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How to get attention from internet celebrities

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I get a constant stream of requests to look at new startups or to announce something that a startup just did. Most of the email is truly spam. How-To

Business Plans Are An Historical Artifact

Feld Thoughts

This article ( Business Plans Are An Historical Artifact )  first appeared last week in the Wall Street Journal The Accelerators Column , which I’m contributing to on a regular basis. . In 1987 when I started my first company (Feld Technologies), I wrote a business plan for a course at MIT that I was in called 15.375: New Enterprises.

Houston, We Have Acceleration

Startup Houston

There was collective heartbreak in Houston when the Federal Government announced the end of NASA as we know it. After all, we’re Houston. John E.

Small Business Marketing: Best Times And Days To Send Email For Opens And Click-Throughts

crowdSPRING Blog

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for small businesses to keep in touch with customers.

Email 44

How Business Huddles Work

Mike Michalowicz

Have you? Every successful (and not-so-successful) sports team on the field starts the game with a huddle. It’s all they need. The purpose?

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Video interview: How do you Startup in Beijing? Jason lim from Koombah

Startup Noodle

How do you make the leap to start your own startup company in China? Jason is part of the live and kicking startup scene in Beijing.

China 25

FinTech Innovation Lab: December 19th deadline

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

For the past two springs, a great program has run in NYC called the FinTech Innovation Lab. It's an accelerator program of a different sort. They accept a half dozen innovative financial technology companies into a twelve week program where the companies get direct access to top executives in the leading financial services companies in NYC.

Keep your business dealings as simple as possible

Taffy Williams

This path has more twists and turns than needed! In the Sands of Iwo Jima , Sgt. People can be very smart but do things that are not so smart.

Smart Startups Never Let Negatives Bury Positives

Startup Professionals Musings

Managing and motivating a team in a startup is more than just using the right interpersonal skills. Sometimes you have to manage progress, not people.

Why I Only Hire High-School Grads

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

FCi Federal, No. 19 on Inc.'s Hire Power list, gives workers with no college the tools to pursue high-powered careers. Her hiring secret?

Most Overused Buzzword On LinkedIn Profiles? Creative.


If there’s one word most people describe themselves with professionally, it’s creative. Here’s a quick look at what the 2012 No.

7 Biggest Tax Mistakes New Startups make

Early Growth Financial Services

Originally published in Forbes. If you don’t think about taxes until your company starts earning revenue, you’ve waited too long. To stay on top of your tax obligations, make sure that you’re not making any of these 7 common tax mistakes: 1, Choosing the wrong legal entity.

A few months back I wrote a post bemoaning the sad state of the.

Bryce Dot VC

A few months back I wrote a post bemoaning the sad state of the startup pitch. . First, little bit of background. We have a deep loyalty to them.

LP 10

Likeable Is Not a Department

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with Dave Kerpen. photo credit: br1dotcom via photopin cc. If You Liked This Post. Podcast dave kerpen Likeable Business

CoatChex – Changing The Bailment Industry With QR Codes


Imagine this scenario – you check in your coat at a bar or restaurant, had a great time until you were about to leave. ” moment.

Tableau Software – a great tool for Data Visualization and Analytics for Startups

Austin Startup

There is a great deal of discussion about the value of analytics and big data management in the technology industry today.

Don't Make Unsubscribing From Email Hard

Constantly Learning

I sign up for a lot of new products. Any product or service which seems interesting or I can benefit from I will sign up for. But, in the rush to find new shiny things, my email address is put on many lists. Which means I get a lot of email. These emails aren't spam. Spam is unwanted email that you haven't asked to receive. People do it differently.

Insight HCL

deal architect

I am spending the day at the HCL Influencer Day in Boston today. trillion annual global R&D spend.

AppDirect’s Developer Incubator aims to help engineers become entrepreneurs through apprenticeship

The Next Web

This three-year program will result in the top performers receiving seed funding and an opportunity to pitch venture capitalists. Open to any engineer.

It Takes Balls Of Steel To Cool Your Drinks. Really.


How does one cool down a glass of whiskey or other spirits quickly without the use of ice? Just remember to remove them first before drinking.

Inside the Minds of Top Job Creators

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For the smartest view of today's landscape for job creation, ask the CEOs who've done more of it than anyone else: The Inc. Hire Power Award winners

Hiring 5

The Soul of a Project #30: Dealing With Shame!

Active Garage

Ever have someone melt down right in front of you for no apparent reason? Or, has someone dug in unrealistically? It is the best thing to do.

Why a 50/50 Split is Almost Never Right for Co-Founders by @DaveParkerSEA


-->. About | Mentors | Companies | Curriculum | FAQ | Partners | Apply Now. Email. Password. Location. Choose a city closest to you. Alexandria. Hanoi.

Dumplings and Donations

Mark Birch

I had plans to host a couple of my NYC Chinatown dumpling tours the week of October 29 th and had quite a few sign-ups.  I love hosting these tours. 

We Are Austin Tech: Andrew Allison

Austin Startup

Founded in 2010, Main Street Hub serves thousands of local businesses in all fifty states and on three continents. The company moved [.]. News Releas

When Culture Matters…for Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

White and William Strunk). In a nutshell it’s all about how to write clearly. It provides succinct advice with spot-on examples.

The Real Deal: Chris Jones on the Community Cloud

deal architect

This continues a series of columns from practitioners I respect. The category "Real Deal" describes them well. This time it is my former Gartner colleague, Chris Jones, now EVP Marketing & Services at Descartes Systems. He has over 30 years. The Real Deal: Guest Columnist

Silicon Alley meets Tech City–event tonight

The Equity Kicker

My partners at DFJ Gotham have organised an event in Shoreditch this evening to foster collaboration between the London and New York tech scenes. will be speaking along with representative from the New York startup and venture scene, and government officials will discuss their role in supporting the startup ecosystem. Sorry for the late notice.

Scale your business by avoiding the entrepreneur’s trap

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Starting a business can be a huge challenge, with a million things to learn, and the uncertainty of landing your first customers.

Startup Workshops Update

Scalable Startup

This group is 8 months old, 400+ members, gaining nice momentum every week. I see people connecting and getting things done and real relationships building. And I’ve met some amazing people. is a funny place but I love the startup scene here. For 2013 I’m trying to figure out where to go next. “ at ROFL. Cost is $10 plus food cost.

Hack+Startup: Mike Nolet, Founder and CTO at AppNexus

Redeye VC

In the process, AppNexus has raised over $65 million in venture capital from firms like Venrock, Khosla and First Round Capital (us!)

Lover.ly CEO Kellee Khalil on founding a startup and moving into her first office

The Next Web

To date, Lover.ly has raised $1 million in funding. For more on Unpakt, check out our review of the service here. Entrepreneur Insider Videos

That two letter word…

Jason Ball's TechBytes

[This is a guest post I wrote in 2010 on 24waystostart. It still applies, so I thought I'd repost it here]. “No.”  ”  It has to be one of hardest, yet most frequent words an investor says…. It’s not easy for us to say, and many times, not easy for an entrepreneur to hear. Great. Investors are such idiots” you’ll think… well, maybe.

The Five Ts of Marketing

deal architect

Marketing is all about technology. If you look. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP) Industry Commentary