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Improve Customer Retention With 5 Useful Tips

YFS Magazine

Here's an inside look at sound
 strategies every small business can use to retain more customers.

Retention Optimization: How to Increase the Value of a Conversion


Are you familiar with the expression, “The most valuable customer is the one you never lose”? Why Is Retention Important? Tweet It!].

After the Purchase: Optimizing Customer Retention Through Gamification


But how can we use it to retain more customers? Why Gamify Customer Retention? Acquiring new customers is expensive.

8 Social Media Hacks to Increase Customer Retention

Duct Tape Marketing

8 Social Media Hacks to Increase Customer Retention written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Be Easy To Find.

Creating customers for life: 50 resources on loyalty, churn and customer retention

The Next Web

Earning customer loyalty is an uphill battle, but it is always worth the effort. Gregory Ciotti is the marketing director at Help Scout. This

Manage Customer Success to Reduce Churn

For Entrepreneurs

The health of a SaaS business is directly tied to its ability to retain its customers and prevent churn. To do this, they have to ensure that their customers are happy. This blog post discusses how to measure customer happiness, and […]. That means making sure they get the promised business benefits they signed up for.

Don’t get screwed: Focus on customer retention over acquisition

The Next Web

Should marketers go out looking for new leads and improve sales prospects or develop a loyal and valuable customer?

The 4 Phases For Developing A Customer Retention Strategy


Has your company’s customer retention rate increased, decreased or remained status quo over the past five years? image source. cents.

5 Unconventional Customer Service Practices That Get Results

YFS Magazine

Service reps need to have a wide variety of skills to be able to satisfy today's customer.

5 Strategies Guaranteed to Improve Client Retention

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Identifying how to retain customers is one of the most important tasks a business faces. Companies tend to focus more on acquiring customers even though it can cost 7x more. Below are 5 strategies to keep your customers loyal to your brand

Are Your Customers Hooked And Happy? Here’s How To Know For Sure

YFS Magazine

Customer Service Grow customer experience customer feedback customer retention customer satisfaciton customer surveysHere are some actionable strategies to help you gather feedback that's meaningful to your business.

How Cultivating a Culture of Gratitude Will Boost Your Customer Retention

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how to take a relationship from transactional to meaningful in a few simple steps

The 4 Phases For Developing A Customer Retention Strategy


Has your company’s customer retention rate increased, decreased or remained status quo over the past five years? image source. cents.

Best Way to Track Customer Retention

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Dear Jeff, I own a fitness facility and obviously member retention is a major factor. You lose 20 customers, but you gain 40 customers.

Reflection, Retention, and Juxtapositions of July!

The Product Guy

Customer Retention from subscription models to communication strategies. Filed under: events Tagged: balsamiq , event , jobs , matthew smith , meetup , mentor , mtvn , product management , product strategy , retention , ryma , sunshine suites , The Product Group , TPGroup , viacom. runner-up to The Best Product Person. Enjoy!

Can Retailers Win Their Customers Back From Amazon?

YFS Magazine

Grow customer loyalty customer retention customer servicer marketing sales

3 Simple Steps to Increase Customer Retention

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

It takes effort and money to bring customers to your website. When a customer visits your site and they leave it’s a major bummer! The best customers are the ones that already use your product. Here are some simple things you can do to keep the customers you already have and make them super users.

7 Tools to Fix Your App's Deadly Retention Problem

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your customers are leaving, and you won't get them back unless you use these 7 tools

How to Project Customer Retention for a Subscription Business

Lightspeed Venture Partners

The authors show that exponential form fitting is too conservative and underestimates actual retention rates. Probability varies by customer, but each customer’s rate remains constant over time. 2012 ltv models subscription LTV model retentionThis is one of the most important factors in understanding unit economics.

At it’s core, is customer success about customer-value or customer-love?

Guy Nirpaz

I’ve spent some time yesterday at a customer success bootcamp with one of my favorite customers.

Are You Empowering Customers To Become Brand Advocates?

YFS Magazine

Your customers are worth a lot more than their first purchase.

4 New Customer Loyalty Rules Drive Business Success

Startup Professionals Musings

They are all about how customers broadcast their pleasure or unhappiness to others. Customer upsell: Sell more to existing customers.

SaaS Math: Activation, Retention and Churn


This week we’re talking about activation, retention and its polar opposite – churn. You see similar patterns with paying customers.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Building these steps into your operations will help you to significantly improve customer retention and create significant value for your business. We hate to sound like a broken record, but we can't say it enough—developing loyal customers is the most important thing you can do for your business.

The Remarkable Cost Of Poor Customer Support On Your Bottom Line


Very many new and established businesses set up marketing, but rarely pay attention to customer support- in the way that it deserves.

Five Tips For Startups To Reduce Customer Churn


Finding new customers costs time and money. But as the company grows, it’s important to make the transition from acquisition to retention.

Customer Retention Strategy


As a start-up CEO, it is important that you build this strategy right at the outset, because this is a smart way of growing your business instead of just adding new customers. Ofcourse, getting new customers is critical to your business growth because it ensures a bigger market share and more endorsements for your product.

8 Incredible Online Tools For Retaining Customers

YFS Magazine

While growing your customer base is most certainly important, so too is retaining the customers you already have.

The most important metric for Customer Success

Guy Nirpaz

Daily Active Users – DAU is the most important metric for Customer Success and user engagement. source –  [link].

How To Create Customer Personas With Actual, Real Life Data


When was the last time you took a long hard look at what makes your customer base tick? What Customer Personas Are … Really. consumers.

Five Mistakes Organizations (Unknowingly) Make That Drive Customers Away


Image credit: Customer satisfaction from Shutterstock. Loyal customers are hard to come by these days. We all know this. Joseph A.

10 Tips To Keep Customers Coming Back Through The Doors


Today, you need ways to keep customers coming in the door. It’s the ability to “stalk” your potential customers all over the web. Really.

Customer Experience Controls Business Growth Today

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s more about which customers broadcast their pleasure or unhappiness to others. Customer upsell, selling more to existing customers.

How To Calculate & Increase Customer Lifetime Value


That it costs 5-7x more to acquire a customer than it does to retain one isn’t entirely true. Determining Your Customer Acquisition Costs.

10 Ideas for Winning Back Unhappy Customers

Up and Running

What do you do when a customer threatens to leave your product or service? Create a Written Response Plan. Honestly Admit Mistakes.

SaaS Metrics 2.0 – A Guide to Measuring and Improving what Matters

For Entrepreneurs

Building for Success SaaS Startup Help customer engagement customer retention SaaS business SaaS churn saas marketing SaaS metrics“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – Lord Kelvin This article is a comprehensive and detailed look at the key metrics that are needed to understand and optimize a SaaS business.

4 Solid Tips on Increasing Your Customer Retention and Renewal Rates

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This COO says a handful of strategic tweaks resulted in her company having the highest numbers in its industry

Customer success is important, but sometimes it’s just too late

Version One Ventures

In recent years we have seen a big focus on establishing customer success teams across the SaaS B2B industry. The goal is about both (initial) conversion and (subsequent) retention. The big question for you is how can you hook a customer in the first 10 minutes? That’s because these users never get far enough into the product.

5 Must Have-Tools for Increasing Customer Loyalty

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why Great Customer Service Starts With Empowered Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Michael Alter, CEO of The Tie Bar, explains how his business maintains great customer service with a high employee retention rate