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Dilution concerns by founders and investors

Taffy Williams

Just recently, a company’s team exchanged numerous emails discussing valuation and downstream dilution. In for a penny?”

Negotiating tips summary and links

Taffy Williams

Other articles are in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of There is not magic wand in negotiating, only hard work!

Mergers and acquisitions take thought and planning

Taffy Williams

The finances and valuations must provide the desired exit(s) for all of the founders. In addition, you may be planning an exit.

Agile entrepreneurs know anything is possible

Taffy Williams

Maybe I was just lucky, but the company grew from a $3M valuation to $300M in 5 years! YES YOU CAN! Keep an open mind.

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Entrepreneurs are like artists

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The better the entrepreneur and the more desired the business, the greater valuation. First, the sketch is drawn and then the colored.

Need Money? A Few Links to Possible Investors

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It reviews key issues like valuation, risk, and milestones. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of It is clear that if you have a new startup, getting investors is essential. Some startups take smaller amounts of cash than others. They want it invested in the technology.


Dilution and Investment - An Answer You May Not Expect

Taffy Williams

Prior to the burst, investment and valuations were out of control. It seemed that all anyone had to do was write a business plan to get money and high valuations. company really had to look stellar and have prospects of short-term exits or valuation inflections to attract attention. The past is the past! It certainly seemed so.

It Takes Longer and Costs More

Taffy Williams

Their goal is to get the company to some reasonable inflection so the company can be profitable or raise capital at a higher valuation. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of You are planning the development of your technology and your budgets. This fact is generally true.

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Is a Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush?

Taffy Williams

In addition, anyresponses would show level of team commitment and possibly founders thoughts oncompany valuation. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of In arecent meeting, I asked company founders if they would take $10MM for theirtechnology and just walk away. This part isgood.

4 Steps to be a CEO in the KNOW or plan to GO

Taffy Williams

After all, your duties are to the shareholders and to improving the company valuation. The greater the EGO the greater the FALL!

Two Parents Turn $700 Savings Into a Million Dollar Business

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When you think of a new baby, immediately we think “sleep deprivation.” for SLEEP! literally learned as I sewed! parents were talking! Blog & Gro

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Angel Education is Sometimes Required

Taffy Williams

One common place to use a convertible note is when the valuation is difficult to define and agree on; e.g., at startup. The note allows the Angel to make an investment and gain the financial benefits associated with a future investment round by a professional investor that defines a company valuation.

A Diamond in the Rough: Reinventing a Sleepy Mortgage Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Next it rescued Magellan, the crown jewel of the sale, from its precarious perch in Charlotte, where it sat on a server under the blue tarp.

Win Twice Maybe Even Thrice

Taffy Williams

Enthusiasm from the release led investors or customersto bid up the company valuations or dramatically increase sales. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte,NC- small business section of Negotiatingcan have positive and negative aspects. Sometimes you will have to look severalsteps ahead much like playing chess.

We Are Not in Kansas Anymore

Taffy Williams

The 1990s drove thetechnology companies to great valuations and IPOs in this sector were amazing. Other articles can be found in the Charlotte,NC- small business section of History hasalways had a major impact on the future and the same is true for the future of startupsand entrepreneurs. Dropthe HYPE and SELL REALITY.

Don’t For Get You Have a TEAM

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Grants are made at the current price/valuation and carry a significant time to exercise. Other articles can befound in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Entrepreneurscreating a startup will eventually need to bring on key players to help. This covers the Board, Advisors, andStaff. entrepreneur Startup

Preparing Your Company for a Big Sale

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Getting Started As a first order of business, Evolution and Doman moved headquarters from Charlotte to Cleveland, to keep a close watch on it.

Startup Blog: Need Investment? Increase the Chances by Beefing Up.

Taffy Williams

The market potential will help with your overall valuation and can help create more enthusiasm for your company. Who’s the Boss? Now what?

Guest Post from HBS Professor: The Nuances of Marketplaces

the vc in me

But I always thought it would be impossible to get MSPs for IP to scale given the lack of valuation transparency and lack of transaction standards (not to mention huge litigation risks). It’s still successful as an “enterprise software” provider to content providers, but its valuation ambitions went down from $1.5 the vc in me. link].

Startup Blog: Why Do I Keep Doing This to Myself!

Taffy Williams

Other articles can be found in the Charlotte, NC- small business section of Basics are provided to help entrepreneurs. Now what?

Startup Blog: Licensing Technologies from Universities ? Tips for.

Taffy Williams

Startup Blog Steps to consider to start and grow a company. Basics are provided to help entrepreneurs. Carl P.B. Thank you Carl! Who’s the Boss?

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