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How to Find a Business Partner

Up and Running

You don’t have to do everything yourself—a partner can be an asset to your business. How do you know if your partner is “the one”?

Realistic Strategies For Funding Product Development

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet I still get too many business plans that clearly are looking for money to do research and development (R&D) on a new and unproven technology.

Great Entrepreneurs Move From Developers To Leaders

Startup Professionals Musings

Almost every entrepreneur starts their journey by developing a solution, based on their knowledge of a new technology or required service.

10 Key Traits Of An Ideal Entrepreneur Partner


The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner.

The Power of Being Human in Business Development

Feld Thoughts

I’ve had some really crummy experiences with business and corporate development people in the past year. Now, while Chet focuses on business development, the same is true for corporate development or sales. It’s not Microsoft or Google or Amazon that you’re looking to partner with, it’s Mary or Matt or Lindsay.

Startup CTO or Developer


What worries me a bit is how often I read that startups should hire a developer / hands-on lead developer. Gap closed, right? Accounting?

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Don't Get Customers.Make Partners

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Customers, clients, suppliers and vendors are more than just that - they are your partners. They aren't customers or clients or vendors.

Future Business Growth Drives A New Partner Paradigm

Startup Professionals Musings

Another new partnering model is the IBM Watson Group $1 billion investment to share cloud-based development and super-computing tools.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


I've previously addressed the role of a CTO in early-stages in my post Startup CTO or Developer. for a Lead Developer: How much will it cost to build what we need to build? How can I control costs but effectively get stuff developed? How can we phase development to balance cost, features, risk, etc? Accounting? Reporting?

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

Partners make investment decisions. Also recognize that WITHIN a VC you have partners who focus on different areas. Executive Summary.

Investors Do Not Fund Research And Development


Technology development. Prototype development. Invested Interests entrepreneur research and development startup Verification.

Combining big ideas and lean development practices

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The two by two matrix above illustrates that the scale of the idea and the methodology used to develop and test that idea are independent.

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Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

They had a vision for a new way to develop software and created a new kind of company to pursue it. Source Code Management (SCM) is the second most fundamental tool for a programmer after compiler and development tools. It stores, versions and branches source code being developed by teams of programmers. How did they do it?

Startup Business Development Strategies: 7 Tips For Putting.

Seed Stage Capital

There is a natural bias against working with firms that are unproven, underfunded, and still developing and/or evolving. Get creative.

10 Partner Qualities to Test Before Sharing Equity

Startup Professionals Musings

The feedback was good, but some readers asked me to be a bit more specific on attributes that might indicate an ideal startup partner.

10 Ways to Develop a Mastery Mindset

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Here are ten ways to develop a mastery mindset: Learn patience. Develop your ideas. Practice the basics. Artists practice brush strokes.

Business development: the Goldilocks principle

Chris Dixon

Over that time, we pitched over 500 potential partners, trying to get them to use and eventually pay for our recommendation services. During this time, I got a crash course in B2B sales/business development. The potential partner turns you down because they decide to build a similar product themselves. startups

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selecting a Venture Partner (And Avoiding Killing Your Business)

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Your VC updates partners every Monday. Do other partners in the firm fit your culture? This is your partner. This is a good thing.

9 Key Things Successful Business Partners Always Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The story drives home the keys to how most successful business partners work together and what wrecks the chemistry between others. The reason?

Customer Development in Japan: a History Lesson

Steve Blank

asked Tsutsumi-san to write a guest post for my blog to describe his experience with Customer Development in Japan. But customers didn’t agree.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Partners? Other types of users?

3 Characteristics of a Great Business Partner

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Finding the right business partner can make or break your business. I''ve had good and bad business partners, i''ve worked with my current business partner Ryan Russo for over 10 years and have developed a list of what makes a great business partner

How to Convince a Big Brand to Partner With You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The only thing you need is a big brand to notice you, realize the brilliance of your startup , and sign on the dotted line as a partner.

Forward Partners new website

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We launched this a little earlier than feels comfortable and will iron out bugs and iterate the content and design as we develop our thinking.

A Post Startup Execs Should Forward to Your Spouse or Partner. 12 Tips for Making it Work

Both Sides of the Table

So I had to learn how to best interact with him to be a supportive partner yet get what I wanted / needed, too. Short, sweet and actionable. 4.

Business Partners: 3 Essential Ingredients

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Having partners can be a tremendous asset or a terrible liability. One individual may embody these characteristics, or four.

Before Hiring an eCommerce Development Partner, Critically Evaluate Their 3 P's

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before you hire your next development partner, make sure you've taken the time to critically evaluate these 3 components

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know


What the heck is corporate development and why should I care? What is corporate development? See Andreessen Horwitz team here.

Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack

Steve Blank

It’s the combination of Business Model Design and Customer Development. Business Model Design Gets Dynamic, Customer Development Gets Strategic.

Raising Money Using Customer Development

Steve Blank

The Traditional VC Pitch Entrepreneurs who pursue the traditional product development model don’t have customer data to answer these questions.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Partners? Other types of users?

Startup Software Development – Do Your Homework Before You Develop Anything


I just had an all-too common conversation with the founder of a startup who had spent more than a year working with a software development company who had produced a mess. The mess really comes from a developer who was willing to get started on a product that was not fully thought out. Partners? Some founders are taken aback.

Business Development Ecosystem Study - Apptimize

Launching Tech Ventures

If Apptimize was to partner with Telerik , the latter could offer the bank A/B testing features for an added cost. LTV 2015

Best Practices For Developing A Mobile App For Your Startup


What is your app development strategy? Others app development mobile app startup Okay, so you’ve embodied a bold mindset in your startup.

Developing London tech clusters beyond Shoreditch: Croydon ?

Fred Destin

Here in London we''re all very proud of the progress made over the last few years. London Rising. The easy part. Adding value through Community.

Investors Do Not Fund Research And Development

Startup Professionals Musings

Technology development. Prototype development. Look only for grants, universities, and enterprise sponsors at this stage. Verification.

Non-Technical Entrepreneurs Need the Right Partner

Startup Professionals Musings

Focus on finding the right partner to double your strength rather than dilute it. Start with great credentials, and focus on the culture fit.

What to Look For in a Business Partner

Up and Running

When I was going through the co-founder “dating” process, I’d found a potential partner through my network who seemed to be perfect.

Why Introverts Should Partner With Extroverts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As partners, we've always worked better by leveraging each other's distinctive strengths. 500 company by playing off of each other's strengths.

How To Make Yourself More Attractive to Potential Partners

Duct Tape Marketing

How To Make Yourself More Attractive to Potential Partners This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Now, let me share a better approach.