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Java: Not Even Once

Code as Craft

In mid-January of this year we started an initiative to remove Java browser plugins from all employee systems at Etsy, as we feel this is a best practice to be striving towards. The first question we needed to answer before removing Java was “Who actually needs Java in their browser?” NX_LOG_LEVEL=7. ssh/nx_dsa.

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Java: Not Even Once

Code as Craft

In mid-January of this year we started an initiative to remove Java browser plugins from all employee systems at Etsy, as we feel this is a best practice to be striving towards. The first question we needed to answer before removing Java was “Who actually needs Java in their browser?” NX_LOG_LEVEL=7. ssh/nx_dsa.

Framework Benchmarks Round 11


jawn (java). mangooio (java). Round 11 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is now available! The highlights for Round 11.

Framework Benchmarks


Netty , Vert.x , and Java servlets are fast, but we were surprised how much faster they are than Ruby , Django , and friends. Java / JVM.

Frameworks Round 1


We have since posted a second round and third round that each include community-contributed updates. Java / JVM. Show me the winners!

50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online

YoungUpstarts : shares several courses and videos offering free education in programming, especially C and Java. Community.

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A Month With Scala

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

After spending a good deal of my last year entrenched in JavaScript and appreciating its functional nature, brevity and flexibility, writing Java code became a tremendous chore for me. The Good Functional Simply put, this is the main reason for my departure from Java. This way Scala never has to call Java. So Should You Use It?

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Framework Benchmarks Round 10


Round 10 of the Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Between Round 9 and Round 10, we saw an average of 7 commits per day. versus 1.05M).

Frameworks Round 3


The community''s response remains strong! In this round, we''ve tested Go and WebGo using Go 1.1 at the community''s strong recommendation.

The Cloud Computing Battle

Early Stage Adventures

Its community now numbers 1.8 Components include Database as a service (for any Oracle database or application), Weblogic Java PaaS, and IaaS.

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Choosing a Programming Language and Framework for Your Startup


For example, you may have content management and community needs that closely align with Drupal. It's way easier to get your pages setup in these languages than by choosing Java alone. Of course, I'm not sure that anyone chooses Java alone. There are some cautions around these choices, but it is often the basis of a choice.

"Prediction: instead of Oracle coming out and admitting they were morons about their idiotic suit."

Mark Birch

“Prediction: instead of Oracle coming out and admitting they were morons about their idiotic suit against Android, they’ll come out posturing and talk about how they’ll be vindicated, and pay lawyers to take it to the next level of idiocy.” - Linus Torvalds on Oracle’s Java suit against Google. patents Java Oracle Google lawsuit Android

CEO Friday: Why we don’t hire.NET programmers

But I’ve seen some recent comments that this post might have upset and offended the SMB community that we serve, and that I cannot abide.

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Open Source and Big Data: Two Things I Love About LinkedIn.

Diego Basch

It’s similar to BDB but written natively in Java. Project Voldemort : a Java implementation of the Amazon Dynamo paper.

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What Recruiters Need to Know About EdTech--and the Expanding Talent Pool

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For example, Piazza --the online community for computer engineering students and professors--launched a paid service for recruiters earlier this year.

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The Introvert's Guide to Networking

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Perhaps you thrive in your Java community of practice or your local Toastmasters'' group. Never fear, introverts. Keep your word.

How to build a multi-million dollar website without spending a cent

The Next Web

My personal favorites would be Java (Grails), Ruby (on rails) and PHP. Do you have a business idea keeping you awake at night?

Why and How You Should Write REST-Centric Applications

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

As I’ve mentioned, in the case of Java/Scala, I’ve been using Jersey and have nothing but good things to say about it. For almost all popular language there are several solutions of varying quality so talk to developers in your community to find out what works best for them (perhaps you can provide some suggestions in the comments as well).

Google Engineer: How We Interview, How I’d Beat Us for Talent, & How Non-Technical Founders Should Approach Devs

View from Seed

Editor’s Note: NextView recently kicked off a Boston-based workshop series on technical interviewing with Google. What have they accomplished?

Entrepreneurs Need to Find the Best ‘Curators’

Startup Professionals Musings

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who is now active in the venture capital community for early-stage startups. Lessons Learned , by Eric Ries.

Kopecky Family Band Named Top Live Act

The Entrepreneurial Mind

One of our recent alums, Gabe Simon, is a member of the Kopecky Family Band. It seems they are executing on their business model.

7 Great Tools to Build a Mobile App

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Whether you're comfortable with HTML5 or don't know a single line of code, there's a tool for you. Here are seven. Know of other good ones?

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What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup

You should expect February to be a very trying month for the Rails community and startups in general. Kalzumeus Software. Greatest Hits. About.

Recruiting Developers? Create An Awesome Candidate Experience


As added incentive, if you share something that the community finds particularly insightful or useful, will send you a $25 Amazon certificate.

Inside Chicago's Start-up High School

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The fact is we have an unsustainable community if one out of every two kids doesn’t finish high school. Only 150 will. ”

Conjecture: Scalable Machine Learning in Hadoop with Scalding

Code as Craft

”  It consists of three main parts: Java classes which define the machine learning models and data types. Intro. Predictive Models.

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Open Sourced Software Differentiates Vaadin from closed source dinosaurs


The Vaadin application development tools are used by tens of thousands of Java developers in more than 170 countries.

Best Of Both Worlds: Mixing HTML5 And Native Code

Android Web views have the benefit of being able to expose an entire Java class to JavaScript. Smashing Magazine. Menu Search. × Search.


How to Make an Old PC New Again

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Then update Adobe Acrobat (or Reader) and Java. Sprucing up the office computers is a lot more affordable than replacing them. It runs slower.

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The Alien Entrepreneur: The 8 things I would do as CTO of Microsoft

Alien Entrepreneur

Boomi would have been a good acquisition had it not been written in Java, but even Boomi only has it about 70% right. The Alien Entrepreneur.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons: Why You Need to Learn.

Web 2.0 Development and Business Lessons

What we have seen is a dramatic increase in the importance of JS to the web community. Web 2.0 Where we are today is very different. Web 2.0


Lessons Learned: Why PHP won

Startup Lessons Learned

The number one reason I keep coming back to PHP is that it has overwhelming community support. Ive written elsewhere that success in creating a platform is "becoming a function not of the size and resources of the company that builds it, but of the size of the community that supports it." As a language, its inelegant. Bad OOP support.

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Driving developer adoption

Hazard Lights

Leverage existing communities of interest : As an early stage company it is hard to create a movement on your own.  Tap into existing communities with momentum and where your potential customers can be found.  Your product needs to show value fast.  Get everyone in your company into your support forums providing high value assistance.

Lean Startup Israel – New Meetup Group

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz Blog Thoughts from my startup journey Lean Startup Israel – New Meetup Group Hi, In the past weeks I’ve been busy in setting up a home for the lean startup community in Israel. Many people offered to help and I believe there is a room for the lean startup community in Israel. Good luck! Guy Nirpaz Blog.

NYC Start-ups: This Man Wants to Be Your Mayor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 1995, Hidary and his brother Murray launched EarthWeb, a company that provided tutorials and resource directories to the tech community.

ArcticStartup's Guide To Lithuania: Top Startups, Events, Spaces


StartupHighway - a startup accelerator led by Rokas Tamosiunas with background in IT, startup community building and venture capital. million.

Cooking up a startup

The Startup Toolkit

It’s a java applet hosted on an embarrassing snapshot of an old university blog of mine, but such is life). When you start learning to cook, you compulsively follow the recipe. You stress over timing and ingredient ratios and whether the carrots are truly and properly chopped or just somewhat sliced. Most recipes work like that[1].

Optimizing Search Engine Rankings with Microsites

47 Hats

Over on Microsoft’s Bing, was #4 – in Microsoft’s own search engine – was #1.

Startup Resources

Ning Communities. have time to learn iOS or Java during the weekend. Aptana Cloud (svn, IDE, php, java, rails etc…). link].

Four Months of statsd-jvm-profiler: A Retrospective

Code as Craft

Most interestingly, however, there have been a few people using statsd-jvm-profiler outside of Hadoop entirely, on enterprise Java applications.