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India for a Second Time

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

On this trip, I spent only a couple days on tourism activity (so I had more energy) and was steeled to the India realities. wanted more depth.

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Combining entrepreneurship and leadership: Vision India 2020, by Sramana Mitra

Grade A Entrepreneurs

Vision India 2020 by Sramana Mitra describes where India could be – or should be 10 years down the road. Yes, if nothing is done.

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How A 17-Year-Old In India Bootstrapped To $7M In Revenue


And more so, when you are sitting in India trying to sell to Fortune 500 companies around the world. But that's not the interesting part.

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India's Mobile Apps & Services Industry is in a Slump. - NextWala


New Delhi, India. Anu Anand on Indias Mobile Apps & Services Industry is in a Slump. FYI - Your Guide to Indias Acronym Blizzard.

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India: The Next Big Startup Nation?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

India has been synonymous with IT services for a while. India''s status as a global IT services hub is well-known. Less so.

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Did India get too arrogant about growth?


We seem to have developed an arrogance about our growth rate. Policy seems to have adopted the belief that growth is a given; that India is so attractive for capital that no matter what the policymakers do, capital will continue to flood the country. India still has to deliver 30 years of super normal growth for the aam aadmi to win.

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K.S. Krishnan, scientist and citizen, a Renaissance man in 20th century India

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Mallik and Sabyasachi Chatterjee, both physicists, is a fantastic and thorough tribute to one of the fathers of modern India (and whose grandson, T.M.

How Digital Startups Will Develop the World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In India, online ticket-sales sites such as Virtuous Cycles In most developed countries, the Internet has achieved a virtuous cycle.

How Young Entrepreneurs Bring Hope and Enterprise to India

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

” Our young Yatris (travelers) are screened from 17,000 applicants to see if they have what it takes to propel India forward.

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Poor Software Developers - Pull the Plug Early


There's an old adage in software development that I refer to all the time: The first 90% of development takes 90% of the time. And I use it all the time now when I get the kind of message that I received: I'm looking for a web developer to continue work on my website. The funds have been used up on the existing development.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Microsoft's $100K India Startup Challenge Grant


will be traveling in India in April, and doing live roundtables in three cities: Chennai (April 9) , Mumbai (April 16) , and Pune (April 17).

The Learning Curve: Your Company’s Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage And How To Develop It


million Indian farmers now use the successful program these innovators developed. 2. by Edward D. But today? The result: 1.6 Deci and Richard M.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On India


Fortunately, there are numerous such companies in India. Sponsor. It would be much cheaper to acquire customers this way. Globify. Discuss.

When Third is First


Resource scarcity leads to innovation — as those of us who have lived and worked in the developing world are acutely aware.

How I hired a great web developer on oDesk for $12/hr

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

Many people resist the idea of outsourcing so I thought I would show how I went through the process myself and found a great web developer. 1.

Is the Next Steve Jobs on a Plane Back to India?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As entrepreneur and academic Vivek Wadha explains in this radio show interview his research shows that returnees to China and Africa are driving high-level research-and-development work in those countries. The United States has again reached its cap of H-1B visas for highly skilled immigrants. Here's why you should care.

Democratizing entrepreneurship education: Sramana Mitra’s 1M by 1M program

Grade A Entrepreneurs

What is still relatively new, though, are the initiatives focusing on delivering scalable and accessible economic development tools.

Recognizing Great Ideas From the Developing World

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two authors envision the developing world as a fertile research-and-development lab for companies in any market. They cost $10,000.

A Report : Electronic Payments in India - Looking Back & Surging Forward


There have been significant advances witnessed in the Electronic Payments space in India over the last three years. These and several other macro factors are catalyzing possibly the creation of a unique payments framework in India, stimulating the growth of both card based and non card based payment systems!

Estonian Development Fund Keen At Exploring Business Opportunities In India


India, for example has become one of the fastest growing economies and in my opinion a hub to be of all innovation.

10+ Trends: Recap of 2011 and What’s Next…


Mobile minutes are the new currency in regions often plagued by high inflation: they are offered as rewards for filling out surveys or for using public toilets (in India, where cell phones exceed the number of toilets). Rickshaw drivers in India have cell phones as do camel drivers in the remote Rajasthan desert. What We Saw in 2011….

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Steve Blank

China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia all meet those criteria. Filed under: Business Model versus Business Plan , Customer Development.

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What in the World ?!?


This is also the first year that smartphone sales overtook feature phone sales globally – driven by sales in India. Why now?

Social Trends Podcast: We Are Storytellers Weaving Stories With Customers


Show Guest : Shikha Pahwa  is the Founder & CEO of House This India , a home decor company based in New Delhi, India. Now this is a home decor company based out of Delhi in India. The market was developing based upon the lowest common denominator, it was selling to the masses, and numbers meant everything.

PATANG (The Kite) – An Award Winning Film by Prashant Bhargava – Comes to Boulder

Feld Thoughts

In India kite flying transcends boundaries. In 2005, I visited Ahmedabad to experience their annual kite festival, the largest in India.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight On IIT Kharagpur, India


For the uninitiated, IIT KGP is considered one of the top technology schools in India, and it is located in the Eastern part of the country, not far from the city of Kolkata. NEN is part of the Wadhwani Foundation's efforts at entrepreneurship development, and it is great to see how pervasive their success has been. Sponsor. mobHUB.

Great Mobile User Experiences, Made in India


The approach to mobile design and information architecture here in India has been haphazard at best and atrocious at worst. Zomato.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 29: Ajay Kshatriya and Steven Cohn

Steve Blank

Then if I go hang out with all my dad’s friends who grew up in India, how do I connect and relate to them? Ajay Kshatriya. Steven Cohn.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 29: Ajay Kshatriya and Steven Cohn

Steve Blank

Then if I go hang out with all my dad’s friends who grew up in India, how do I connect and relate to them? Ajay Kshatriya. Steven Cohn.

Navigating the Developing-Nation Solar Boom

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Simpa Networks, the latest company by former Microsoft employee Paul Needham, is introducing pay-as-you-go solar power to rural India. With 1.5

Creating Culture, One Step at a Time

Entrepreneur Success Blog

To develop a web-based software that companies can use to grow their business. 2. mobileStorm’s Core Team. wanted freedom of choice.

[India] [Event] Click Asia Summit 2012


Events & Happenings Click Asia Summit digital marketing event India marketing mobile marketing Online marketing

Binpress – A Marketplace to Find Affordable and Trustworthy Code for Web Development

VC Cafe

Their homepage features a dynamic list of components based on how many development hours were saved.

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Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

Steve Blank

Filed under: China , Customer Development , Technology , Venture Capital. China Customer Development Technology Venture Capital billion.

6 Effective Website Design Strategies That Directly Impacts Your Business


Professionalisms web design web development by Deepak Chauhan, CEO and founder of  VOCSO Web Studio. Create gorgeous visual presentation.

Mobile Community mig33 Announces Developer Program And Partnerships


Mobile development companies have been quick to see the upside of the reach and scale offered by the opening of its platform.

The Minnesota Company Solving India's Energy Shortage

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How a 55-person business in Minnetonka developed the software solution India needed to tackle its energy problems. company. ”

Building a Lean Startup in a Developing Country

Launching Tech Ventures

Unfortunately, this is more difficult to do in developing markets mobile phone industry for a couple of reasons. ).

[Review] Startup Asia


The second part covers the various sectors that have seen the biggest growth in Asia. The only problem?

Where is the best place to find a rockstar developer to bring it to life?

" Web Development Startups Solo Founders I am a creative guy with a startup idea. Developer, engineer, CTO, or technical co-founder?