Thu.Feb 14, 2013

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15 Questions That Win New Customers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Work these questions into your customer conversations and you'll find out everything you need to know. What do you like best about your job?

How To Get Photographic Memory Instantly

Mike Michalowicz

Before you read this post I need you to make me a promise. OK, OK, it’s a big promise. Ready? Here We Go. Let’s try it out. Rusty razor blade, 2.

5 Reasons to Stop Checking Facebook at Work

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A handful of studies confirm what you likely already suspected: Your Facebook habit is hurting you--in more ways than one. Are you bored?

7 Steps to Achieving Entrepreneurial Lifetime Goals

Startup Professionals Musings

Many people are very hesitant to set specific goals, due to lack of self-confidence or whatever. Write it down. It is vague and insubstantial.

Afraid to Start Up? Conquer Those Fears

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The No. factor that prevents entrepreneurs from starting a new company or meeting goals is fear. Simple ways to check your fears at the door.

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A Love Note to Entrepreneurs (#bizcrush2013)

Up and Running

It’s Valentine’s Day and who can resist the chance to wax poetic about well….love. Note: walking the line is NOT crossing the line. Deep breath….what

3D Printing: Everything You Need to Know

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In his State of the Union address, President Obama said 3D printing could spur a U.S.-based based manufacturing revolution. ”

The makings of a successful subscription ecommerce business

The Equity Kicker

Subscription ecommerce has become quite a hot business model over the past couple of years, perhaps reaching peak hotness 6-12 months ago.

Can't Focus at Work? Your Diet May Be to Blame

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Three simple tips to boost your energy at the office. recently worked with an entrepreneur named Ned, who made it a habit to skip breakfast. Muffins?

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Corporate Due Diligence Fast and Easy - DShen's Blogs


In two past posts, I talked about doing due diligence on startups.

6 Reasons to Use Crowdsourcing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Having difficulty coming up with a new idea or content? Here are six reasons to try crowdsourcing. There was one problem. The service is easy to use.

5 Tips for Writing Survey Questions that Don’t Yield Statistical Garbage

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Josh Pigford – Enjoy! Think First, Ask Second. Ratings vs. Rankings.

3 Tips For a Healthy Hiring Process

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hiring people that are not the right fit for your company is akin to catching a cold. OtterBox was No. 75 on the 2012 Inc. It's sort of like flying.

The 5 Small Business Marketing Pillars

Duct Tape Marketing

Enjoy this guest post from Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Patrick Giammarco. photo credit: Sam Beebe, Ecotrust via photopin cc. It’s no secret.

Youngstown: Shrugging Its Rust Belt Reputation

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Paul Cusson, chairman and founder of Inc. 5000 company Northern States Metals, says Youngstown, Ohio is poised to change manufacturing forever.

Love Your Customers More Than They Love Themselves

Mike Michalowicz

Quick. Think of the plumbing business. What comes to mind? Exposed butt cracks or a company doing some twenty-odd million dollars in business. Got it?

.Net 15

An Acquisition Without the Acrimony?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Lots of acquisitions lead to redundancies, lay-offs, and ultimately unhappy marriages. But they don't have to be that way. But not always.

Four Technologies That You Absolutely Need In Your Office


by Halit Bozdogan. Smaller companies who are on the up, or just starting out, usually have a finite amount of resources. Computer Network/Servers.

3 Social Media Lessons From Marco Rubio's Awkward Televised Water Grab

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's what Poland Spring got right--and wrong--when its bottle landed in a viral video. You live in a real-time marketing world.

Five Common Employment Fouls And How To Prevent Them


by Rob Wilson, CEO of Employco USA. No matter what size your business is, having a defined human resources department and code of conduct is necessary.

Maker's Mark Dabbles in Diluting Its Brand

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The bourbon distillery offers a perfect case study in how to anger your biggest fans: Take the product they love and water it down--literally.

5 Ways To Save Money When Starting A Small Business


by David Bakke. Buy Used. Consider buying used computer equipment and furniture to outfit your office. Trade Your Services. Market for Free.

A Surprising Antidote to Procrastination

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you find yourself putting things off, the culprit may be a weak sense of identity rather than a weak will. Sense of Self Timothy A.

Get Good at What You Love and the Money Will Follow

Duct Tape Marketing

You’ve certainly heard all the talk about the need for passion in your work. Never forget this in your search for work that feeds your passion!

3 Lies That May Bring Down Our Economy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From education to housing, it's time to call B.S. on the widely-cited myths that have the power to take down our next generation.

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More Words of Wisdom from Jeff Bezos

Scott Edward Walker

To Our Clients & Friends: Welcome to our weekly series “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.”  The rate of change is getting faster and faster.  link].

5 Rules to Survive Office Romances

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You'll be hard-pressed to extinguish office romances. Here's how to ignore them (and why you want to). They are right about all of this, of course.

It's Valentines Day: Are You Being Cheated On?


If you are one of those people that checks the date, you might discover that today is Valentines day. However you can set-up an alert for the future.

Wage Wars: Weighing an Increase to Minimum Wage

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The data is mixed, but a minimum wage increase may not be as bad for your business as you think. The data is mixed. this year. later this year.

Stockholm-Based Truecaller Adds Name Search, Has 11 Million Users


Stockholm-based Truecaller is solidifying themselves as a full-featured crowdsourced phonebook after the announcement of their new Name Lookup feature.

Buyers Will Line Up for This Business Model

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's one business model that can greatly increase the amount your company is worth. How often do your customers come back to you? 80-90%: Excellent.

The Customer Contract: QR Codes Fading into Oblivion

Immersive Web

More often than not, it takes Hellesen to a brand’s website. About 80 percent of the time, I’m disappointed that I scanned it,” Hellesen says.

B2C 5

Report: Start-ups Hiring Like Crazy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The problem? Finding and keeping qualified applicants. Check out the most recent data. in the software, life science, hardware, and clean-tech sectors.

Applifier's Everyplay Shows Early Traction, Turns On The Camera


The ' Let's Play ' style of YouTube videos where gamers narrate and play games has become a gaming staple, but fairly impossible for mobile games.