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48in48 New York City 2016 in photos

Jeff Hilimire

We pulled off 48in48 in a city outside of Atlanta. thought I’d do the same for the New York event. We did it! Enjoy! Rando

What are the best New York City events to attend to meet VC’s and Angel investors?


The New York Angels Education Meetup. Invested Interests angel investors entrepreneurs events new york city startups VCs This is a somewhat tricky question. Somewhat to my surprise, I’ve found that most VCs and angels attend few, if any, events unless they are participating as a speaker.

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. Many more world-class universities. Seasons.

The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

Up and Running

Rather than focusing on the cities that have less expensive labor and best overall business growth (as I did in my recent article on the 10 best U.S.

How the New York City innovation community can still lose (and what you can do about it)

This is going to be BIG.

remember hearing that a New York City venture fund was raising money in 2004 and almost skipping the meeting, because New York wasn’t a viable place to deploy that much capital—it was a small blip in the past. From an infrastructure perspective, we’re a lot better off than we were before.

Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities

Both Sides of the Table

We threw a Launchpad LA dinner to bring the community together as we tend to do 6-10 times a year. Brad Feld visited Los Angeles this past week.

Two Days of Entrepreneurial Community Building In Upstate New York

Feld Thoughts

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent two awesome days with my long time friend Martin Babinec (the founder of Trinet), his partner at Upstate Venture Connect – Nasir Ali – and about 1000 members of the Upstate New York entrepreneurial community. came away optimistic about the potential for the Upstate New York region.

Five common misconceptions about building a startup in New York City

This is going to be BIG.

It’s really difficult for me not to get into the thick of discussions about whether or not you can and/or should build a company in New York City.

What coworking spaces can do for you, your company, and your community

The Next Web

And you are hell bent on making your new venture a success, as you should be. Benefit your local community. Your day is finally here.

Win the Talent War - VCball


VCball. A New York based VCs quixotic search for new knowledge in early stage venture capital and entrepreneurship. Last night I attended a dinner hosted by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (aka NYCEDC) hosted by Deputy Mayor Robert Steel and Head of the Center for Economic Transformation Steven Strauss. 

New York City Accelerators, Incubators, and Coworking Spaces

Mark Birch

MAC-Kitchen at Kingsborough Community College - [link]. New York State/New York City associated: BEST - [link].

nycdigital: Tech Start-Ups Choosing New York City Over Silicon.

Mark Birch

nycdigital : Tech Start-Ups Choosing New York City Over Silicon Valley. Really excellent coverage of the NYC tech startup community.  And if you look really closely, at 46 seconds in, you can catch a glimpse of Mr. Dave Lifson in the left hand corner…. NYC tech startups General Assembly

nycedc: New York City is leading the nation in terms of.

Mark Birch

nycedc : New York City is leading the nation in terms of economic recovery. Read more on Photo credit: NYCEDC.

Innovating in New York City


Innovating in New York City Last week I wrote about speaking at the NYC Lean Startup Meetup.  Like most things, New York City is such a massive and diverse place that it's easy to "get lost in the crowd," and there's a lot going on.  So startups don't tend to get the same level of social buzz that they do in Silicon Valley. 

Why the future of work is already here

The Next Web

Sean Kim is an entrepreneur, new-born writer, and striving life-hacker. This post originally appeared on the Sketchfab blog.

This is awesome and a much needed addition to New York City in.

Mark Birch

This is awesome and a much needed addition to New York City in its continuing journey to becoming a global center of technology and science innovation.

"New York City has just recently announced the H.E.L.M (Hire Expand in Lower Manhattan) contest, its."

Mark Birch

New York City has just recently announced the H.E.L.M Sponsored by NYCEDC, LMDC and HRA, this contest is one piece of a much larger goal spearheaded by NY: to rapidly boost the city’s tech scene through public and private efforts. NYC tech Wall Street tech community workspaces startupsvia thenextweb ).

"Qwiki is a great example of the momentum in New York City’s booming tech sector. While the company."

Mark Birch

““Qwiki is a great example of the momentum in New York City’s booming tech sector. tech startups acquisition Yahoo Qwiki NYC Bloomberg

"In New York City, Redeemer Presbyterian Church has funded 20 startups over the past seven years as."

Mark Birch

“In New York City, Redeemer Presbyterian Church has funded 20 startups over the past seven years as part of its annual small business competition. Really interesting to see the rise of more faith-based technology startups and a supportive community to help them grow and succeed.

It Takes A Community (To Build Your Successful Business)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

know a group of storeowners in a cozy New York City neighborhood who get together for a weekly stroll and coffee before opening time.

The State of NYC Seed: Startup Trends & VC Data [REPORT]

View from Seed

Since joining NextView, we’ve talked often and excitedly about the New York startup ecosystem. Thanks for taking a look.

Techstars in Kansas City

Feld Thoughts

Yesterday Techstars announced the launch of Techstars Kansas City. This is a city-based horizontal accelerator similar to the ones we have in Boulder, Boston, Seattle, Austin, New York City, London and Berlin. have a long history with Kansas City. Come join us if you are in town and interested.

10 Questions for Brooklyn's Innovation Community

This is going to be BIG.

Next Wednesday night, I'm hosting a roundtable discussion between Brooklyn innovation community stakeholders on how to make this side of the river a better place to create, build businesses and grow. What community structures are needed to help improve the ecosystem? At the time, though, we didn't know what we know now.

How to Go From Hacker to Founder | Vinicius Vacanti

Vinicius Vacanti

Home About Contact Me How To Make It as a First-Time Entrepreneur Vinicius Vacanti How to Go From Hacker to Founder October 14, 2010 | View Comments Now that Yipit raised a round of funding , we have the amazing opportunity to grow our team of engineers here in New York City. We want you to experience that. How did we do it?

Your city doesn’t have a startup community? Start one!

The Next Web

You don’t have to be located in Silicon Valley to take part in a great startup community. Why worry about a startup community?

Grab that Next Product Management Opportunity with 2 Hands

The Product Guy

Thousands of employers across all areas of product, from management to design, from digital to physical, are looking to fill positions from our community. Product Designer @ Clutch Talent LLC (New York City) Keywords: Customer Service, Data Driven, Design, Product, Startup [link]. Check out this week’s newest, below….

The Guide to NYC Tech 2.0

Mark Birch

Good overview of what is going on in the NYC tech community. Definitely check it out if you are new to city looking to break into the tech scene, or an old hand looking to refresh one’s view of the community. NYC tech ecosystem startups New York City

caterpillarcowboy: I sat down with Zev and Ramon yesterday for.

Mark Birch

Postling David Lifson New York City startups tech interviewPostling CEO and Co-Founder David Lifson (by breakbumperTV ).

Introducing the NYC Tech Podcast from NextView [Ep. 1: Melting Pot Problems]

View from Seed

This show will be exclusively about, for, and even by New York City tech. We deserve more than just a few tech blogs and podcasts dedicated entirely to fostering our local community and rallying individuals around shared knowledge and connection. Where to Find the Show (And Help Us Name It!).

Have Diploma, Will Work For Recognition


Millennials graduating this month are entering a strong job market full of optimism with dreams of starting their new careers. Social sells.

Why We Chose NYC Over the Bay Area

Mark Birch

“… New York City is the best place in America right now for a tech start-up.” NYC is one of those handful of places that has the combination of talent, industry, community, diversity, and funding to support a variety of tech startups. . nycdigital : Why We Chose Silicon Alley Over the Valley.

What Airbnb’s data on New York says (and doesn’t say) about its hosts

The Next Web

The data itself provides an interesting look into how Airbnb sees itself as, generally, a paragon for the community. Entrepreneur Insider

Bringing Depression Out of The Shadows In Startups

Feld Thoughts

11 was the trigger point for this depression. I was in New York City after a red-eye from San Francisco, landing at 6 a.m. In this case, I was teaching a lot, mostly around “Startup Communities”. It was part of a more extensive series on  Depression, entrepreneurs and startups. 11 through the end of the year. 11, 2001.

Denver 111

The Product Group is Coming to London!

The Product Guy

The Product Group started in New York City in 2009. Join us @ [link]. Thursday, November 5th @ 7PM RSVP Now! See you there!

A Tale of Two Cities: Why Silicon Alley Isn't the Next Silicon Valley (Yet)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It''s a tale of two cities, for sure. Still, Canaan isn''t counting New York down for the count.

8 Challenges To Overcome In The Growth Of Hyperlocal

Startup Professionals Musings

Until a new brand has national recognition or high promotion, it won’t be found or used by local customers or out of town visitors.

Audiences, Fanbases and Communities: Why I probably wouldn't sublet a room to a fellow blog commenter

This is going to be BIG.

People use the term "communities" a lot, and in many ways, overuse it--describing groups that don't feature any of the key attributes of a real community. Various descriptions of community include: "shares some common values". It's not a community--it's an audience, and a big one.  In fact, it might even be a fanbase. 

Shapeways and 3D Printing

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Last week, in the thread on Herky Jerky Investing , the AVC community forked into an incredible discussion about 3D printing and our portfolio company Shapeways. Clearly 3D printing is something that has captured the imagination of many members of the AVC community. Shapeways Brings the Future of Stuff to New York City!

Building The Ecosystem

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

But we also want to do everything we can to grow and nurture the entrepreneurial community in New York City. Our colleagues in the startup and venture community in NYC and our colleagues around the world are actively doing things just like this. That is our main job and we need to do it very well. They just did it.

Study: Men with Families Make More Money

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Research from City University of New York found that men who have children earn more money than both mothers and non-parents.