Sat.Dec 08, 2012

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Mary Meeker's 2012 Internet Trends

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Mary published this presentation this past week. love these "state of the internet" presentations Mary does.

Business Innovation Requires Successful Execution

Startup Professionals Musings

Most people think innovation is all about ideas, when in fact it is more about delivery, people, and process. Ideas are only beginnings.

Got Video? Well, Prepare Your Vaccinations Because It’s Time to Go Viral

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

We’ve all done it. You get a short video clip in your email. Meh, you say, as you wearily click upon it, not expecting to be impressed. Short is Sweet.

Viral 24

The best new app I’ve seen in a long time

Jeff Hilimire

It takes a lot for a new app to break through the clutter and feel instantly like something I’d use quite a bit. Slice is my new favorite app.

Email 23

9 nonprofits and social enterprises creating incredible communities online

The Next Web

Much ink has been spilled about why technology makes it easier than ever to start a business. What makes them special and effective?

B2C 20

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A Business Case for "Putting Customers First"

David Lee

One of the few things that actually stuck with me from law school was the concept of “ maximizing shareholder value.” ” The basic idea was that the corporation exists solely to maximize shareholder value, i.e., profit. To me, it sounded innocuous and obvious. Again, an innocuous-sounding approach). Investors were furious.

IPO 15

A Turd By Any Other Name.

massive greatness

…would smell like s**t. Avley seems particularly annoyed with my post because he and his team helped build The Daily. Effort medals all around.

Current Estimating Software

Sounds very much like a 90's problem, but when he started Current two years ago, that was typical contractor across most trades. Not Joe's.

Weekend Favs December Eight

Duct Tape Marketing

The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from Flickr or one that I took out there on the road. If You Liked This Post.

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: In Your Own Sweet Way by Dave Brubeck - A.

Mark Birch

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: In Your Own Sweet Way by Dave Brubeck - A legend of jazz passed away this week.  As written poignantly in The New Yorker about Dave Brubeck in a way that sums up his career better than I can: Those musicians, too hip for their own good, who dismiss Brubeck as square do so at their own loss. Enjoy!