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3 Simple Steps to Avoiding IP Disputes

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

cease and desist letter arrives in the mailbox, demanding they stop what they''re doing. It happens all the time. What can they do?

Special: The 56 Israeli Companies Exhibiting in Mobile World Congress 2011

VC Cafe

The system is built to address the ever growing demand for Internet content and services. Aerotel Medical Systems. Allot Communications. Asocs.

American Censorship Day Is Tomorrow (11/16/11)

Feld Thoughts

These bills are coated in rhetoric that I find disgusting since at their core they are online censorship bills.

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3 Ways Structure Can Take Your Tech Startup To New Heights


Look no further than  Google and Oracle , and you’ll see that no company is immune from IP impasses. Jenga tower is a precariously built one.

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Corporate Bad Activity Against Innovators

Feld Thoughts

Virtual Legality: Legal Letters Claim Oculus VR Made The Oculus Rift Using ZeniMax IP. That’s how they create the fast lane and the slow lane.

Social Change Through Social Media: Kip Solutions

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

’” says Ip. Kip Solution has grown from a three to 10 person team to handle the growing demand for their services. ”

7 Lessons They Don’t Teach You In Crowdfunding School

Startup Professionals Musings

With a large number of unknown investors demanding details, you are highly exposed to potential competitors. How can you go wrong?

How to Avoid Innovation Theater: The Six Decisions To Make Before Establishing an Innovation Outpost

Steve Blank

Startups are developing IP relevant to the disruption. —– Corporate Leadership’s Innovation Outpost Decision Process. Sold? 6. 

How to Successfully Scale Your Business

Duct Tape Marketing

To me, the big distinction lies in your ability to successfully scale and get free from the daily demands of the business.

There’s an Internet Showdown Brewing

Andrew Payne

Recently, streaming video demand has been forcing this issue. In the past, this model has worked well: legacy telephone and cable networks have relatively stable demand patterns. Worse, ISPs have been famously unimaginative about future applications and bandwidth demand (e.g. down 14% for Verizon in one month). Policy Rambling

Notes on the acquisition process

Chris Dixon

Clearly it is better to be in high demand and have inbound interest. The most prominent one lately is “IP indemnification.” ” This is a complicated issue, but in short, as a response to patent trolls going after IP escrows, acquirers have been trying to get clawbacks from investors in case of IP claims.

The one barrier to entry startups should focus on

Version One Ventures

In today’s B2B and B2C web markets, barrier to entry boils down to one thing: demand-side benefits of scale. Barriers to entry! Here’s why.

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Legal Issues Behind Running A Small Business


Usually, business owners send demand letters or discuss with the client and ask what’s causing the delay. by Melissa Page. Debt collection.

Who should learn to program?

Chris Dixon

Meanwhile about 40,000 people got law degrees  even though demand for lawyers has been shrinking. There has recently been a lot of talk in the tech world and beyond about getting more people to learn computer programming. think this is a worthy goal*, but the question should be considered from various angles. 1. Jobs & the economy.

What Should You Do with Your Crappy Little Services Business?

Both Sides of the Table

You own the IP you create. You end up needing to add staff and take on more risk without knowing what your future demand will be. Period.

Business Owners Need To Understand Intellectual Property Law


Patent applications represent the hope for defensible protection, as the most a company can truthfully tell investors is that the company owns its IP.

8 Applications You Should Hunt Down On Your Network


By Leon Adato, Head Geek,  SolarWinds. The findings point to workers become increasingly reliant on applications to perform their job. Online Storage.

How to Manage a Crisis Before It Destroys Your Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This included hard assets, as well as the IP that we both created. You lose your biggest customer; a storm wipes out your data center.

Big Data: Overhyped And Overpaid?

Sections. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. About. Contact. Advertise. Privacy. Search. Follow us. Share. Share… on Facebook. Cloud.

Zayo Group – One of Boulder’s Amazing Startup Stories

Feld Thoughts

The balance between supply and demand of bandwidth was rapidly improving. Instead, we sought to provide raw fiber, wavelengths, ethernet, IP, and technical space to those entities that needed a whole lot of bandwidth. Dan Caruso, the co-founder/CEO of Zayo Group , is one of them. It’s great – and follows. didn’t.

Focus Bonus Exercise


As my life has gotten busier I have been asked how I am able to continue to keep up with the demands on me and create success. by Michael S.

Great Start-ups Succeed on Products, not Patents

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's why protecting your IP should stay off your to-do list. Protecting IP can wait Patents can offer value to companies. John D.

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Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not?

Both Sides of the Table

If you spent the 3 years perfecting some hugely differentiated technology IP that may also be different. One of them is profitability. Profit.

20 Ideas to Spur U.S. Manufacturing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Increase national awareness that IP is the fuel of our innovation and our competitive advantage. Why manufacturing? Hire more patent examiners.

Startup Valuation: How Much Is Your Company Worth?

Seed Stage Capital

After all, it’s not like we’re demanding a certain valuation and trying to justify it. They dazzle. It is analogous to a make-vs.-buy

Investment Thesis @USV

Venture firms operate a bunch of different ways. Some have a geographical focus, others have a sector focus, still others have a stage focus.

Success and Failure — San Diego Startup Community

Market by Numbers

Some have been meeting for years others are brand new, which demonstrates a healthy demand. Feld, Brad (2012-09-06). John Wiley and Sons.).

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

Both Sides of the Table

Most won’t be of the quality that you want but you now have tons of material and inspiration for your show and you own all of the submitted IP.

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What a 'Big Bang' Disruptor Could Do to You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Do we need to think differently about IP? Of course, the value of IP can also rapidly deflate once big-bang disruption is underway.

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Special: 72 Israeli Companies Exhibit at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

VC Cafe

IP-based services, reduce service delivery costs and introduce new services and Internet business models to grow revenues and IP service profitability.

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Luxury Outhouse for Dogs: PetLawn

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

” Numerous stores expressed interest in selling IPS products, and the growth since then has been explosive. We knew we could deal with it.”

VoIP – Why Is It So Lucrative For Small And Medium Businesses?


Most of the small businesses preferred web-based or hosted solutions, denying IP-PBX. Most Demanded Features. Summary.

Startup Resources

IP Location Tools. on demand billing and fraud management. Lodestone Innovation Partners (IP) Ltd are spin-out specialists. link].

Eight Silly Data Things Marketing People Believe That Get Them Fired.

Occam's Razor

Much money is spent on all kinds of demands to SEOs, big or small, which results in all kinds of shenanigans to try and get to #1. Big data.

When Security Can Become Your Business Differentiator, Everybody Wins


by Mark Seward, VP of security solutions at Anomali. Many of the most innovative companies are small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). million.”

Christine: Whats Really Happening Around IPTV

The idea was to discuss whats real about video over IP, and what well continue to wait for. Christine (.net) Quick Followup: VCTips at Web 2.0

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The Legal Side of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs need to hit a happy medium with backers, not giving away too much but not making overly aggressive demands. Financing.

7Signal Raises $4.1 Million To Make Wi-Fi Work


Some hospitals have emergency buttons operating through Wi-Fi and in others nurses have voice-over-ip devices connected to it. ??So

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Alexis Ohanian's Low-Tech Idea for Thwarting the FCC's Anti-Net Neutrality Plans

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Reddit co-founder Alexis Hosanian is launching a campaign to make sure Net Neutrality survives. How to get attention in a technology debate?

Meet the 18 startups rocking Seedcamp Week

The Next Web

Home on Demand ( ). In alphabetical order, the 18 startups presenting at Seedcamp today are: 24symbols ( ).