Thu.Mar 15, 2012

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Why company names & URLs don't matter

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Some founders agonize over the name of their company and pay big bucks to purchase the domain name. At least not the way you might think it matters.

Key to Sustaining Rapid Growth

Startup Marketing Blog

After helping to bring several startups to market including Dropbox, LogMeIn and Lookout, I found that the key to sustaining rapid growth is understanding your “must have” experience and then aligning the entire business around that experience. This includes aligning the product roadmap, funnel optimization, and messaging. This is not a pivot.

Don’t Think Big. There, I Said It.

Market by Numbers

Those who run in #LeanStartup circles know too well the problems encountered with language.  Eric Ries, Steve Blank and others are criticized for choosing terms and phrases — lean, customer development, MVP, fail fast, etc. It’s generally not helpful to remove phrases from their context and critique them standing on their own. 

Be Captain Of Your Destiny - Not Prisoner Of Wishful Thinking


The following is a guest post by Mike Troiano. You can follow him on Twitter at @miketrap , and connect with him elsewhere through About Me. Pin It.

How do you keep your footing when your life explodes?

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Me, Guy Kawasaki and Sohaib Athar , SXSW 2012. He was kind enough to agree to be interviewed, and I included him in Chapter 5 of my book.

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Time For a Change #6: Meeting Your Agenda

Active Garage

Raising the energy level of your meetings. The essential ingredient which determines the success or failure of any meeting is communication. LOCATION.

Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day: Top 5 Irish Brands

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Luck of the Irish? Think again. It took a lot of hard work to build these brands to their iconic places in consumers minds. Feeling Irish this week?

Five Ways To Know When You’re Done With What You’re Doing


There simply aren’t enough hours in the work day (or even the work week!) to accomplish everything on our to-do lists. Don’t overwrite emails. Jason W.

Email 16

The Unsung Hero Behind Every Great Website

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Talented engineers and project managers both play key roles, but much of the success of your website hinges on this key person. Mea culpa!

Ohio 28

Footsy – Socking It To Ya Online


You’ll find e-commerce sites touting almost any kind of product on the Internet. And very colorful ones, at that. Selling Socks. But why socks?

Female Tech Entrepreneurs' Big Secret

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Yes, there is plenty of sexism out there. But even in Silicon Valley, being a female founder has its advantages. And yes, they are out there).

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing

What is Duct Tape Marketing? This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. It was an audacious idea at the time and it still is today.

7 Classic Tech Blunders

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Mistakes that will cost you time, money, and the security of your business. What could go wrong? Plenty. But there are two pricing plans.

Cloud 25

Second Impressions

David Cohen

I’m an investor in a company called GiveForward which helps raise money for loved ones, for medical needs. link].

This Is What Small Business Success Looks Like

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He never achieved fame. He never achieved fortune. But you might say this entrepreneur did something infinitely more important. Just different.

The Alien Entrepreneur: Platform choice for startups should not just.

Alien Entrepreneur

I'm addicted to entrepreneurship, currently participating in multiple startups. CTO at ProspectStream, ScopiaRx, and

Perfect Start-up Employee: Vets

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hiring? Young veterans with a true entrepreneurial inclination can thrive at a start-up. Lockheed Martin's Clarence "Kelly" L. Yikes! frustrating.

Everplaces Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Into Location Based Services


Everplaces is a new way to curate and save the favorite places you visit (or want to visit). Quality over quantity" as Thygesen herself put it.

Where to Get Free Help For Your Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Corporations, states and Uncle Sam offer loads of free help to women-owned businesses. Grab it and pull yourself up to the next level of growth.

10 Cool Gaming Tools in MBA Education


Despite their huge potential for facilitating learning, “games” have a connotation as being frivolous and time-wasting. Platform Wars. Second Life.

Read Obituaries. And Lead to the Fullest

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Write your own eulogy today. Reflect on your life so far, and whether you're satisfied with the path you're on. never met Benedict Freedman. Really.

Why the NYC startup scene needs Sean Parker

This is going to be BIG.

I have never met Sean Parker. don't know if the movie portrayal of him is accurate and I don't particularly care. What I do care about is that a person who is long on vision and has a knack for being around big companies early on is now living in New York City. He spotted Facebook in 2004 and Spotify in 2009. Sean Parker is one of those patterns.

Crossing the Invisible Line

Taffy Williams

In twoprevious posts, I wrote about sticking with the startup and having a can doattitude: “ AreYou Over Your Capabilities? ” and “ TheOne Word Entrepreneurs Do Not Say.” Being aggressive and going after what you want is an extremely importantpart of making the startup a success. Do any of these potential annoyances soundfamiliar?

What real passion looks like

Jason Crawford

It is common wisdom that to do a startup you should have passion for your market. But it wasn’t until I did one that I learned what real passion looks like. It’s one thing to be passionate about something that’s working, about a going concern, about an engine that is turning. When you’re not quite at product/market fit.

Opportunities in 3D printing

The Equity Kicker

You may have noticed that last year I blogged a couple of times about 3D printing. Since the beginning of this year I’ve stepped up my interest in the area in the hope of finding an investment opportunity in the short term. What is 3D printing good for. Cost effective short runs, one offs, customisations, prototypes. Highly accurate 3D objects.

5 ways to help remote workers thrive

Up and Running

Today, guest author Lior Levin provides tips to help you get up and running with remote employees or offices. Training. Constant Communication.

Are Your Talent Management Practices Out of Date?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Face it: Job hopping is a new reality. So stop thinking your old school loyalty-for-security approach will keep talent around for a lifetime.

PointCloud Browser Augments Reality For Metro Newspapers & The Whole Internet


Check out the video posted below the fold. Is this what 2012 is supposed to be like? Is this. the future we're living in?

How to Save On Business Travel

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Six tips from Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, and Matt Mickiewicz, co-founder of 99designs

Canary in a Coal Mine


Canary in a Coal Mine. From Wiktionary :  An allusion to caged canaries mining workers would carry down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. Now, it’s a social commerce site. The relationship can be tricky. 

How the Healthcare Mess Hurts Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Our current healthcare system is messy and unfair. And it's hurting the competitiveness of our entrepreneurs. The U.S. What is sustainable?

Marko Ahtisaari Confirms Work On Tablet And A New Way To Control Your Phone


We've finally gotten our hands on the Kauppalehti Optio , which has an extensive interview with Marko Ahtisaari, the Executive VP of Design at Nokia.

Design 4

Masters in Social Entrepreneurship | Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship | #Socent #Socinn

Campus Entrepreneurship

George Mason University in Fairfax, VA has announced a new, interdisciplinary Masters in Social Entrepreneurship beginning in the Fall of 2012. From the Mason Center for Social Entrepreneurship : We welcome applicants from around the globe and from all undergraduate majors for this two-year program. This program is truly interdisciplinary.

FunBeat Social Fitness App Launches Outside Sweden


Swedish social fitness startup FunBeat will soon launch outside its home market, where it has found a strong following.