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Refutation: An acquisition is always a failure

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Jake Lodwick wrote an article  on PandoDaily entitled “An acquisition is always a failure.” Sure not all acquisitions go that way.

Creative ways to scale SMB customer acquisition


The bigger you get, the higher your customer acquisition costs go. mid-sized businesses), then you can build a large inside sales team.

Optimizing your Customer Acquisition Funnel

For Entrepreneurs

Almost every sales and marketing funnel has blockage points where the conversion rates are lower than hoped, or the process cannot be scaled.

Mergers and acquisitions take thought and planning

Taffy Williams

In a recent discussion with the CEO of a private company, an acquisition became the dominate topic. In addition, you may be planning an exit.

How To Preserve Your Company Culture After An Acquisition


Or perhaps the acquired business seeks an acquisition deal to gain access to a wider marketplace. by Benoit Vialle, COO of

An Acquisition Without the Acrimony?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Lots of acquisitions lead to redundancies, lay-offs, and ultimately unhappy marriages. Most acquisitions are designed to fuel growth.

Don’t get screwed: Focus on customer retention over acquisition

The Next Web

Andrew Fullerton is the VP of Sales at Emarsys. It’s a conundrum companies have faced for years. This story continues at The Next Web.

Sales for Startups: Building Target Account Lists

Mark Birch

One important factor to consider in sales organizations is the maturity of the company.  Ask yourself where your product is being used today? 

This Is How Successful Brands Reach More Ideal Customers

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales brand positioning brand story brand strategy branding content marketing customer acquisition marketing target audience

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 1)

Software By Rob

This acquisition is a long story, but if you have a few minutes let me tell you the best parts. Photo by psiaki. My Background. exit big!

Refining your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Ratio

Cracking the Code

This metric measures the ratio of the annualized additional recurring revenue generated by your sales and marketing investments.

Short guide to sales and marketing for start-ups [Guest Post]

VC Cafe

You have to invest time and money into building a sales and marketing team to acquire customers beyond early adopters. sales or support).

Growth Hacking Free Trials: Time to Wow! is the key to success

For Entrepreneurs

Building for Success Growth Hacking SaaS Sales & Marketing Machine Free Trials SaaS customer acquisition They […].

Shifting from a product company to a sales/marketing company

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Perhaps a sales person or community manager/user advocate is hired. Startups Product product sales shift sales

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How to value your company for sale (Part 1)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I recently helped a friend broker the sale of his small, bootstrapped company. To stoke an existing sales channel. Actually, no.

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Sales for Startups: Lead Acquisition, Source & Execution

Mark Birch

It is critical topic to cover as we delve further into the sales process. So where does one get leads?

How founders get paid: non-strategic acquisitions, dividends, and private islands

The Startup Toolkit

The company becomes valuable and someone buys the whole thing (acquisition). Most big ($100mm+) acquisitions follow this pattern.

Why Introverts Get More Sales

Up and Running

Tip: Instead of immediately pushing something on a customer, take a step back and listen longer to their needs before making a sales pitch.

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Small Business Acquisition Financing on the Rise: Tips for Buyers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As the business-for-sale market heats up, there are increasing options prospective buyers can research to see which is the right fit for them Securing the necessary capital and financing is a key part of buying a small business.

7 Deadly Sins of Sales Managers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The problem might be the manager. I’ve worked to turn around many struggling sales forces during my career. Sin No. 3: Breaking promises.

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Master of Customer Acquisition, Matt Coffin, On Startups …

Both Sides of the Table

He is very hands-on and helpful – especially for any company looking into customer acquisition. The answer? Something so simple.

The Sales Metrics You Should Be Focusing On

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There is no shortage of sales metrics out there, but which ones are worth your time and attention?

Scaling Sales: From Craft to Machine

Seeing Both Sides

I''ve been thinking a lot lately about scaling sales.  . Find a new sales rep with industry experience, a rolodex and a strong track record.

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Maximizing The Value Of Your e-Commerce Business


The final sales price is directly proportional to your annual profit, so the higher your profit, the higher your sales price.

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9 tips for retailers to generate more online sales in 2015

The Next Web

We’ll focus on growth opportunities in both customer acquisition and customer experience.

The Inside Story of a Small Startup Acquisition (Part 3)

Software By Rob

Could you talk a bit about the diligence you did during the acquisition? would love more information about the acquisition process.

9 Fresh Startup Customer Acquisition Ideas

Early Growth Financial Services

Acquiring new customers is a permanent fixture of your sales process. We asked successful founders from the Young Entrepreneur Council to name some unusual—or at least lesser-known—customer acquisition strategies they’ve used recently to strong results. Originally published in Inc.

Growth Hacking: User Acquisition

Early Growth Financial Services

User acquisition: everyone talks about it, but no one really knows how to do it. outlined some strategies for driving user growth that deliver the most bang for your buck and that can be tailored to cash-strapped startup budgets on our User Acquisition Bootcamp For Startups webinar. 1. Peter Mansfield of CMO.LA

SaaS Manifesto: Part Two – It’s Time to Build a Real Sales Team

Peter Levine

On the back of these frictionless software deals, SaaS companies have been growing like mad, and often without any formal sales effort. In order for SaaS businesses to really scale and reach their full potential as industry leaders, they need a real and robust sales effort. That’s right, you need to build a sales team.

Five Tips For Startups To Reduce Customer Churn


But as the company grows, it’s important to make the transition from acquisition to retention. Finding new customers costs time and money.

9 Sure-Fire Ways To Sabotage Your First Client Meeting

YFS Magazine

Lead business etiquette business meetings customer acquisition networking personal development pitch meeting sales sales meeting selling tips

Inside the Acquisition: 3 Start-Up Follies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The acquisition process for a start-up usually takes between three weeks and nine months. Only it rarely looks like heaven.

Sales for Startups: Lead Acquisition

Mark Birch

There are several factors to consider when pursuing any lead acquisition program. First and foremost however is the marketing objective.

When Is The Best Time To Start Marketing A Business?

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales adverti advertising campaigns customer acquisition customer validation marketing

Rovio: We're In Acquisition Mode


So the recently raised war chest will be very much used for acquisitions. On what types of companies they will be acquiring, is not yet known.

Solving the Sales Conundrum: Special Report

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The relationship between growth and sales seems easy enough: Sell more stuff and your business gets bigger. And that's very dangerous.

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[Sponsored] The Next Step In User Acquisition? Social Video.


This is the best time to convert them to a lead or sale. by Hillel Scheinfeld, COO of  Viewbix. Why is this a big deal?

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How We’re Recession-Proofing Our Startup By Choosing The Right Customers

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales customer acquisition customer validation Finance ideal customers money recession target market

Sales Tactics: A View from the Receiving End

Venture Chronicles

Surprisingly effective, I get 2-3 of these from someone and I feel guilty enough to actually respond.

How I Doubled My Sales in One Year

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Could you double your sales this year? Through organization and strategy, overhead is kept low and sales can continue to rise." Nonsense.