick here to make a reservation. the 1990s.

The State and Health of the VC Industry - Serendpity or Process

Will Price

One key difference between the public equity markets and the venture capital markets is the degree to which information is transparent. Brad Feld 's blog introduced me to an article by Howard Anderson called Good-bye to Venture Capital. As a recent entrant to the industry, I found the article is powerful food for thought. and Google.

The Cost of Optimism

Will Price

Along those lines, I once sat through a McKinsey pitch on private equity firm performance in which McKinsey found that the winning bidder/firm overestimated the target company's first year EBITDA 66% of the time. The Economist recently ran a wonderful piece on the sorry state of project management. Think about the LBO business.


Burnham's Beat: Software IPOs: 2005 Year In Review

Burnham's Beat

« Top 10 Best Performing Internet Stocks of 2005 | Main. | Top 10 Best Performing Software Stocks of 2005 » 01/02/2006. Software IPOs: 2005 Year In Review. 2005 was not a good year to be a corporate finance banker focused on the software sector as only 4 software companies went public. Burnhams Beat. By Month.


A brief history of founders and co-founders

The Equity Kicker

Lots of great people will join a startup for 20-30% equity, or even less. Mark Suster wrote a good post on this topic back in 2011.

Burnham's Beat: Private Equity's Software Buying Binge

Burnham's Beat

Private Equitys Software Buying Binge. In 2004 there were, by my count, about 18 acquisitions of public software companies and Private Equity firms made none of them. At this rate I wouldnt be surprised to see private equity account for over 50% of deals in a couple years. Private Equitys Software Buying Binge. Blog Roll.

$100M Deal That Solidifies Online Education Boom

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

And, the online textbook start-up founded in 2005, has become the industry's behemoth, raising $195 million. Congress.

The rise of the “successful” unsustainable company

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

And the same thing happened after we sold IT WatchDogs in 2005. The launch, by the way, was a failure. And it’s now bankrupt.) Outspoken

IPO 126

15 Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Inspirational Business Quote


Steve Jobs- Stanford Commencement speech 2005. Share André Gide wrote that,”Everything that needs to be said has already been said. Patton.

10 Tips for Building Stronger Networks in Work and Life

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Connect to the people who matter. Most people understand that to be successful they need to network. Here are some tips from the book.

How to Build a Sustainable Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We all know sustainable manufacturing is good for show. At Rickshaw, we have developed several guiding principles for doing so.

Adapt or Die: The New Technology Landscape

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Innovation and access to seed capital is making it easier than ever to start a technology company. Or in the case of Google Maps, free in many cases.

Why Zuckerberg is Filthy, Stinking, Insanely Rich

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In April 2005, Saverin sued Facebook as well as Zuckerberg personally. Clearly, the 27-year-old has done a few things right. Well, probably not.

Facebook, Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom

Growthink Blog

No, the heart of the “find the next Facebook” challenge is that the vast majority of investors are either too poor or - more interestingly - too rich to even consider an investment like Peter Thiel’s $250,000 into Facebook in 2005. And, of course early-stage private equity investing requires heaping platefuls of courage and guts.

14 Inspiring Quotes About Graduations and Opportunity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your time is limited, so don''t waste it living someone else''s life." -- Steve Jobs, Stanford University, 2005 Want to read more, make suggestions, or even be featured in a future column? Nobody has better advice for today''s graduates than the true entrepreneurs among us--those who seize opportunities and make great things happen.

How I Built the Netflix of Construction Equipment

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But it all sort of crystallized around 2005, when I was in Silicon Valley, working on my MBA at Stanford. Books and movies are one thing.

Silicon Valley's Female Trouble

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From 1995 to 2005, 52 percent of the Valley’s startups were founded by people born abroad. But if that's true, where are all the women?

VC Evolution: Physician, Scale Thyself.

500 Hats

Or, as my friend Marc Andreessen might say, Software Eats the Private Equity World. Big Funds, Big Brands, Big Data. Mega VC, Micro VC.

Managing risk is critical to success

Taffy Williams

Holding company equity has risk just as loans have risk. It does not matter whether the investment is as a loan or as equity.

Meet America's 10 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

million Three-Year Growth: 10,237% Cartagz was founded in 2005 to take the pain out of going to the DMV. The Inc. 10 2011 Revenue: $14.2

Business Startup Funding: How Even the "Sweatiest Guy" Raised Tons of Funding

Growthink Blog

And when Under Armour went public in November 2005, the company raised $112.5 His name is Kevin Plank. And he was born on August 13, 1972.

Y Combinator Founder Issues New Warning to Start-ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Paul Graham blasts lowball VC offers in general, and Google Ventures in particular, according to a report.

Hiring Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Her company, the largest importer of wine produced by indigenous Africans in North America, launched in 2005. Another reason is context.

Complete Baltic Investment & VC Market Overview


The funds will provide start-up and expansion financing to companies, taking equity stakes between EUR 0.3 – 3m. ESTONIA. Portfolio & Exits.

Facebook Pulls Off Largest Tech IPO Ever

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From the company's start, Zuckerberg made strategic decisions about equity, employees, and the structure of the company. Probably not.

IPO 25

Startup Resources

Hundreds of startups featured since 2005, will yours be next? YCombinator Series AA Equity Financing Documents. Founder Equity Issues.

If, Why, and How Founders Should Hire a “Professional” CEO

Reid Hoffman

Key examples included Cisco, Yahoo, eBay, Google, and many smaller companies. In Think of Jeff Bezos, Larry Ellison, or the late Steve Jobs. The Web 2.0

Can Recruiters Work With Startups? - DShen's Blogs


we talked about accepting equity potentially but the risk of taking early stage startup stock or options is pretty high and most will fail, leaving him with nothing for his efforts if that is the only payment for his services. For startups, many times its low salary and high equity for the new hire. Startup equity is notoriously risky.

Top Startup Advisor Paul Graham Just Warned Against Taking Google's Money

Combinator is a startup funding firm that was founded in 2005 by Paul Graham. Login. Login. Username. Password. Remember me. Login with Twitter.

The Forgotten Founder: YouSendIt’s Khalid Shaikh

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The company was on track to hit $1 million in revenue in 2005—enough to finance growth, but not enough to put YouSendIt on the fast track.