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Bootstrap Marketing

Spencer Fry

A quick Google search for "bootstrap marketing" brings up a bunch of useless nonsense. Not to mention that all the ads are hurting my eyes.

4 Essential Skills for Bootstrapping Start-Ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These four skills will enable bootstrap entrepreneurs to develop a digital marketing experience with a professional look and feel. Design.

Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups

Software By Rob

Here are 10 bootstrapped companies that did it on their own with no outside funding. Why bootstrap? Photo by earthlightbooks. million.

Twitter Bootstrap Themes Are Coming

Nick O'Neill

Twitter Bootstrap, a framework for quickly developing front-end web interfaces, has permanently changed the way web applications are built.

Bootstrapping a Services Business: 3 Steps

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

And bootstrapping is even easier now. Sixteen years ago, I bootstrapped a services company with a partner who lived 3,000 miles away.

Building Bootstrapping into Business Models

The Entrepreneurial Mind

If the entrepreneur wanting to start the indoor play center cannot raise the money to launch the program fully formed, there are other options. Or she could develop the program she wants to run by partnering with a local facility like a YMCA. And did the bootstrapping limit their ability to grow, as it often commonly assumed?

Bootstrapping: OAC, or the Art of Empowering Aspiring Singers

Grade A Entrepreneurs

We are far more directly responsible for the outcome of the program as a whole than if we had opted for a larger, well-established structure.

Interview with Sramana Mitra on 1M/1M Program

Life Beyond Code

1M/1M Program has a bold mission. This is an ambitious project and it’s not surprising because it’s founded by ever enterprising Sramana Mitra. I had an opportunity to catchup with Sramana and we talked about the program. By November 2010, we launched the 1M/1M website, including an early version of the premium program.

Ways to bootstrap a startup: on the side

A short while ago I wrote about one of the ways I think people could bootstrap a startup from zero funds. startup bootstrapping on the side

How to Pick the Programming Language for Your First MVP

Kevin Dewalt

Many haven’t done web programming and ask the question, ‘what language should I use’? Entrepreneurs Should Build their Own MVP. Django or Rails?

PHP 13

The Bootstrapped Backbone of the Quantified-Self Movement

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Lee programmed his original calorie counter himself, and covered his start-up expenses with savings from his days at and Palm.

Programming For Android Sucks

Nick O'Neill

What platform has crappy weak documentation, a virtual simulator that takes minutes to load, and takes three times as long to program for? Programming for Apple is awesome. Given that all great programmers are lazy by nature, Apple’s general consistency across platforms makes programming a joy. Programming Android iOS

New Economic Reality Leads to New Business Models

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Aubree Phillips, who is graduating from the entrepreneurship program at Belmont University this spring, has dreamed of starting a clothing boutique since the day she arrived on campus. Instead, she partnered with her friend Natalie Sawyer, a Lipscomb University alumna, to brainstorm about ways to meet shared goals by bootstrapping.

GBP Austin Dimmer | Building a Software Company is Hard

Business of Software Blog

The result of my research is that I have created a software program that enables me to control most of the features on my computer using voice control.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: How Do You Bootstrap Freemium Ventures?


One of the discussions that ensued was about how to bootstrap a freemium venture. DemoTunes. Sponsor. In principle, this sounds great. GoodyTag.

Bootstrapping Your Start-Up Business with Little or No Money


For other local bootstrapping resources here in Austin, check out the Bootstrap Austin site. Here are just a few tips on bootstrapping your new startup that I have found particularly beneficial from my own experience: Outsourcing. Another effective bootstrapping technique you can use is partnering with a complementary business.

Bootstrapping At B-Schools? | Sramana Mitra

Campus Entrepreneurship

This then led me to an old post of hers asking whether  bootstrapping is taught in bschools. Some comments on bootstrapping at business schools: I find that most B-school students are brought up with the mindset that you need to raise money to succeed. Bootstrapping I feel, is taken for granted. Entrepreneurship Programs

Bootstrapping a Hardware Company: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How can you bootstrap when you have to build an actual product? And a complicated one, at that? ” They are both correct. Milestones.

Using Open Source to Bootstrap Your Data Service

Feld Thoughts

When I first started program, it was 1979.  I started on an Apple II – I learned BASIC, Pascal, and 6502 Assembler.  I studied every page and example in the Apple II Reference Manual (the “Red Book&# ). Last week SimpleGeo and their partner ? In my first company, we were heavy users of Clarion.


ProfessorVC: Bootstrapping 101

Professor VC

Bootstrapping 101. moderated a panel discussion last night on one of my favorite topics, bootstrapping, as part of our Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship Eminent Speaker Series at San Jose State. One of my colleagues, Joel West, beat me to the punch with a summary of the program. Bootstrapping 101. ProfessorVC.


Moving Beyond the Kitchen Table

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Bootstrapping is the name of the game for most startups. bootstrapped startup also allows the entrepreneur to determine what the market really wants without having to lock in specific long-term expenses tied to a specific business model. But the extreme bootstrapping approach can only take a business so far. Bootstrapping

How To Bootstrap Your Startup

This is typically called “bootstrapping&# and it is fraught with potential pitfalls and dangers. What is bootstrapping? So, what does it mean to bootstrap a company? Bootstrapping involves launching a business on a low budget. Why bootstrap? Either way, bootstrapping is a viable model. Thanks. is key.

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable: Bootstrapping Comes In Many Flavors


At today’s roundtable, we had some very interesting discussions on creative bootstrapping. I am always fascinated by how innovative entrepreneurs get when faced with resource crunches.   . Read Creative Bootstrapping to a $350 Million Exit.  . One of the members of the audience asked a question: Is the gaming space too crowded?

100th 1M/1M Roundtable: Dedicated To Steve Jobs, Reinforcing Mission To Restructure Capitalism


The reinforcement of his example, in hours of darkness, has offered me light and direction to take on a big, bold idea: restructuring capitalism through the 1M/1M program. And today, we have a group of early adopter premium members who are making good use of the program. ” — Steve Jobs. This is where numerous ventures fail.

35 Ways to Fund Your Small Business

Up and Running

BootStrapping. You can take a look at this article for details on the SBA Loan program. 2. In this list, I’ll cover: Loans. Kiva: .

Bootstrapping 2010 by MIT Enterprise Forum

The Startup Lawyer

I’ll be giving a brief presentation next week when the MIT Enterprise Forum of Dallas-Fort Worth puts on Bootstrapping 2010. When: Thursday, Feb 25, 2010. 30-8:30pm. Where: Infomart #2019 ( Architel ), 1950 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75207. Registration: $20 including dinner.

Bootstrapping 2010 by MIT Enterprise Forum

The Startup Lawyer

I’ll be giving a brief presentation next week when the MIT Enterprise Forum of Dallas-Fort Worth puts on Bootstrapping 2010. When: Thursday, Feb 25, 2010. 30-8:30pm. Where: Infomart #2019 ( Architel ), 1950 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas 75207. Registration: $20 including dinner.

More Ridiculously Annoying Startup Memes

Mark Birch

Bootstrapping Is Close to Godliness – People are always saying that entrepreneurs should not take outside funding if they do not need to. 

1M/1M Announces Important Partnership With MAD Incubator, Malaysia


Andrew Wong, CEO of MAD, has been working with us for almost a year, and we have made a mutual choice to deepen the partnership by making MAD a premiere value-added reseller partner of the 1M/1M program. It could be a good business to bootstrap the social/mobile edutainment business with. Fantastic! mistake, in my opinion.

1M/1M Announces Partnership With TiE Chennai


At the end of the day, we sealed a partnership between 1M/1M and TiE Chennai whereby TiE Chennai members can receive a discount of 25% off the annual membership fee for the 1M/1M premium program until June 16, 2011, and a 15% discount thereafter. On Saturday, April 9, 2011, I arrived in Chennai at 3:00 a.m. Freshdesk.


The Entrepreneurial Mind

have also had alums who have bootstrapped their way to what fits their own definition of success. Mitra has labeled those of us who teach entrepreneurship with a bootstrapping bent "neo-entrepreneurship". Tags: Bootstrapping bootstrapping Forbes Robert Hacker sramana mitra

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Personalization Remains An Open Problem


They have their own programs under their own brands. General 1m/1m bootstrapping Bootstrapping Education business incubator cloud computing Entrepreneur Incubator Entrepreneur Roundtable entrepreneurship education Financing Consulting One Million by One Million Positioning Consulting startup incubator strategy consulting strategy roundtable

7 Seed-Stage Funding Sources To Finance Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing.

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable: Bootstrapping Comes in Many Flavors


Read Creative Bootstrapping to a $350 Million Exit. Sponsor. Well, yes, and no. Is the movie business too crowded? Social Affect. Logic Inc.

IP 1

Should We Take Harvard MBAs Seriously as Startup Founders? [New Data]

View from Seed

So we decided to study one program in particular: Harvard Business School. There is no single right answer. Combined, they’ve raised over $2.5

Let Me Count The Ways Entrepreneurs Fund Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

good place to start looking is , which is a searchable directory of more than 1,000 Federal grant programs.

Capple Factory Brings Couples Together Through Mobile Apps [Interview]

VC Cafe

The company is currently bootstrapped and the app is launching next week. disclosure: I’m an alumnus of the program).

3 Super-Cheap Marketing Tactics

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As an entrepreneur running a bootstrapped company, marketing is not likely at the top of your to-do list. That begins with listening.

Solving the Low-Budget Online Marketing Dilemma

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Your bootstrapped startup is finally off the ground. Maybe your ads suck? So now what? How-To

Lean Goes Better with Coke – the Future of Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

What we didn’t envision was that one creative corporate VP would take that post and build a world-class corporate innovation program around it.

Lean 153