Sat.Nov 17, 2012

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Entrepreneurs Need New Growth Models To Scale Up

Startup Professionals Musings

Non-organic growth would include OEM relationships, finding strategic partners, “coopetition,” as well as acquisitions. Fresh customer base.

Never Apologize For Having An Opinion — Especially When You're Right

massive greatness

You know it’s going to be an entertaining blog post when the lede is: “See the end of the editorial for an important update.”

When is it time to stop calling yourself a freelancer and become an entrepreneur?

The Next Web

Self-employed. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. Business owner. Why do freelancers tend not to call themselves entrepreneurs? And that is a shame.

2 common ways mentor conversations go wrong

The Startup Toolkit

Conversations with mentors are super valuable, but can go off-track in a couple predictable ways. It’s easy to fix once you can spot it and take a little responsibility for the direction of the conversation. #1: Suggestion loop. Confusingly, this is still an important milestone for the relationship. The meetings should be really valuable.

Why Investors Want Co-founders

Diego Basch

I just read a blog post entitled “ You can do it alone ” as well as the ensuing discussion on Hacker News. Paul Graham says: You can certainly start a business without a cofounder. What’s hard to do, empirically, is to start one that gets really big. But I digress). Virginia) AWS data center for IndexTank.

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How To Fix RSpec Error: “Validation failed: [Object] has already been taken”

Nick O'Neill

I was programming a Ruby on Rails app today when I came across a strange bug. After installing the VCR Gem my RSpec tests began failing after the first one was run. The only thing that changed was the installation of the VCR gem, which makes me think it was the cause. You’ll first need to install the database cleaner gem. That’s it!

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: Delilah performed by Clifford Brown &.

Mark Birch

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: Delilah performed by Clifford Brown & Max Roach Quintet  - The brunch is a bit later in the day as last night was a bit of a long night. What he left behind was magical however, highlight by this album. There are plenty of great tunes, but I love what they do with Delilah. This was a tune from  the great Cecil B.


The Most Important Offseason Acquisition For The San Francisco Giants Could Be Hadoop

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Baseball, more so than other sports, is known for its massive data collection, complex statistics and informed managerial decisions. So it should be no surprise that, just as corporate enterprises are going through a big data revolution, so will baseball. Hadoop, with its ability to manage massive data sets, is about to change the game of baseball.

My Lean Startups Haven’t Followed the Script

Kevin Dewalt

Summary: At long last, Lean Startup has become a global movement. The rest is legend. Why did you quit so soon?” Feedback is confusing, inconsistent.