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Challenges and Rewards for Angel Investors


One of the most common questions we get is: What are the biggest challenges and rewards of angel investing?

5 Things Startups Can Learn from Angel Investors

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What we do at the  Willamette Angel Conference  is the rule, not the exception. Startup Myth: Investors Want the Best Companies.

How to Raise Startup Funding from Unlikely Angel Investors

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live in a small town surrounded by farms and I made my first angel investment at 29 because my dad said it was a good idea. I’m not your average angel.

How to be an angel investor, Part 3

Venture Hacks

This guest post is by Tyler Willis , an entrepreneur and angel investor. For several interesting macro-economic reasons [1], more and more people are becoming angel investors. This is a good thing – it allows more investors to participate in a high-growth (but high-risk) area of our economy. Angels

The Startups Weekend Phenomenon and Angel Investors


Actual, fundable, serious startups in a single weekend? Great learning experience? And worth doing? Yes. . This isn’t exactly news.

What Angel Investors Look For: Facts Vs. Truths

Growthink Blog

The Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire just released its report on angel funding activity for the first half of 2011.

7 Entrepreneur Traits That Let You Soar With Angels

Startup Professionals Musings

Finally I realized that Venture Capital and Angel investors are actually humans, despite some views to the contrary.

Investors Don’t Know What They Want


angel investors are hardly a diverse group. It’s a bit like an angel investor role call. They can have a great idea.

How to Find Angel Investors By Acting Like a Headhunter

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When you find angel investors this way, you get what we call "smart money." This video explains more. market via my website.

Finding Angel Investors & Convincing Them to Give You Funding

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Getting funding from angel investors is the same way. You prepare by making sure angel investors will want to invest in your company.

What I Learned From My Appearance on Shark Tank

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The potential investors did ask some tough questions, wondering why her sales were only hovering around $23,000 for the year. in person.

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My 13 Favorite Alternative Funding Options of 2013

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Investors then use your profile to determine whether they want to fund your request for a loan. 8. If you’re interested in angel investment….

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Starting a Company? 5 Videos You Must Watch First

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are five videos to watch before you launch. Here are five videos to check out before launching your own business.

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How important is a video pitch to investors for an early stage start-up?


If you are going around personally to talk to potential high net worth investor to whom you have an introduction, you probably don’t need a video. On the other hand, if your initial contact with a potential investor is online, then (at least in the US, although I assume elsewhere as well) a video can be very helpful.

Angel Investor Esther Dyson: 'Automate All the Boring Jobs' [VIDEO]

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Esther Dyson discusses her current investments in the health technology industry and what she sees for the future

How to Pitch, Plan, and Track Your Business with LivePlan [VIDEO]

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To find out how, watch the video above, or check out the transcript below. They have investors who are saying, what are your numbers?

Video 27

Angel Investor Esther Dyson: 'There Are Too Many Start-Ups' [VIDEO]

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Esther Dyson talks about retiring on Mars and the problems that come with an excess of start-ups

Angel Investor Esther Dyson: How Gamification Changes Behavior [VIDEO]

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Esther Dyson predicts that individuals tracking health data will ultimately change consumer and corporate behavior

Exit Strategies for Angel Investors Video

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The Northwest Energy Angels invited me to Seattle to talk about exit strategies for Angel investors. The video is online here

10 Tips for Finding Venture Funding

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And keep in mind, as you read that, that venture capital demands everything that angel investors do, and more. Are you still with me?

Lean Business Planning with Tim Berry [VIDEO]

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You’re not going to do the angel investment geared business plan if you’re not looking for angel investment. The Ph.D.’s,

Exit Strategies Videos

Angel Blog

The Differences Between Angels and VCs. Why Most Companies and Angel Investors Don't need Venture Capital.

Getting Funded: Step 1, Getting VCs to notice

Passionate Intensity

Get on Angel List. Consider angels or seed investors. Do your homework on the investor. Meeting investors is a chore.

What My Startup Accelerator Taught Me About Pitching

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The culmination of an entrepreneurship accelerator is the opportunity to pitch investors on your business. Pitching was a great experience.

Valossa’s Patent Pending Descriptive Video Search Technology Raises $650 000


Oulu-based startup Valossa announces closing a $650 000 seed round with Butterfly ventures and several Finnish angel investors.

Angel Investor Esther Dyson: Find Something That Hasn't Been Done [VIDEO]

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The inefficiencies she saw in Russia and Eastern Europe helped inspire Esther Dyson to start investing

IM Creator – High Class Websites for the Masses, with 126,000 Websites Created and Counting.

VC Cafe

Here is a 60-second tour of IM Creator: IM Creator is bootstrapped with $250k from the founder Jonathan Saragossi, and a few unknown angel investors.

Coder 13

The Future of Startups 2013-2017

Scalable Startup

And you need to have investors at the core of your company who are going to support you through that. Let’s set them up with their tablet at home with high-definition video. He is also co-founder and chairman of Ning and an investor in several startups including Digg, Plazes, and Twitter. Security, Cloud, NoSQL databases, etc.

Gordon Gekko 2.0: Flipping is GOOD. (aka Memo to Jason Fried.

500 Hats

  At the beginning of his post, Jason states " i don't know the full back story, but i bet this sale was encouraged by a Mint investor."

New Video: Key Startup Investing Risks for Friends, Family, and Angel Investors

Pascal's View

Establishing a mutual understanding between investors and entrepreneurs as to what each expects from the other is essential to a harmonious beginning for a new venture. Some important statistics: In 2012, the average amount of seed or angel capital raised per company was $880,000 (Source: Pitchbook).

How to Make Your Gust Account Stand Out to Investors

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know a lot of other entrepreneurs who use or have used Gust to seek funds, but their profiles don’t always get attention from investors.

VideofyMe Monetizes Independent Videos


VideofyMe , a Sweden-based start-up, is trying to serve that need by helping independent bloggers monetize their original video content.

Fundraising Recommendations for Startups (Part I)

VC Cafe

found Startup-Videos to be an excellent resource for seeing what’s out there. This online course consists of 8 lectures and over 6.5

The Things I Wish I Could’ve Told Young Mr Fishkin | Rand Fishkin, Moz | BoS EU 2016

Business of Software Blog

Slides, Video & Transcript below. Video. talk that is not just about SEO and Inbound marketing but the entrepreneurial journey.

Series A Crunch.just Darwin at work

Professor VC

Investors know (or damn well should) the risk they are taking in making seed investments. As an angel, do I take this kind of gamble?

Is #NewYork the Next Startup Land of Oz?

Scalable Startup

Just watch the Disrupt videos, they’ll give you a glimpse. I’vealways loved New York and doing business there, even though I’m a born and bred Californian. A few things have happened recently to cause me to look a little closer at NY for the next amazing companies in Internet technology. These people abound in New York.

Angel Investor Esther Dyson: Redundancy Is Wasteful. But You Need It [VIDEO]

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Esther Dyson answers questions about her investments, the power of technology, redundancy and competition, and the evolution of start-ups

ThirdPresence Raises $800K For Whitelabel Mobile Video Platform


ThirdPresence , a cloud-based mobile video platform, announced on Friday it has raised $800 000 (€614 000) in seed funding. Fellow angel investors include Matti Suokko, former Microsoft executive, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, former Nokia CEO, Ari Korhonen, Riku Asikainen, and Jussi Ilmarinen.

Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed: Paige Craig

Scott Edward Walker

Each week, we share a favorite video of a successful entrepreneur, investor or business leader on a variety of topics.  This week, we present Paige Craig , the founder and CEO of BetterWorks and a very impressive entrepreneur and angel investor. Many thanks, Scott.

The Gifts Project Announces New Investor and a Partnership with eBay on Social Shopping

VC Cafe

The company raised $1 million in seed from Gemini and a few days later, European VC Index Ventures was mysteriously added to its investors page.