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Creating Audio Authority One Interview at a Time

Duct Tape Marketing

Creating Audio Authority One Interview at a Time written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

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State of the Digital Music Industry 2014: An Insider’s View

VC Cafe

In the first half of 2013, 43 percent of all album sales were digital, up from 38 percent the year before (Nielsen). billion.

7 Most Powerful Sales Tools

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's not about the worksheets: These tools are what really create success sales. Here are seven sales "tools" you need to develop: 1.

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Your License To Steal My 10-Year Refined Podcast Formula, For In-Depth Interviews, ?Free Traffic AND Delivering Digital Sales by Yaro Starak

The post Your License To Steal My 10-Year Refined Podcast Formula, For In-Depth Interviews, 
Free Traffic AND Delivering Digital Sales appeared first on Online Marketing & Internet Business Guides Podcasting audio content how to start a podcast interviews itunes podcast course podcast training power podcasting

Uploud Audio Blasts Next Gen Audio for Music Lovers


Uploud Audio was founded in 2011 with the intention to produce a quality solution for those who are looking to upgrade their sound system.

Self-publishing battle royale: Amazon vs. indie sales platforms

The Next Web

They package audio, video, additional files and more into their book sales to sell different packages/tiers. Price. Payment. Previews.

4 Easy Steps to Automate Your Online Sales Process

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Your followers obviously like what you have to offer, so whether it’s through e-books, audio So you’ve got your blog up and running, you’re starting to gain a following, and you want to capitalize on your growing popularity.  One of the best ways to do that is by creating products around whatever your expertise is. 

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Improve Sales by Boosting Collaboration

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here’s part 1: Networking Secrets for Sales Calls.) How can this help sales teams to perform better? Now that’s loyalty.

Uncommon Interview: Finding Fulfillment with Good Company

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

You can listen to this audio interview by subscribing on iTunes , subscribing to my usual RSS feed in your podcast-listening-system-of-choice, or just download the mp3. But on the other hand, I sort of feel like, yeah, it might turn out a year later that that sale ended up eating up too much time. (Powered by LaunchBit ). Transcript.

Get Sales Prospects to Respond: 3 Ways

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When you're running your company's sales effort, you can't afford not to resonate with your prospects. You can't just be reactive and hopeful.

3 Mistakes That Kill Product Sales (Even Before You Start Selling!) by Yaro Starak

Now I use the term “product” and that can mean ebook, video course, audio course, etc. If you have no marketing, then you have no sales. Copywriting Make Money Online Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship leevi romanik marketing product creation product sale sale mistakesThere are endless possibilities.

Networking Secrets for Sales Calls

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An expert on building human connections shares his relationship-building tricks for sales calls. Click to download the full interview audio.

What Separates The Million Dollar Information Marketers From The Rest by Yaro Starak

As is typical for me, I went straight in looking for any audios I could download and stick on my phone (I’m … Read the rest of this entry » Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship Product Launch eben pagan info products jeff walker product launch formula Rich Schefren sales funnel

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#TrackThis Episode 5: Tracking Sales Funnel Conversions in SaaS

Up and Running

It turns out and the topic for today is tracking the sales funnel conversions in SaaS or “software as a service.” We love TSheets.

TALK LESS! (or, the fine art of Sales)

Scalable Startup

But one of the problems with the new would be all-functions entrepreneur is lack of training in some of the key areas of entrepreneurship – SALES skills. The The technology has changed, but the art of selling and closing sales has not. Respect the human sales skills. The Art of Sales by Alec Baldwin : [link].

30 Minutes to Writing a Press Release that Generates Highly Qualified Sales Leads (Even if you can’t write)

Cloud Marketing Lab Blog

However, I’m finding more and more that writing a press release is one of the single greatest ways to attract qualified sales leads imaginable. 

111 Great Last Minute Gift Ideas For Clients

Mike Michalowicz

If you have no idea what books your client will like, give them the gift of audio books or books on tape. We totally freak. Maine? Hint). Right!

Is Your Website “Soooooo 2008?”

Up and Running

Do you have multiple forms of media (video, photos, audio)? 2008 may not even seem that long ago to some of you. What is my bounce rate? 

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3 Mistakes That Kill Product Sales (Even Before You Start Selling!) by Yaro Starak

Now I use the term “product” and that can mean ebook, video course, audio course, etc. If you have no marketing, then you have no sales. Copywriting Make Money Online Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship leevi romanik marketing product creation product sale sale mistakesThere are endless possibilities.

Why Content Marketing Is Essential For Successful Startups and Small Businesses

crowdSPRING Blog

When Marco combined the blogs and focused on generating an audience through good content, Marco’s blog readership skyrocketed – and so did sales.

Gatorade and the Kings of Cool

Up and Running

Culture Growing a Business Sales and Marketing Strategy business cool creative marketing growing marketing marketing ideas You’re local.

Gamification Trend: Salespeople Thrive off Competition, so Up Their Game

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As a sales manager turned entrepreneur, it’s a question I’ve always asked my employees - especially sales reps. Her answer?

How I Created 4 Startup Explainer Videos for $11

Software By Rob

Step 3: Record the Audio (Estimated time: 15 minutes). Step 4: Turn the Audio into Visuals (Estimated time: 1-4 hours). Step 1. Probably.

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Lessons and Impressions from Colombia (2016)

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

One driver was the local sales partner for Box. In Colombia, as one small example, people send tons of audio messages via WhatsApp.

4 Great Motivational Videos for 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In my role as the "mouthpiece" of the sales profession, I end up talking with a lot of successful salespeople. Out of the Mouths of Toddlers.

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Create Your Own Live Internet Radio Show With Spreaker


Like what YouTube does for video, and Twitter does for text, Spreaker does for audio. Are you an aspiring DJ?

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Mark Cuban on Sharks, Bigotry, and What He's Really Like as a Boss

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But Cuban hit it even bigger with Audio Net, a startup that figured out how to stream audio online before the Internet really even had audio or video.

9 Marketing Buzzwords That You Need To Know


So, it is not only the sales but the sheer image that takes the equity to a different level altogether. Branded Content. Brand Marketing.

8 Ways to Energize Each Morning

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

During your commute, listen to motivational audio or inspirational music rather than the news or (worst of all) talk radio. Inspire your body.

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Google’s Latest Gadgets And The Impact On Its Stock Price


The pricing of these phones is also expected to boost sales in China. and Chromecast Audio. The Chromecast 2.0 While the Chromecast 2.0

How To Segment Your Subscribers When You Run A Blog Business by Yaro Starak

Sometimes you just want to make sure as many people read your content as possible with no sales message, where at other times you want to make as many sales as possible , but not turn away readers who don’t want to buy. Ideally we want to maximize both audience retention and growth , and maximize profit too.

An Early-Stage Founder’s Quick & Dirty Guide To Growth


The following is a guest post by William Griggs. William is the Founder of Startup Slingshot , the resource for battle-tested startup strategies.

How Dr. Dre's Headphones Company Became a Billion-Dollar Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Back in 2006, Iovine felt the music industry had two problems: first, the degradation of record sales because of piracy. M.I.A. What about this?

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7 Ways To Attract Customers Without Viral Marketing

Startup Professionals Musings

Display ads on mobile devices, including video and audio, also offer a new opportunity to reach target customers. One of these experts, David T.

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10 Storytelling Festivals You Must Attend in 2016


You can still register for Brandanew’s latest Workshop on how to use digital marketing to generate more sales. F.A.T.E.

Speaking for Leads

Up and Running

The content you create can be used in multiple other ways – articles, audio CD, teleseminar, webinar, report or book. By having a lead capture system in place, you will be able to measure your results and implement a strong follow-up campaign to move prospects closer to a sale. I love to write – creatively as well as for business.

The Formula for Entrepreneurial Success

Growthink Blog

And prior to that, Joni co-founded a technology services company that she grew to 100 employees and nearly $13 million in sales. Now usually when I conduct an interview, I do it via telephone and have an audio file to show for it. The other day I had the opportunity to interview two entrepreneurs I really respect. billion. read more.

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6 Business Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

UberConference brings a visual element to audio calls. Tired of apps that are just a waste of time? But do they really work? And there is.

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Tool and resource list for new founders

The Startup Toolkit

Streak – simple CRM plugin for gmail to manage and share your sales leads. A braindump of the tools I frequently turn to for my projects.

Mark Cuban's 5 Most Audacious Moments

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Maybe it was worth it, but the audio product eventually disappeared from Yahoo''s offerings. 2. Here are five classic Cuban moments.