Sat.Nov 10, 2012

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Crossing the Chasm is a Major Startup Challenge

Startup Professionals Musings

Everyone in the business world has heard of the old bestseller by Geoffrey A. Product development chasm. Marketing and sales chasm. Marty Zwilling.

Best Advice for a Start-up Entrepreneur?

Small Business Force

But just like with your kids, you have to keep it simple. So what do I tell them? Customers drive your business! Think about that. Period.

Are new entrepreneurial ideas keeping you from getting things done?

The Next Web

My mind is literally overrun with all kinds of ideas all the time. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was probably not alone.

Why tech founders can’t hire in early salespeople

The Startup Toolkit

Spoiler: You can’t hire out sales because in the early days it’s about learning, not selling, and hired guns can’t bring back bad news. At their peak, Groupon sales reps made 1250 calls per week to close 4 sales[1]. Once Groupon knew the math of that equation, they could throw money at the problem and scale a sales team.

Sales 26

Veterans Starting Up Against the Odds

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Carl Churchill launched Lock-n-Load Java after serving 21 years in the Army. Check out his story and the organizations helping our vetrepreneurs.

Java 24

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Execution: Getting to Revenue

A non-linear brain dump on getting to revenue. What is the basic transaction that generates revenue Who is the seller. If it's you, great. You can work on you. If it's somebody else, you have to recruit them and help them be better sellers, like eBay does. Who is the buyer? Do you understand the buyer? What do they do? Why should we care? Refine it.

My Mission Is My Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2007, Lindsay Avner founded Bright Pink, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women


Nine Keys to Entrepreneurial Survival

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Guerilla Innovation — Chapter Thirteen. Isn’t it weird that this post on small business innovation survival is Chapter Thirteen?

Weekend Favs November Ten

Duct Tape Marketing

The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from Flickr or one that I took out there on the road. If You Liked This Post.

What’s Your Customer Development Viral Coefficient?

Kevin Dewalt

The Customer Development Viral Coefficient is a measure of this rate and the first insight an entrepreneur gets on his startup idea feasibility.

The portfolio analysis of industry events

deal architect

I was taken aback by the modesty of Stan Swete’s question “Would you invest multiple days in a future Workday technology summit?” My answer was an easy yes. Workday, with a consistent track record of 3 releases a year and. Industry Commentary

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: Don’t Take Your Love From Me.

Mark Birch

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: Don’t Take Your Love From Me performed by John Coltrane - I realize it may seem like there is an overabundance of Coltrane on the Jazz Brunch, but I needed something comforting this week. That is why the greats are so great, they seem to fit every mood and every time.


My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Generated $338,997.38 in the Past 12 Months An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

While trying affiliate marketing off and on over the years, I never dedicated the majority of my work focus and time to it until this past year. Since it was 1 year ago from today when I started to see success and growth, I thought I’d write a post in reflection of my affiliate marketing campaigns from the past 365 days. Network #2: $27,418.83

Ed-Tech Start-Ups Grilled by VCs in Business Competition | The Chronicle of Higher Education

Campus Entrepreneurship

Interesting piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Jeffery Young on education technology startups and a recent business plan contest. Glad to see my friends at U of Delaware and their students are working on some cool businesses. The big prize: marketing help from Educause and Google.