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Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you

Duct Tape Marketing

Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. I was in heaven.

Global Spending on Mobile Advertising To Reach $18 Billion in 2014

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Worldwide spending on mobile advertising is expected to hit $18 billion this year, up from $13.1 by 2017, a Gartner report predicts.

6 Sales Lessons From the Election

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Mitt Romney and Linda McMahon (in the Senate race in Connecticut) both tried to use their CVs as CEOs as their major "product feature."

Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

Up and Running

Mind, be careful about using the word “organic” or “natural” in any advertising. What are the most popular industries?

Feb. 28, Stamford, CT: HBS Event on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices

David Teten

Stefanova’s entrepreneurship experience includes being the Founder of Delta Business Consulting, an idea incubator company for start-ups in the technology and telecommunication industry and being one of the early employees at AdRelevance, an Internet Advertising Measurement Company. Angel investing Connecticut HBS Alumni Angelsmoms).

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

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'Made in the USA' Gets a Makeover

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and supported by a new advertising agency devoted to American manufacturing--this locavore-tinged version of Made in America is gaining steam.

Smaller Companies Seek Super Bowl Ad Boost

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To be sure, airtime in between downs will be dominated by the big players: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and GM are steadfast Super Bowl advertisers. Is $3.5

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail: Designing An Implementation Process


Promotional and advertising processes-These processes are the “drivers” to get potential customers to buy your product and services.

Small Agencies Cash In On Obamacare Ad Blitz

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Most of the beneficiaries of the boomlet in Obamacare advertising are small, entrepreneurial marketing shops. What do you think? ”

Using Negative Keywords To Attract Highly Qualified Customers


This is a great jumping point, providing direct lists of keywords that are highly unlikely to be relevant to many advertisers. Image Source.

Seth Sternberg – Meebo

Both Sides of the Table

He grew up in Connecticut attended Yale undergrad and worked for IBM after graduation doing M&A, strategy and venture capital. Oh, yeah.

It's Not Just Twitter. Why IPOs Are Back

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billion, according to Kathleen Smith, principal at Renaissance Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut. In the first half of 2013, U.S. billion.

Can a Smartphone-Based Ultrasound Raise $4 Million?

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Advertisement: Start winning new customers today. Can Your Phone Do This? Co-Founders: Sailesh Chutani and David M. link]. Ads by Pheedo

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

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How to Make a Ton of Money in Politics

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Television advertising Overall, political television advertising should reach $2.6 How can entrepreneurs get in on that action? million.

How We Compete With AOL

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Tucker: We have to make sure that local businesses know about us and understand our value as an advertising medium. Today they compete with AOL.

Finding Your Co-Founders

In my case, I grew up in Connecticut and spent a fair amount of time in New York – all the while trying to start companies, relatively unsuccessfully. blog comments powered by Disqus Advertisement Got a tip? The first post, From Nothing To Something. How To Get There, is here. I’ll bet most of them are – you included.

Professional Marketplaces - the vc in me. - Typepad

the vc in me

 These platforms enable consumers to have fun and become video hosts or programmers to broadcast live video and generate a following (and hopefully advertising revenue!) - reverbnation - sites like this help you manage the un-business of playing music in a band. the vc in me. Welcome! Archives. Profile. Subscribe. Edufire. TrackBack.

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

Update: Part 2: Finding Your Co-Founders CrunchBase Information Seth Sternberg meebo Information provided by CrunchBase Tweet Next Post Previous Post Advertisement Now Commented Facebook Goodbye, MacBook Pro. How To Get There. Tweet View Comments Guest Author Sep 20, 2009 This guest post was written by Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg. Gladly! Joe J.

the vc in me.: Generational Disruption in Media

the vc in me

Success depends more on your emotional mindset than actual work from Internet Online Marketing Advertising Business plans. Another automation example is having a team of professional marketers that will do all of your advertising for you. the vc in me. Welcome! I hope to engage entrepreneurs, VCs, and anyone else in dialogue! Archives.

12 Questions: Meet Pamela Harvey (USA)

crowdSPRING Blog

In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. Pam lives and works in Bristol, Rhode Island.