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How Do You Select A Revenue Model For Your Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

The revenue model you select is basically the implementation of your business strategy, and the key to attaining your financial objectives.

5 Reasons Startups Need Revenue As Well As Users

Startup Professionals Musings

Some analysts argue that revenue drives growth, while others say user growth drives revenue. Both have worked. Martin Zwilling.

How to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising


Sometimes, paid advertising tools and platforms can be a great supplement to these more traditional means of distribution. Outbrain.  .  .

90% of The Daily Beast's Advertiser Revenue Comes from Content Marketing, Not Banners

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Smart publishers understand that the customer experience reigns supreme. There is much you can learn from experts who are turning away from banner ad

Should Entrepreneurs Grow Revenue Or User Count?

Startup Professionals Musings

Some analysts argue that revenue drives growth, while others say user growth drives revenue. entrepreneur revenue startup user count

Website Ads are Not a Revenue Stream for Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the biggest red flags I see in many Internet-related business plans today is advertising as the initial revenue stream, or a key part of it.

7 Revenue-Boosting Strategies for Your Travel Business

Up and Running

Customer referral programs can be an effective way to increase revenue for your travel agency, if implemented correctly. trillion U.S. dollars.

The Growing Importance Of Mobile Advertising


Mobile advertising allows brands to reach consumers wherever they are, at any given time. by Kassi Belz, president of  MassMedia.

The Problem is the Advertising, Not the Ad Blocker

crowdSPRING Blog

Advertising networks have served malware onto the computers of unwitting news readers over and over in the past couple years. Like, really mad.

SayAhh’s Revenue Projections

Feld Thoughts

The co-founders decided to divide-and-conquer, with Dick tackling expense projections and Jane tackling revenue projections. Jane asked Josh, who provided SayAhh with solid advice on setting up their accounting systems , for help in creating the revenue side of their financial forecast. That’s what you should be doing.

How To Advertise To Humans


If aliens were to visit the Earth to understand human culture, they would likely be very confused by our advertising efforts.

Snapchat and that old no revenues debate

Fred Destin

Grown-up warnings about how real businesses have real revenues were yet again littering my twitter feed in recent weeks. Humongous scale.

How do I know where to advertise?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Adventurous Advertiser writes: I’m ready to spend my first $1000 on something other than AdWords. How do I pick? Which are best? Cheapest.

Revenue exceptionalism vs margin exceptionalism

Chris Dixon

Three years ago, Fred Wilson wrote a great blog post called  When Talking About Business Models, Remember that Profits Equal Revenues Minus Costs. Most recent successful tech companies seem to have chosen the former: growing revenues at the expense of margins. Fast revenue growth seems to be the best way to justify your valuation.

$40bn wiped off newspaper ad revenues in ten years

The Equity Kicker

Banking revenues is one I’m particularly looking forward to, however, it won’t just be old world industries that suffer.

Boost Your Business Revenue using Location-based Feature in Mobile App

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Therefore, transportation companies and firms should adopt on-demand applications like Uber and generate revenue for their business.

Facebook Advertising / Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value

Occam's Razor

We've seen explosive growth in brand pages, types of advertising and other fun ways to monetize this audience. Gets more Likes. 4. ").

6 Tips to Maximize Your Coffee Shop’s Revenue

Up and Running

It’s about being clued-in to key strategies that have been proven to boost revenue. The more tables you turn, the greater your revenue.

How To Make Your Brand “Likable” and Win More Revenue


It’s hard to deny the power of advertising outright, however, no matter how tenuous our brand measurement and ROI measurement is in reality.

Research-Backed Strategies to Boost Your Gym’s Revenue

Up and Running

Creativity is the lifeblood of good advertising. Remember, your advertising is all about communicating the right message. What’s next?

Facebook Profit, Revenue Beat Expectations

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For the seventh quarter in a row Facebook beat profit and revenue forecasts, continuing to win more mobile advertising revenue as most users shift to using the site on smartphones and other portable devices

Facebook Fuels Online Advertising Start-ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Online ad start-ups had already predicted positive news, thanks to the new FBX advertising exchange. billion and profits of 17 cents a share.

Lean Marketing: Facebook advertising for newbies

crowdSPRING Blog

Facebook advertising’s  greatest benefit is the network effect. To generate sales and revenue? Facebook advertising takes time.

6 Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Revenue for Your Hair Salon

Up and Running

If you already own your own hair salon, you’re wondering how to increase revenue and how to take your business to the next level. In the U.S.

Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences – Revenue Streams

Steve Blank

This post is an update of what we learned about life science revenue models. Life Science/Health Care revenue streams differ by Category.

How to Increase Revenue for Your Clothing Business

Up and Running

It’s not just the overall trend toward online shopping that makes this a solid strategy for increasing revenue, however. billion in the U.S.

Mobile Advertising Exploded in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

No matter how much people may dislike them, it looks like mobile advertisements are here to stay. mobile ad revenues this year.

Need a Revenue Boost? Try This Simple Formula

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An easy way to break down your revenue goals into specific, actionable items. You know you need to increase revenue. hours (25%).

Want to Grow Fast? Focus on Profits, Not Revenue

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We like to live by a simple rule of thumb: Growth is about creating profits, not revenue. But what about profits?

10 Start-ups Designing the Future of Advertising

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An Irish newspaper is moonlighting as a start-up incubator. Check out the small companies it''s trying to nurture.

How Snapchat Can Become Profitable Through Advertising

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's absurd because Snapchat, while popular, struggles to make any actual revenue According to Fortune, Snapchat is worth about $19 billion. For many people, this is absurd.

Facebook’s Shocking Mobile Advertising Success

Nick O'Neill

Facebook had no idea their mobile advertising platform would become as successful as it has. Advertising was the least of their worries.

The rise of native advertising: Fine or farce?

The Next Web

This is native advertising in real life, on a real website, acting as a key player in the race for the strongest, viral, engaging content.

Majority of Twitter's Revenue Comes From Mobile

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The micro-blogging social media service earns a majority of its revenue from ads shown on its mobile platform, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Occupy the App Store!!

VC Cafe

Median revenue per app. I. 62% of revenue occurs after the first 7 days and 35% of revenue occurs after the first 30 days.

The Importance of Revenue is Back - DShen's Blogs


The Importance of Revenue is Back. Back in 2009, shortly after the 2008 crash, I wrote The Importance of Revenue at Early Stage, Now More Than Ever. Money was hard to come by, and investing in "momentum" or traffic only startups without much revenue was nearly dead. The Importance of Revenue is Back. Archives. Search.

Digital Advertising Is Broken: Three Alternatives For Businesses Looking To Monetize Their Website


Websites, they claim, need advertising revenue to survive. There are several things wrong with that perception. The Subscription Model.

Facebook Has Huge Quarter Thanks to Mobile Advertising Push

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Advertising revenue totaled nearly $3 billion for Facebook in the third quarter

How To Make Money Like Facebook With Online Ads

Startup Professionals Musings

It helps to understand how online advertising really works. For the advertiser, this is the cost-per-click (CPC) model.

YouTube revenues forecast to hit $5.6bn this year

The Equity Kicker

eMarketer are predicting that YouTube revenues will hit $5.6bn this year, 50% up on last year (reported in the Guarian ). Google TV