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To NDA or not to NDA?

Growthink Blog

What is a NDA? One standard use of a NDA is protecting one company from another during discussions and negotiations. Know your audience.

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Things to Avoid When Recruiting Co-founders

Don’t Even Ask for an NDA This just makes me laugh. just need a co-founder to web enable it!" Names redacted.) P.P.S.

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How To Find A Technical Cofounder For Your Online Business Idea

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Forget your idea, it’s the team…


So often I meet entrepreneurs who won’t tell me what they’re doing unless I sign an NDA. In fact, we hated it.

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Startup Myths #1 – You Need an NDA

Startup Myths #1 – You Need an NDA. You Need an NDA. The Myth: You need an NDA to protect your intellectual property. About.

Going to Raise VC? Here’s a Primer on Process, People, Deck

Both Sides of the Table

Will a VC sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)? Whether or not they are co-founders or not – they want to know you can build a team.

San Francisco's Real Start-up Secret Sauce

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Putting a sharper point on that second one: In New York City they ask you to sign NDA''s, and in San Francisco we don''t. Everything changed.

Inside Clinkle: A Stanford Kid Got $30 Million and Then Everything Blew Up

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Duplan, a first-time founder who was barely of legal drinking age, seemed full of promise. He said he was excited to be joining Clinkle.

Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea secret

note about NDAs:  1) almost no experienced entrepreneurs/VCs will sign them (in fact, you asking them too is widely considered a sign of inexperience), 2) It’s not clear they have any real value – are you really going to spend years suing someone who signed an NDA?  I’ve personally never heard of it happening. About me.

The Ultimate Inventor’s Guide to Inventing Things

Up and Running

See Also: Got “Founder Fit”? If you need an NDA, you can pay an attorney to create one for you. The memory foam pillow on your bed.

Founder Agreements – Vesting, Vesting and more Vesting

High Contrast

Some time ago Sim Simeonov asked me to write a guest post on the subject of founder agreements.  This can be an ugly process. She meets Harry. 

First Rule of Fight Club Does NOT Apply

Our Start Up Story

After listening to Co-Founder and CEO Alex White of NBS ( Next Big Sound ) talk at an event in early November at the Techstars Bunker, he had this amazing idea about what he wanted to do but was afraid that if he shared his idea about NBS then people would take it and run with it. Running Your Business Startup Mentality

How to Find Great Freelancers on Upwork (Formerly oDesk)

Up and Running

Editor’s note: After writing this article and prior to publication, oDesk and Elance have merged and rebranded to Upwork. Don’t be.

How to Start a Startup

And since a startup thatsucceeds ordinarily makes its founders rich, that implies gettingrich is doable too. An idea for a startup, however, is only a beginning. A lot ofwould-be startup founders think the key to the whole process is theinitial idea, and from that point all you have to do is execute.Venture capitalists know better.

Presentation Hacks

Venture Hacks

Adeo Rossi recently invited me to speak at the Silicon Valley Founder Institute. Nava l: So, Rashmi mentioned the information asymmetry that exists between investors and entrepreneurs, and at this point I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with a large number of startups as a founder, advisor, and investor. Naval here.

Someone Stole My Startup Idea – Part 2: They Raised Money With My.

Steve Blank

Disbelief, Anger, Resignation and Acceptance My cofounders and I went through the stages of disbelief, anger, resignation and acceptance. We consciously didn’t ask potential customers to sign a  Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We concluded that, at least for us in this market, an NDA would be a bigger impediment than asset. Now

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5 Reasons Why I-Bankers Make Bad Tech Entrepreneurs | Vinicius Vacanti

Vinicius Vacanti

You’ll need those skills, not just an idea, to attract a technical co-founder. You have to talk to you friends about what you are working on without making them sign an NDA (sorry to the people I did this to). But, the first step is recognizing you have a problem. You have no useful start-up skills. it's not perfect?"


Crazy! 189 Answers To The Top Startup Questions On Your Mind

Whats is the best way to find a co-founder for your startup? Should I require and NDA? Call up the founder and ask for advice.

Stealth Mode Startup

If youve read my Cult of the NDA article (which, by the way, remains one of the most-read articles on this blog), then you know that I think good luck and good execution are far more important to success in a startup than a Really Big Idea. They didnt even offer to sign an NDA. "The more I find out, the less I know.". You can. Bupkis.

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Paul Kenny, no friend of Frank, on hard wiring sales into your organisation. BoS 2010 video & transcript.

Business of Software Blog

If you are a founder, can you just stand up a minute. If you are a founder of a… Wow. round of applause for the founders. Paul Kenny : If you’re not a founder, but you’re thinking you might be one day, you don’t have to stand up because your boss may see the video. You can watch it here or just read the transcript. My 

How To Bootstrap Your Startup

But when done well it can really help get a company going fast, professionally and without the founders having to give up much (if any) equity - or bankrupting themselves. The founders may believe they are onto such a good idea that they don’t want to give up any equity. What is bootstrapping? Why bootstrap? How much will this cost?

Startup Lessons for the Proto-Founder

Home About Contact Home About Contact The Metamorphosis Becoming an Entrepreneur, by Matt Mireles Startup Lessons for the Proto-Founder I started SpeakerText in October 2008 during the financial apocalypse. You need a Co-Founder, not an Engineering Bitch. Treat everyone you hire like a co-founder. No one funded us.