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October 18, CT: HBS Panel on VC in Connecticut

David Teten

I’ll be a panelist at a HBS Club of Connecticut/HBS Angels Venture Capital in Connecticut Panel Discussion and Cocktail Reception on October 18.

Where To Find The Most Angels To Fund Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Or does it? Actually numbers and locations are just the beginning. The challenge is to find the right Angel for you, and for your situation. AngelList.

Start Here if You are Looking for Angel Investors

Startup Professionals Musings

Although relatively new, they announced early last year that their community had already grown to more than 500 startups, and 2,500 investors.

4 Ways to Be a Force for Good

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Like many of you, I am still reeling from the events in Connecticut a few weeks ago. Build a community that cares. Here's how: 1. Say so.

Can’t Decide What Business to Start? No Problem, We’ll Tell You

Up and Running

If you’re concerned about demand, talk to community leaders, churches, high schools, and your local Chamber of Commerce. Cleaning services.

Turning 40

Will Price

True to form, at 14, I left London for boarding school in Connecticut. Fortunately, my wife, Caroline, helped me understand what I'd missed growing up - the power of community and consistency. Today, I am 40. I write this from a small village in Baja, where I am celebrating the milestone with my wife and best friends.

The road to healing from heartbreak

Escape From Cubicle Nation

As soon as I heard about what happened in Connecticut last Friday, I was sickened and shaking. Her son survived. Her godson did not. Fall apart.

Best 3 Gifts You Can Give

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The horrible events in the quaint and quiet community of Newton, Connecticut last week have been weighing heavy on everyone's mind.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Connecticut. Connecticut. Journal Community. Journal Community. A community of WSJ readers interested in franchising news, trends and issues. Journal Community. Answers allows you to tap the knowledge of Community members. The language you used does not comply with community standards. Twitter.

'Made in the USA' Gets a Makeover

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

American manufacturing has a new artisanal image--and a new ad agency from the creative team of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. manufacturing. The U.S.

Is This Paradise for Entrepreneurs?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For a Mediterranean island about the size of Connecticut, Cyprus certainly produces an outsize number of graduates. In terms of web development.

Meet the Start-up Sending Newtown Messages of Hope

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While we spoke--unbeknownst to the three of us on the phone--a tragedy was ravaging the quiet, middle-class town of Newtown, Connecticut.

America's Coolest College Start-ups 2012

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They hope to open new Connecticut locations this year. Tomorrow's big business may be today's dorm room invention. 1 spot on iTunes. million.

Why the New Internship Ruling is Bad For College Students

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Companies were willing to take on interns as a sort of community service as well as the ability to get some of grunt work done for free.

Hard Lessons in Modern Lending

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It baffles me," says Todd Massas, a manager at Plaza Bank, a community bank in Irvine, California. Joe Bliss thought the worst was over.

12 Questions: Meet Pamela Harvey (USA)

crowdSPRING Blog

In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. 1) Please tell us about yourself. Amazing.

Event Recap: Bricks and Mortar's Big E-Commerce Opportunity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A special shout out to Vu Telepresence for partnering with The Council to bring this event to our community of business owners Be innovative!

Serving Greens for Green: The Little Salad Shop

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The shop has focused on not only providing quick, affordable, health food, but serving the campus and community as well. when he was 12.

Can a Smartphone-Based Ultrasound Raise $4 Million?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Can Your Phone Do This? Mobisante co-founders David Zar (left) and Sailesh Chutani with their portable ultrasound device.'> link]. Ads by Pheedo

Are Obamacare's SHOP Exchanges Doomed?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Colorado and Connecticut had each enrolled about 100 small businesses. That function won''t be available until November 2014.)

Naughty Can Be Nice for These Businesses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In Connecticut there''s a burgeoning community of new and old businesses catering to the gay community. Believe it. It''s 2014.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

MediaPRO Community. Thanks for being part of the FOLIO: community. Connecticut. Connecticut. ); E-Mail Alert Sign-Up. --> Subscribe Now. --> Media Kit. --> About FOLIO. RSS Feeds. --> --> Bookmark folio. Job Board. SEARCH FOLIO: Search. Careers. Careers Home. Search Jobs. Add Your Resume. Featured Jobs.

How We Compete With AOL

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In early 2010, Jane Byrant Quinn and Carll Tucker launched a community-based news website. Today they compete with AOL. Why go local? link].

He's No Bloomberg, But New York's Next Mayor Is Your Friend

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He''s not likely to gift-wrap the city''s tax base and ship it off to Connecticut any time soon, for instance. percent from 3.9 percent.

HBS Alumni Angels NY new chairman: Jason Klein

David Teten

Competitiveness Project , which challenged the HBS alumni community to address America’s declining competitiveness. HBSAANY has evolved into an educational organization, holding investor education events in NY , Florida , New Jersey , Connecticut , and San Francisco , as well as many webinars. I’m happy to announce that Jason E.

Episode 14: Be Your Own Boss, Restaurant Owners, and Friendliest Cities for Businesses | The Bcast

Up and Running

Peter: Number three, New Haven Connecticut. Subscribe: Stitcher | TuneIn | Pocket Casts | PlayerFM | Soundcloud. About Eric . Jonathan: Good.

Professional Marketplaces - the vc in me. - Typepad

the vc in me

 They go beyond online marketing and order taking into business process outsourcing and sharing best practices among the community.  This is as much about community as it is about shopping for hard to find goods.  The community shares tips with each other on how to market themselves best online. the vc in me.

How Our Startup Got Featured on CNN | Vinicius Vacanti

Vinicius Vacanti

We reached out to him and he explained via email that he had unsubscribed because he lived in Connecticut and didn’t think he would be able to use the New York deals we were recommending. It turns out that CNN had run a two minute segment profiling Yipit. The following is how it happened. (If Were We Just Lucky? Adrian Congrads! e.p.c.

PR 2

Taxes and Whine in Silicon Valley

Mark Birch

These saved dollars are then free to be spent in other ways in the local community. The tax system is a government sponsored patronage system.

The Nation’s Top Young Entrepreneurs

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Blog

David Conway of Wilton, Connecticut : Mr. Conway is the founder of CoolCash Coins , ( a coin appraisal business.

Finding Your Co-Founders

Other cities like New York, Boston, Seattle, LA and Austin TX also have pretty strong startup communities. In my case, I grew up in Connecticut and spent a fair amount of time in New York – all the while trying to start companies, relatively unsuccessfully. The first post, From Nothing To Something. How To Get There, is here.

From Nothing To Something. How To Get There.

A good mentor is someone who has been part of the startup community themselves – someone who has a realistic understanding of some of the basic dos and don’ts of starting up. How To Get There. Tweet View Comments Guest Author Sep 20, 2009 This guest post was written by Meebo CEO Seth Sternberg. Multiple attempts followed by multiple failures.

NFIB and Visa Inc. Announce 2010 “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Winner

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Blog

Our goal is that these scholarships will help young people gain the confidence required to run their own enterprises that create jobs and give back to our communities. David Conway of Wilton, Connecticut: Mr. Conway is the founder of CoolCash Coins, ( ) a coin appraisal business. NFIB and Visa Inc. million.

Piers, Parks and Why White People Suck

This is going to be BIG.

The park as it is currently designed is serving the wider community of Brooklyn, not necessarily the people who live right next door who may have, at one time, thought of it as "theirs". If these people don''t like the park and the people that it welcomes, they''re more than welcome to move to Connecticut. There''s a saying. Politics

Designating Delaware's Court of Chancery as the Exclusive Jurisdiction for Intra-Corporate Disputes

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

Reaction of corporate governance community. 1986) (Delaware lacked jurisdiction over Virginia corporation with principal place of business in Connecticut). [15]. By Attorneys at Latham & Watkins LLP Attorneys: Derrick Farrell, Timothy FitzSimons, Michele Kyrouz, Charles Nathan, Laurie Smilan of Latham & Watkins LLP. Introduction.