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Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

A few tips for startups doing deals: 1. Introduce competition into every deal. Be operationally ready to do a deal. Get creative.

Startup Blog: Take a Stand!

Taffy Williams

It may be around deal structure, testing or design of product, new hires, downsizing or firing, how much to spend on a program or some other issue.

Who You Gonna Call? Partnering with Goliath: A Tale of Two Announcements

John O'Farrell

In practice, however, most “David-Goliath” distribution deals turn out like our 2003 HP deal: great PR, but not much else. June 2, 2003.

Agile success generates great feelings

Taffy Williams

The process can be arduous and create lots of stress, but it is an essential part of developing a business. Yes, it is a bit like THIS!

Agile 51

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

Both Sides of the Table

In Kara’s case I got to see her work on deal structuring first hand having worked closely with her on her board at P.S. XO.

Bring something to the party when working with others

Taffy Williams

You want to develop a business relationship with a potential partner, investor, or strategic interest. Let me digress for a minute.

Entrepreneurs experience piling on

Taffy Williams

Developing great business deals when multiple companies want to partner allows for optimization of the deal structure to provide the maximum return.

Notes on the acquisition process

Chris Dixon

Develop relationships with key people – corp dev, management, product and business unit leads. Moreover, some public companies insist that you don’t talk to employees until the deal is closed or almost closed. Certain terms beyond price can be deal killers. There is an old saying that startups are bought not sold.

Who Invests In Investors: Homebrew LP Shares VC Performance Goals, Importance of Diversity & What They Look For In New Funds

Hunter Walker

If you are early in your career, an angel track record will help to quantify your talent and develop portfolio management skills. AD: Yes.

LP 37

The 10 Best Real Estate Schools Compared: Meet the Winner!

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

It will also detail the essential real estate courses necessary to help students develop the necessary aptitudes for a career in real estate.

Finding Investors is highly dependent on your ability to network

Taffy Williams

The inexperienced need to develop a network but can make use of their limited contacts to help. Grow your network far and wide.

Do You Deserve Investment Capital?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

” I heard this in every department, from software development to customer support to sales. But not many deserve it. Do you?

10 things I wish I knew when I sold my businesses

Jeff Hilimire

When selling my first company, we worked so hard on the process of the sale that we inadvertently slacked off on business development (i.e. It’s easy to get caught up in the dollar signs and deal structure and overlook this important step in the process. Selling a business is an interesting ride. getting new clients).

Dialing for Dollars

Taffy Williams

One greatway to get non-dilutive financing is by partnering a product you may not wishto develop or sell yourself. Having a business advisorand a great corporate counsel is important to the final deals structure. One local VC indicated they review more than 600 deals per year andinvest in around 6.


Launching Tech Ventures

Nymi - Ecosystem Mapping & Business Development Okalo Ikhena Himani Jain What Is Nymi? Develop potential business models (B2B vs B2C vs B2B2C). Propose potential partnerships and deal structures. It’s an independent, parallel track from the product development itself, but a critical one. LTV2014

Why Selling Your Company is Like Dancing With the Stars

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While it may look simple, one misstep could easily cost a business owner millions of dollars or scuttle the deal altogether. Really.

Piercing the Corporate Veil of Sweat Equity

Three Card Monty Corporate Structures. If you’re in a complex structure with several multinational entities, that risk is compounded.

Groupon Tries to Broaden Its Appeal With Self-Serve Deal Tool

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In a move designed to grow the business, Groupon is giving some merchants the power to create their own daily deals.

Knowing When It’s Time To Sell Your Startup


Not surprisingly, they developed a loyal following and grew rapidly. The deal closed only four months later in August of 2012. Zappos.

A Summary of Current Trends in Canadian Mergers and Acquisitions - 2011

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

With keen international interest in Canada's resource sector, the return of financial buyers, strategic investors looking to pursue acquisitions as a means of increasing earnings, and the recent uptick in Canadian "mega-deal" activity, there is no better time to discuss the M&A trends unfolding in 2011. HOSTILE DEALS. targets. Awards.

Deal Certainty ?The Fallacy of a New Market

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

In the aftermath of the economic crisis that began in mid-2007, much ink has been spilled on the lessons learned by buyers and sellers regarding the pitfalls of deal certainty and the development of new paradigms for both financial and strategic buyers. Sound off on this week's buzz in the Comments Section

Why Leave A Six Figure Corporate Job For Internet Entrepreneurship? by Yaro Starak

I travelled all over the world wherever business deals were happening, gained tremendous experience and exposure to the Corporate landscape, and learned invaluable life lessons in my career. I worked out a similar deal the next go around, and the snowball started rolling from there. It turns out Sunil has done a few things. Nowhere.

in search of.the ideal term sheet

Seed Stage Capital

For any large deal, they will convert and be treated like the founders and employees. You can download it on docstoc here. Please share it!

Startup Blog: 7 Questions You May Get from Potential Investors

Taffy Williams

A second point I wish to make is that you consider developing your personal exit strategy. Basics are provided to help entrepreneurs. Now what?

Include Deal Terms or Not?

Mark Birch

I had a discussion the other night with an entrepreneur about whether to include specific deal terms in the pitch deck or investor meetings.

Angel Investing is Where VC was 25 Years Ago

Angel Blog

The angel investment ‘industry’ today is at about the same stage of development as the venture capital industry was in the mid 1980’s. Back then I was listening to parallel conversations about the development of best practices - but then it was in the venture capital industry. The ratio seems to be similar worldwide.

Build Your Startup on a Vacant Domain Name

David Teten

That’s why our portfolio company decided to structure a lease option – they offered the prior owner a small monthly lease fee for 1 year, with an option to buy at the end of the year. Until domain names are developed, domain owners monetize their domains through platforms (e.g., us,nz etc. credit: Wikipedia)).

Build Your Startup on a Vacant Domain Name

David Teten

That’s why our portfolio company decided to structure a lease option – they offered the prior owner a small monthly lease fee for 1 year, with an option to buy at the end of the year. Until domain names are developed, domain owners monetize their domains through platforms (e.g., us,nz etc. credit: Wikipedia)).

Cracking The Code: The Bessemer 10 laws of SaaS - Fall 2008.

Cracking the Code

A simple example would be if Customer A signs a one-year deal at $10,000 per month, and Customer B signs a three-year deal at $5,000 per month.