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Startup Lessons Learned

I'm excited for 2011, and I want to share some of my plans for the coming year. In 2011, we will do sllconf again, probably in mid-May.

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6 Important Startup Trends that Defined 2011

Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. World Featured in US & World Featured: Facebook Year End 2011 Awards. Important Startup Trends that Defined 2011. December 28, 2011 by Sarah Kessler. In 2011, he and others succeeded in doing so.

Philadelphia University Commencement Speech – May 15th 2011

Steve Blank

Endlessly curious, I went from startups in military intelligence to microprocessors to supercomputers to video games. I was always learning.

Go for it! The democratization of the video game industry

Grade A Entrepreneurs

Today, the barrier to entering the video game industry has never been lower. Guest Writer: Jeremy Rossmann*. The playing field is open. Read on.

Video 41

10 Surprising Brand Winners of 2011

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some corporate, personal and conceptual brands captured unexpected headwinds in 2011. Here are 10 of the best-known. But you'd think wrong.

Appsumo Action Video

Startup Lessons Learned

The fine folks at Appsumo asked me to record a video interview for their "action video" series. Introduction Part One - Validating Your Idea If you've pre-ordered the Lean Startup Book , you'll get the entire video series for free. In that case, you can continue to get it for free - details are at the bottom of this post).

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Best 2011 Books for Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

View our video to get started. But being an entrepreneur is about a lot more than just nuts and bolts. ” moments. Rockefeller. link].

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Telling Your Company's Story in Video

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We've probably written close to a million words over the past 10 years; in that same period, I'd guess that we've taped fewer than 10 hours of video.

My Video Toolbox

Duct Tape Marketing

Steve mostly shared the low cost set of tools he employs to create his video and it got me thinking that I should do the same. Camera. Editing.

The full story of “the one important thing” for startups

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Powered by LaunchBit ). Tweet. --> You might tacitly assume that I have no major blind spots when it comes building little tech startups. NOAH: OK.

Metrics that Matter for 2011 (One Page PDF)

Life Beyond Code

Speaker Main Page 2011 metrics year end reviewNote: I created this one page self-assessment checklist late last year. and the list goes on.

How To Get Your First 1,000 Users

Vinicius Vacanti

Create a Demo Video. Even if your prototype isn’t ready, create a demo video of what your prototype will be doing. Painful, yes.

Google Summer of Code 2011

crowdSPRING Blog

Since 2005, Google has led a wonderful open source program called Summer of Code. Related posts: Google Crowdsourcing Investments.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Video (and Audio) - if you have video, are you hosting it or can we use YouTube, Vimeo? Do you want Flash video, HTML 5 video, or both?

Flite's New Company Video

Will Price

Please find below Flite 's new company video. Flite Company Video from Flite on Vimeo Let me know what you think.

Video 17
Video 17

Entrepreneurs that Got Filthy Rich in 2011

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Heres a look at the 9 entrepreneurs and (and one investor) that got filthy, stupid, absurdly rich in 2011 by cashing out or going public.

Invest in Israel Newsletter December 2011

VC Cafe

Below are the headlines for December 2011 (mid month update!). At 0.99 mm in diameter, the camera is the world’s smallest video camera.

Translating Viral YouTube Videos Into Sales

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Inspired by a Howcast video about curing bad breath, Harmon e-mailed its creators for permission to use the concept. Want to go viral?

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Case Study: The Nordstrom Innovation Lab

Startup Lessons Learned

When I saw the rough cut of the videos they were producing, I knew they would be a powerful teaching tool. video case study

Lean 62

Understanding Why Netflix Changed Pricing

Internet online video Uncategorized video Web/TechMany journalists have offered their opinion on Netflix’s recent changes, its stock price decline, and their even more recent branding changes (Qwikster). As an example, Techcrunch notes: “Raising prices for those of [.].

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2011 ATDC Startup Showcase

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

New atdc ringmaster Nina Sawczuk will be running the show. I am particularly excited and proud of the 2011 graduating class.

Start With Customer Experience

Feld Thoughts

I was reminded of the importance of starting with the customer experience while I was watching this brilliant video from WWDC 1997 of Steve Jobs.

I’m A VC

Feld Thoughts

In the “if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at&# category, I present the video I’m A VC.

Video 106

A Litany of Product Management Mistakes | Michael McDerment, Freshbooks | BoS 2011

Business of Software Blog

Video. Be first to see new videos, join free speaker hangouts, stay up to date on BoS Conference programmes and a regular dose of thought provoking ideas from around the web that will make you look smarter at home & at work. Videos of 2011 talks Videos of previous BoS talksUnsubscribe anytime.

Future of TV: The Quick Version

Both Sides of the Table

If you press on the link to the company you’ll see a very cool, short video that describes the company). billion videos. TODAY.

The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups

Both Sides of the Table

I’m often asked by people what investment areas interest me. And it’s something I think you ought to consider when building your Internet businesses.

Understanding How Dilution Affects You at a Startup

Both Sides of the Table

If you want a deeper dive  I shot some video on calculating ownership and dilution over tim e. This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

Protect The Internet

Feld Thoughts

Fred Wilson has a strong post up titled  Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The DMCA And Protecting Jobs   that explains the situation.

Three Inspiring Videos (AND Three Additional Lessons)

Life Beyond Code

Here are three videos that should inspire anyone: 1. In the midst of these inspiring videos, there are a few more lessons to learn here.

The End of the Web? Don’t Bet on It. Here’s Why

Both Sides of the Table

Fred Wilson recently posted a great video on his blog  with the CEO of Forrester Research, George Colony. The money slide is the graphic below.

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PBS Newshour on Accelerators

Feld Thoughts

If you don’t understand what an accelerator is, or just want a nice eight minute overview, watch this video.

Anatomy of an (un)fundable startup

Venture Hacks

Presentations VideoNaval and Mark Suster recently gave the keynotes at the 7th Founder Showcase. Traction. 2. Team. 3. Product. 4.

Peldi (@balsamiq), Balsamiq at Business of Software 2011: Interview with John Nese of Soda Pop Stop.

Business of Software Blog

You can find out more at SodaPopStop or watch this great video – Obsessives. More at Balsamiq. John Nese owns and manages Soda Pop Stop.

Tech Wildcatters 2011 Pitch Day

The Startup Lawyer

Tech Wildcatters will showcase their 2011 class of startups Thursday, May 26th at the Magnolia Theatre in Dallas, Texas. Attend the event and hear what the 2011 class of startups are doing and what they need. Class of 2011. You’ll have time to visit with the startups individually, including a happy hour at Lemon Bar.

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Kauffman Sketchbook: Where Do Entrepreneurs Get Their Money?

Feld Thoughts

My friend Paul Kedrosky – who spends some of his time as a Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation – has a thoughtful short video (as part of the Kauffman Sketchbook series) on where entrepreneurs get their money. It’s a creative three minute video with plenty of meat to it.

Video 80

Two Cold-Emailed TechCrunch Pitches That Worked

Vinicius Vacanti

Create a demo video so they can add it to their post about you (we did that for both 140it and UnHub). Little Background. Thanks, Jason.

Email 102


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This video expresses it well. "Sound" from SoundCloud on Vimeo. Each time I said no. That's what sold me. One slide.

Video 82

Protecting The Safe Harbors Of The DMCA And Protecting Jobs

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It has developed both protectitive technologies like DRM and alternative distribution services like premium streaming audio and video services such as Netflix, Spotify, and many others. My partner Brad and I spent Thursday in DC along with a bunch of entrepreneurs and VCs.   The DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

IP 94

Check out the wonderful things my clients shipped in 2011!

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Angelica Perez , of , won the 2011 Top Latin@ 2011 Award, awarded by LATISM (Latinos in Social Media). Rachel Rodgers, Esq.

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

I have been getting emails and tweets all day from people upset that they cannot get into Startup Lessones Learned 2011 - either here in SF, where we're sold out, or in one of the more than 100 simulcast locations around the world, many of which are sold out, too. Strengthening ties between entrepreneurs is one of our most important values.