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WordPress Page Caching Faster than Light — @WPEngine releases TachyCache

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Today WP Engine proudly announces a new WordPress page-caching technology which actually delivers pages before  the user clicks the link! In a joint venture with CERN, WP Engine has developed a TCP/IP layer on top of a faster-than-light neutrino beam, delivering page content in negative time. Dateline April 1, 2012. Austin TX.

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How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

Both Sides of the Table

To interconnect these computers we needed IP-based telecommunications equipment build by the likes of Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. Artsy?

Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second

Writes stress a data store all the way to the disks, while read benchmarks may only exercise the in-memory cache. Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

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Plans are nothing, but planning is indispensable

Chris Dixon

IP intelligence services, phishing blacklist feeds, website and program popularity data). This is all mostly true. ” InfiniTrust. Problem.

Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox, part 1

GeoIP for mapping IPs to locations. Rajivs blog. RSS Archive. July 12, 2012. Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox, part 1. Run with extra load.

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Christine: Whats Really Happening Around IPTV

The idea was to discuss whats real about video over IP, and what well continue to wait for. Christine (.net) Quick Followup: VCTips at Web 2.0

Proof that speeding up websites improves online business.

Watching Websites

Google Analytics’ IP filtering was used to block out internal users, which might distort numbers too. Definitely. Want to learn more?

CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers

Expensify Blog. Expense Reports That Don't Suck. CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers. Some additional comments at the end. Brian.

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Problems (For the Most Part) Resolved with wordpress and dreamhost

Software By Rob

Join nearly 6,000 startup entrepreneurs by subscribing to my RSS feed. Unbelievable. WordPress? Check out my book Like this post? Subscribe!

IDEA #95 - URL Filter for filtering Adult websites using Google.

Steve Poland

The Google route is good, but as mentioned in the comments, Google may block the IP; but we’re not profiting from Google. The obstacle however would be google banning the IP that does the scraping. It’s very cheap at $0.15 per 1,000 requests but you will want to cache the results that AWIS sends back to help keep costs low.

Internationalizing Etsy: Fostering a Global Marketplace

Code as Craft

Some of the topics we plan on covering: Localization logic : Combining cues such as Geo IP, browser language preferences along with cookie/user preferences to display the appropriately-localized language, region and currency content. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the engineering work we’ve done to internationalize Etsy.

What can Cloud do for you?

Active Garage

Network : What are the current monthly costs for networking/IP bandwidth, per environment? Same goes for the end users. Absolutely not! Testing.