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Start-up Tips: Identifying Intellectual Property, Simplified


Intellectual Property, simply put, is a creation of the mind that’s unique. Intellectual Property is all about protecting what’s “mine”.

3 Steps to Protecting Intellectual Property

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Many start-up owners are concerned with the intellectual property (IP) of their company, and they should be. Here are a few.

Intellectual Property for Startups in the Real World


What kind of risk do we run of being put out of business by others’ IP rights ? How much risk do IP issues in the aggregate pose to our business ? Nearly every point above is subjective, varies from company to company, and at its core is more of a business judgment than a pure legal question.  Barriers to entry ? trade secret).

6 Ways Startups Are Fooled By Prior Business Models

Startup Professionals Musings

Many are just not facing the reality that their passion had a critical business flaw. Never take your eye off the ball in business.

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps – Class 2: The Business Model Canvas

Steve Blank

The Lean LaunchPad class for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps is a new model of teaching startup entrepreneurship. etc.).

The 47th (-46) International Business Model Competition

Steve Blank

The most visible step was the first  International Business Model Competition , hosted by the BYU Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.

Utah 22

Qualcomm’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Steve Blank

When the teams exited the bootcamp, however, it was unclear which existing business unit should evaluate them. Read it first. Epilogue.

Which Is The Best Business Model For Your Startup – B2B Or B2C? by Yaro Starak

Choosing the right business to start is something that nobody can tell you except yourself. The ten answers that I can guarantee you’re not going to get are of the businesses that those entrepreneurs are currently in. What may be a cost-effective business now could be a nightmare waiting to happen. What Is “B2C&# ?

B2C 29

Alex Osterwalder on Business Model Innovation at Business of Software 2011.

Business of Software Blog

Alex Osterwalder, author of Business Model Generation, entrepreneur and man on a mission to make Business Models sexy and interesting had a tough act to follow last year. That was followed by Jason Cohen’s discussion about Honesty in Business. Building Competitive Advantage through Business Model Thinking.

7 Critical Steps for Attracting Venture Funding

Business Plan Blog

They also show your ability to turn a business concept into a realistic, attractive business model. 7. Stellar Idea. Technology.

How To Find the Right Co-Founders?

Steve Blank

Surprisingly if you’ve filled out the business model canvas you already know who you need. Who can I hire later? tenacity? agility?

Why Translational Medicine Will Never be The Same

Steve Blank

have learned how to use business models, get out of the building to test their hypotheses and minimum viable product. the way I think.

I-Corps @ NIH – Pivoting the Curriculum

Steve Blank

The Lean LaunchPad class uses the three “ Lean Startup ” principles: Alexander Osterwalders “ business model canvas ” to frame hypotheses.

These 8 Disciplines Define A Fundable Entrepreneur

Startup Professionals Musings

Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me what to do first when starting a business. business discipline entrepreneur fundable startup

A Five-Minute Tutorial On How To Value Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Registered intellectual property adds value. It’s like trying to sell a home still being built at next year’s dream market price.

8 Ways To Get Off The Ground With Angel Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Come with a product built and a proven business model. business needs technical, marketing, financial and many other skills.

Time For Founders School

Steve Blank

Having a film crew in your living room for two days is something you want to put on your bucket list. And you get a tour of my living room….

Entrepreneurs Need To Understand Survival Basics

Startup Professionals Musings

In this context, it’s time for every business, not only startups, to take a fresh look at the basics of business success. Marty Zwilling.

Entrepreneurs, Use Patents to Protect Your Intellectual Property and Create Value for Your Start-up Company

Robert Ochtel

One way to accomplish this is to develop, file, and prosecute a number of broad patents to protect your start-up company and its underlying intellectual property. This is generally accomplished with patents covering the underlying and core intellectual property of your start-up company.  Constantly Innovate.

Get the Heck Out of the Building in Founder’s School: Part 2

Steve Blank

With a ~$2 billion endowment the  Kauffman Foundation  is the largest non-profit focused on entrepreneurship in the world.

Is This Startup Ready For Investment?

Steve Blank

language corporate innovation groups can use to communicate to business units and finance. —-. Or watch the video here.). Medical Devices.

7 Critical Success Factors For A Services Business

Startup Professionals Musings

With services, scaling the business often implies cloning yourself, since you are the intellectual property and the competitive advantage.

8 Ways An Investor Pitch Differs From A Product Pitch

Startup Professionals Musings

When pitching to investors, entrepreneurs always seem to start with a customer pitch, then add a slide or two about the business.

StartupRoar - Great Content for Startups


Today I join Ben Yoskovitz , Vinicius Vacanti , Jill Hubbard Bowman and Steve Blank and others in announcing the launch of StartupRoar.

Innovation Outposts in Silicon Valley – Going to Where the Action Is

Steve Blank

This is the second in a series about the changing models of corporate innovation co-authored with Evangelos Simoudis. are examples.

13 Red Flags To Avoid In Your Investor Funding Pitch

Startup Professionals Musings

They know it’s especially hard to provide a financial return with a free business model. Skip the hype. None of these cases are credible.

How Great Entrepreneurs Spell Continuous Innovation

Startup Professionals Musings

Business risks are not just development risks. How well does your business spell INNOVATION these days? Brands. No risk, no innovation.

10 Action Items to Keep Angel Investors Hovering


Here is my list of top ten action items to best prepare you for success in achieving a funding event with Angels: Incorporate the business now.

Investors Love To Fund Solutions That Are Scalable

Startup Professionals Musings

Simply stated, it means that your business has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost. But what does that really mean?

Business Model Analysis, Part 4: Racing for Scale

Platforms and Networks

This post is part of a series on business model analysis for entrepreneurs. The first post in the series presents a comprehensive list of issues entrepreneurs should consider when designing a business model. It's crucial to understand whether accelerated growth is a priority, given the attributes of your business model.

10 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Meet Cash Flow Peaks

Startup Professionals Musings

It always reduces risk to plan your business first. Apply for contests and business grants. Set expectations accordingly. Marty Zwilling.

8 Myths Technologists Believe That Sink Businesses

Startup Professionals Musings

Most technologists have little interest in the mechanics of starting and building a business. Most founders bootstrap product development.

How To Pick A Startup Model To Match Your Motivation

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus it behooves every entrepreneur to pick the startup model that best matches their real motivation.

10 Actions To Make Sure Your New Business Will Scale

Startup Professionals Musings

Simply stated, it means that your business has the potential to multiply revenue with minimal incremental cost. But what does that really mean?

10 Principles For Sustainable Innovation In Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Business risks are not just development risks. Innovation is what gives life to your business initially, and keeps it alive in the long term.

10 Paths Which Often Lead To Early Business Failure

Startup Professionals Musings

certainly agree that starting a business is fraught with risk, and none of us get it all right the first time. Marty Zwilling.

10 Top Reasons For First-time Entrepreneur Failure

Startup Professionals Musings

Don’t believe the old urban legend that a business plan isn’t worth the effort. Business model doesn’t make money. Go for it.

Crowd-Funding Success Usually Brings New Challenges


No one contemplates including a business plan, investor presentation, or even the equivalent of an executive summary.

Avoid New Venture Shortcuts That Scare Away Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Investors are looking to buy a chunk of the business, not the product. Undefined business model or very low gross margins.

10 Preparation Steps to Win an Angel Investment

Startup Professionals Musings

Here is my list of top ten action items to best prepare you for success in achieving a funding event with angels: Incorporate the business now.