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The Industrialization of Mobile

Feld Thoughts

I am on the board of Sitrion , who just released their latest version of Sitrion ONE , which allows enterprises to deliver mobile solutions in one single day. little over a decade later, mobile is dominating much of the growth of the web. Every company we are involved in is working on a mobile app. What do you think?

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Hire A Mobile App Developer That Is Both Crazy And Qualified

YFS Magazine

While most entrepreneurs think their mobile app idea is game-changing, a successful app takes collaboration.

Should Your Company Develop a Mobile App?

crowdSPRING Blog

It’s no secret that mobile web use has skyrocketed over the past several years, with smartphone ownership in the U.S. apps per month, spending 90% of their time on their phone in apps versus in mobile browsing windows. The question is:  should YOUR company create its own mobile app? Image Source:

Can You Launch A Quality Mobile App On A Tight Budget?

YFS Magazine

If you are looking for namely cheap mobile app development, be prepared to face some hidden pitfalls.

$25 Billion Market And Rising, How To Develop Killer Mobile Apps

YFS Magazine

The mobile apps market keeps growing infinitely like a hydra on steroids. The use of mobile devices is limitless.

Realistic Strategies For Funding Product Development

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet I still get too many business plans that clearly are looking for money to do research and development (R&D) on a new and unproven technology.

Rapid Iteration for Mobile App Development

Startup Lessons Learned

She’s the founder and Creative Director at Xanadu, a mobile strategy and design consultancy helping to guide app developers to success in a rapidly-changing, often chaotic mobile ecosystem. This is a great distinction; so how can a mobile app developer know which of these is their particular problem?

10 Awesome DIY Tools To Create Your Own Mobile App


In this era, mobile applications have almost replaced the use of desktop versions. and 1.5 million respectively. TheAppBuilder. Appery. AppMakr.

Google Buys Fabric Developer Platform From Twitter

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Google scoops up Twitter's mobile app developer platform for an undisclosed amount

How To Develop A Mobile App For Your Marketing Strategy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

People prefer mobile apps to mobile web sites now. That means you probably need an app for your own business

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Developments in discovery on mobile

The Equity Kicker

In August I wrote posts about the gap between browsing and purchasing on mobile  and solutions for closing the gap.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web: Do You Have To Choose?


There have been countless debates about the demise of the mobile Web at the hands of mobile apps. Who’s winning? No one can agree.

Best Practices For Developing A Mobile App For Your Startup


It’s time for you to consider taking a leap in your industry by creating a mobile app for your startup. What is your app development strategy?

Web Second, Mobile First

Both Sides of the Table

The titles were: Mobile First, Web Second. Mobile First, Web Second (continued). then mobile is awesome. Web Second, Mobile First.

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How To Choose Your Mobile Development Strategy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There are really only three choices for optimizing your mobile development. And unlike mobile sites, apps may come with a price tag.

Mobile Development Competitor Analysis -

Launching Tech Ventures

By John Snyder and Vidushi Tekriwal Mobile is all the rage these days, and for good reason. But what does embracing mobile actually entail?

Two New Techstars Programs – Mobility/Detroit and Techstars++/Mayo Clinic

Feld Thoughts

Last week Techstars announced the new Techstars Mobility program, Driven by Detroit. Techstars Mobility, driven by Detroit will run for three years with a new class of 10 startups each year. think Ted is awesome and it’s super exciting to have him join Techstars as the Managing Director of Techstars Mobility. Status quo?

Overcoming The Struggles Of Enterprise Mobility


It’s not easy being a developer. The first stage, Denial, is exemplified by a refusal to recognise the need for a robust mobile app strategy.

‘Will it go viral?’: The one user test mobile app developers should run

The Next Web

’: The one user test mobile app developers should run appeared first on The Next Web. Is your app good enough to go viral?

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Biovideo and 9W Search Selected as Finalists in IBM’s Watson Mobile Developer Challenge


To do that, IBM issued a challenge back in February to app developers worldwide encouraging them to submit apps for its IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. The apps […] The post Biovideo and 9W Search Selected as Finalists in IBM’s Watson Mobile Developer Challenge appeared first on SiliconHills.

Document Your MVP for a Developer


He wanted to get input from me on what he's doing, and he wants to begin to ask developers what it would take to build his product.

Launching A Mobile App Startup? Learn Why So Many Apps Go Bust

YFS Magazine

Mobile app success starts with analyzing why apps fail, not why a single app (out of thousands) succeeds.

Why A High Quality Mobile App Design Is Essential


Not all mobile app designers are created equal. These are the main reasons why proper mobile app design is so important: User Acceptance.

The Perfect Strategy For Designing Mobile User Experience

YFS Magazine

Your mobile app strategy ensures that you’re solving a problem that needs solving while doing it the right way.

The 3 Habits of Record-Setting Mobile App Developers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you want to be the next Prisma, Snapchat or Instagram, don't be afraid to take a page from their playbook to make yourself the next app store hit

Misconceptions About Mobile Websites


This is due to the fact that many site owners do not have much knowledge about webs development. Mobile Websites Are Really Expensive.

The Beginner’s Guide to Mobile App Analytics


If you’re launching a mobile app, you’ve likely considered the differences between optimizing a simple site and a mobile app or game.

The Future of Business Is Mobile—Your Small Business Needs to Adapt or Fall Behind

Up and Running

percent of all web browsing is done solely on a mobile device. Mobile has its own special needs. Shopping is increasingly mobile.

Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App


Fortunately, a mobile app is the perfect tool for giving customers information that reminds them why your business stands out.

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World

For a large variety of applications and services, users favor mobile applications over browser based applications. ”  — Freewill, Rush.

The decline of the mobile web

Chris Dixon

People are spending more time on mobile vs desktop: And more of their mobile time using apps, not the web: This is a worrisome trend for the web.

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5 Ways To Get Customers Hooked On Your Mobile App

YFS Magazine

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a part of our lives. According to mobile analytics firm Flurry mobile
 use grew 58% in 2015.

Magnificent Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to!

Occam's Razor

Nothing I can tell you about the importance of having an incredible mobile strategy will surprise you. Our mobile websites. Many reasons.

Some thoughts on mobile

Chris Dixon

- People tend to lump smartphones and tablets together as “mobile”. Most of the companies that have succeeded (= generate real revenues/profits) on mobile were either desktop incumbents (e.g. Fans of Apple and Google have been arguing lately about which company is winning mobile. Mobile has had a big effect on b2b software.

Technical Advisors: Every Web/Mobile Startup Must Have One


I did a presentation recently for a graduate class from The Founder Institute around getting online/mobile products out the door. Compensation.

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9 common mistakes developers make

The Next Web

Understanding how the product aids a company’s overall objectives, strategy and customers is key to successful product development and deployment.

The Future Of Mobile Phones Is NFC


The first computer was the size of a room, now the latest mobile phones are in essence super computers the size of our palms. Big Data.

The Growing Importance Of Mobile Advertising


According to a recent study published by Nielsen, smartphones now represent 70 percent of all mobile phones in America. billion to $19.3

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

He knows the history of all of the payment gateways, mobile payment platforms, credit offerings, remittance companies, etc. Executive Summary.

GigaOM Mobilize: Zillow Tackling Mobile

Sophia Perl of Wisdom

This is another posting about GigaOM Mobilize conference in San Francisco.  If you missed the one on Mobilizing the Enterprise.