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Blowing up the Business Plan at U.C. Berkeley Haas Business School

Steve Blank

During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, science and engineering at both Stanford and U.C. Starting in the 1950’s, Stanford’s engineering department became “outward facing” and developed a culture of spinouts and active faculty support and participation in the first wave of Silicon Valley startups. The Business Plan is Dead.

Lean Business Planning with Tim Berry [VIDEO]

Up and Running

It’s all about making your business life easier, doing what works best, getting the best results by tracking what works and always improving.

5 Business Plan Secrets For A Successful Tech Startup


 . Making the decision to break the mold and start a business is an exciting step, but building a successful company is a challenging endeavor.

Texas State Team Wins Another Top Business Plan Competition


SioTex, a startup spun out of Texas State University in San Marcos, has won another business plan competition. This time the team won the $10,000 Grand Prize at the 2014 American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute business plan competition. Austin San Marcos SioTex specialty chemicals Texas State University

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Are Business Plans Still Necessary?

Both Sides of the Table

Many of these businesses were what First Round Capital called FNACs (features, not companies – this acronym has always stuck with me).

Eureka! A New Era for Scientists and Engineers

Steve Blank

Silicon Valley was born  in an era of applied experimentation driven by scientists and engineers. Yet this system isn’t perfect. Until today.

No Business Plan Survives First Contact With A Customer – The 5.2 billion dollar mistake.

Steve Blank

With an out-of-this-world business plan. Business Plan Frozen in Time. It is death in a rapidly changing business.

The Mission Model Canvas – An Adapted Business Model Canvas for Mission-Driven Organizations

Steve Blank

In other words, how can we adapt the Business Model Canvas when the metrics of success for an organization is not revenue? —-. Funding?

Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work

Steve Blank

With Agile you could end up satisfying every feature a customer asked for and still go out of business. Here’s how. Waterfall Development.

Human Engineering and Emotional Intelligence for Startups

VC Cafe

human engineering VC Cafe Photo credit: By imaginedhorizons (Flickr). ” Question: What is Human Engineering? Wikipedia ).

The Business Model Canvas Gets Even Better – Value Proposition Design

Steve Blank

If you’re familiar with the Lean Startup you know that the Business Model Canvas is the tool to frame all the hypotheses of your startup.

The Lean LaunchPad Online

Steve Blank

Experienced entrepreneurs kept finding that no business plan survived first contact with customers. They’ve done an awesome job.

Lean 155

When Hell Froze Over – in the Harvard Business Review

Steve Blank

In my 21 years as an entrepreneur, I would come up for air once a month to religiously read the Harvard Business Review. ” Groucho Marx.

Search versus Execute

Steve Blank

When does a new venture focus on customer development and business models ? And when do business planning and execution come into play?

Search 154

Startups and Entrepreneurship: Beyond the Clichés

Up and Running

‘Be your own boss’ is a common business cliché. Cliché 6: the big business plan. Just the best executed. Be realistic.

How to Pitch, Plan, and Track Your Business with LivePlan [VIDEO]

Up and Running

As a successful small business owner, Sabrina wanted to show off how LivePlan’s many features can help boost your business. Great.

Video 23

Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

Up and Running

Most of those people are at the very early stages of starting a business and as such, are looking to see what others have done. Be honest.

The Helsinki Spring

Steve Blank

—— I was invited to Finland as part of Stanford’s Engineering Technology Venture Program partnership with Aalto University.

Qualcomm’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Program – Lessons Learned (Part 2)

Steve Blank

When the teams exited the bootcamp, however, it was unclear which existing business unit should evaluate them. Read it first. Epilogue.

A New Way to Teach Entrepreneurship – The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford: Class 1

Steve Blank

We were positing that 20 years of teaching “how to write a business plan” might be obsolete. Startups, What if I was wrong? The Teams.

Lean 131

The Lowdown on Obama's Small Business Plan

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The president is right that current rules make it very hard for growing businesses to raise money. Why argue with this one?

Resilience Engineering #29: Keep Your Wits About You

Active Garage

Lead engineers quite. For example, sales should be aware of engineering limitations when negotiating options with customers. Breathe.

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 2 of 2

Steve Blank

Today, the second half of the Stanford Engineering Lean LaunchPad Class gave their final presentations. Team ParkPoint Capital. Team MiCasa.

Lean 93

Stanford 2012 Lean LaunchPad Presentations – part 1 of 2

Steve Blank

Today, the first half of the Stanford Engineering Lean LaunchPad Class gave their final presentations. Here are the first five. Team Sync.

Lean 96

Five Steps To Amplifying Retail Profits In 2016


You’ve made it through the hectic holiday season and it’s now time to start planning for success in 2016. by Brandon Levey, CEO of  Stitch Labs.

Five Days to Change the World – The Columbia Lean LaunchPad Class

Steve Blank

The class organization was pretty simple: textbooks were The Startup Owners Manual and Business Model Generation. The Setup. The Class.

Lean 78

Startup Blog: Advisors and Luck Improve Business - Photo Example

Taffy Williams

Examples may relate to Biotech, Pharma and Medical Device businesses, but the ideas apply to most technology fields. Who’s the Boss?

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

Steve Blank

For policy makers, the first order of business is to methodically think through which of these entrepreneurial paths they want to help and grow.

Scientists Unleashed

Steve Blank

Our Lean LaunchPad class teaches scientists and engineers that starting a company is another research project that can be solved by an iterative process of hypotheses testing and experimentation built around the business model / customer development / agile development solution stack. Some men see things as they are and ask why.

Turning A Hobby Into A Business – A Happier Life

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

With work taking up so much of our time in the modern world, doing what you love and turning a hobby into a successful business is the Holy Grail many of us aspire towards. Turning you hobby into a business. Research & Business plan. How to structure your business (sole trader, limited company etc.) Research.

Culture Isn’t Everything: 3 (Other) Traits Vital To Your Business’s Success


It’s how your company operates internally, but it has no allegiance to the core of your business: making money and growing at a steady pace.

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 2: Business Model Hypotheses

Steve Blank

Come up with ways to test each of the 9 business model canvas hypotheses. Consider if their business worth pursuing? Part one is here.

The Small Business Butterfly Effect: 3 Small Ways to Get Found

Up and Running

Customers find businesses in all sorts of ways, and you never know what ad or flier is going to draw them in. They didn’t have a website.

Everything you always wanted to know about cofounders

Up and Running

It could be an engineer and a business person, or it may need two different sets of engineering skills and a business person.

Business Plans versus Strategic Plans & The Keys to Each

Growthink Blog

According to research from Bradley University, 70% to 80% of new businesses fail within their first year. Research proves it. read more.

Must-have market intelligence for your product launch

Up and Running

Know Where Your Target Customer Shops – If you don’t plan to sell your product direct, you’ll rely on retailers or distributors. It is interesting to note that YouTube has become the second largest search engine. We’ve all heard the horror stories about how hard it can be to successfully launch a new product to the market. Lafley.

Youth Entrepreneurs, Why You Should Help These Upstarts With Their Startups

Up and Running

They’re artists, designers, engineers, crafters, coders, and – oh yeah – high schoolers. Because, why not? ” Heck yeah!

Uh-oh! Do you have a “sitcom” startup?

Up and Running

Magazine calls it a “hybrid venture capital fund and business school”. Harness the internet to validate your business idea. Store. Great.

How Scientists and Engineers Got It Right, and VC’s Got It Wrong

Steve Blank

Scientists and engineers as founders and startup CEOs is one of the least celebrated contributions of Silicon Valley. ESL, the first company I worked for in Silicon Valley , was founded by a PhD in Math and six other scientists and engineers. Scientists and Engineers as Founders. Large companies execute known business models.

Resilience Engineering #8: Rupert Murdoch’s Folly

Active Garage

He works at the nexus between strategy, business case, project-, process-, and people management. He went on to claim he did not know that 1.6