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Defining Success

Instigator Blog

The Lean Startup model is all about running experiments, learning and making informed decisions on what to do next. I’m clearly a believer in the model, but there are some parts of it that are quite nuanced and challenging to figure out. One of those is with respect to experimental design. It also needs a definition of success.

Angela Baldonero’s Philosophy On Interviewing

Feld Thoughts

I can’t remember when Angela Baldonero joined Return Path , but she’s been there for as long as I can remember. invested in Return Path eleven years ago at the very beginning of its life. Today it is a profitable, 250 person company that is growing quickly, dominates its market segment, and is an awesome place to work. hope you do also.

How to Get Certified as a Woman Owned Business

Up and Running

Image by ShashiBellamkonda via Flickr. Those contracts include everything from military projects to public works and information technologies.

SBA 22

Book: I Am John Galt

Feld Thoughts

A few weeks ago my dad said “Brad, you have to read the book I Am John Galt: Today’s Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It. You’ll love it.&# That’s all the recommendation I needed – it went to the top of my Kindle reading list. Steve Jobs – Howard Roark.


G+, Twitter and Tumblr are Biggest Losers

Venture Chronicles

Like a lot of my peers I have been immersed in Google Plus for the last week and I have to give credit to Google for really getting this one right. The sharing mechanism is very accessible, Circles offer welcome segmentation of your social graph, and most importantly, it’s fun to use. Lastly a word about Circles.

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What you should NOT learn about Marketing from HBR Campaigns?

Life Beyond Code

I love Harvard Business Review. really do. have learned a number of things and got exposed to a number of thought leaders via the magazine.

Software Patents are Becoming a Tax on Innovation

Startup Professionals Musings

I always advise software startups to file patents to protect their “secret sauce” from competitors, and to increase their valuation. 7222078.

VC Confidential: This Too Shall Pass

VC Confidential


How We Grew Our Fashion Accessories Business To Over A Million Dollars In Sales by Yaro Starak

As with any company, growth happens in stages, but especially a company with physical products. Research and development, sample making, marketing the product and perhaps even handling some of the preliminary sales are some of the stages of expansion. It was during the New York shows that I met our first showroom who was based in Atlanta.

Some Heart-felt and Humble Advice For Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz


On behalf of entrepreneurs everywhere, thank you! I'm honored to call you a friend. It's great to have options. And, for right reason. Raise now. 3.

Cyber Crooks Target Small Business

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Criminals take the path of least resistance. If your car door is locked, they tend to go to the car that was left open. If your house looks dark and empty, it is the one they will probably break into. Same is true for your business. For years cyber crooks went after large business. After all, that is where all the cyber money is.

$650 Weight Loss Challenge: Day 45/120 An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

Six and-a-half weeks ago, I started my weight loss challenge against Paul Piotrowski. If neither of us make it, then we will donate $650 to the BCSPCA.

Flexible Focus #60: Writing Tips and Tools

Active Garage

Put Your Passion on a Platform. “ If we don’t stand for something, we shall fall for anything. Peter Marshall, Chaplain (1947). It is a writer’s dream.

Third-Party Plan Releases Require Wide Support by All Creditor Classes

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

By Francis J. Lawall and James C. Carignan of Pepper Hamilton LLP. The U.S. 22, 2010 opinion in In re Saxby's Coffee Worldwide LLC. Trustee ? Full Bio.

Lighten Up Already :: Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape.

Duct Tape Marketing

Humor and lightness are powerful tools in the hands of a creative marketer.[caption

School of Self Promotion for Awesome People who Don't Self Promote

This is going to be BIG.

Do you have friends that have really top notch experience, are thoughtful about their industry, and whip smart? Feel free to force them into it.

Tech Wildcatters Deadlines

Texas Startup Blog

Got an idea for a startup? Tech Wildcatters is taking applications. Check out the companies we’ve funded so far here. Will you be next? Startups

B2B 4

Richard Branson – Live

Start Up Blog

I’m going to a breakfast 7-9am with Richard Branson tomorrow – (Australian Eastern Standard time) Well we aren’t exactly sharing an omelet, but I’ll be in a prime seat near him. intend to live tweet some interesting sound bites, and take some mobile video footage. Steve.

BlackLocus Raises $2.5M, Adding Austin Operations

Austin Startup

BlackLocus, the leading cloud provider of automated pricing optimization and revenue management solutions for online retailers, today announced it has raised a $2.5 million Series A round of venture capital financing. They are hiring in Austin, seeking office space, and moving significant operations here. Digital

Start Making Video Calls on Facebook Right Now :: Small Business.

Duct Tape Marketing

Yesterday Facebook announced the addition of Skype enabled video calls inside the walls of Facebook. Hmm, wonder if they own those too - but that's a

How Your Small Business Could Become A Global Contractor


This post was first published on Forbes. Win, win situation. So why the hoopla? So in order to move the deal forward, Wal-Mart had to “invest $14.4

Vacation – To Tell or Not To Tell


In the past 3 or 4 days, I have received blog notices from Brad Feld , Fred Wilson and Steve Blank that they are on vacation. All this vacation news got me thinking about CEOs and other executives giving notice about their vacation plans. Assuming the answer is yes, what level of detail is needed? As I write this, it all sounds like common sense.

Return Path Core Values


Return Path Core Values. At Return Path , we have a list of 13 core values that was carefully cultivated and written by a committee of the whole (literally, every employee was involved) about 3 years ago. The first one will come in a few minutes. To whet your appetite, here’s the full list of values: We believe that people come first. Totally. 

Mini Saga #111 – Worthwhile

Life Beyond Code

Activity is rarely an indicator of productivity. Mini Saga #111 – Worthwhile. He went to Andy, their Boss and brought it up. Note: 1.

i-Free Launches A New Venture Fund In Russia


Created in Russia, the fund is open for projects that concentrate on European, Asian and US markets.

Worthless and Powerful Words for Marketing Your Small Business

Marketing Junkie

Have you ever run across a clearly talented entrepreneur, whose marketing materials didn’t come close to doing their services or products justice?

Sprinting While Running a Marathon

Mark Birch

Startup culture can often resemble sprinting while running a marathon.  Let me explain. You pivot once, twice or even more times. 

It’s All About Iteration

Andrew Payne

With Google+, we’re now reading the comparisons with Facebook, and the inevitable  commentary on the commentary. think Google+ is very interesting (and doesn’t suck), but it’s too early to tell how it will play out. Contrast Facebook to Twitter, who’s user experience has been at a virtual stand-still for years).

Weak IPO market to hurt venture capital

EIN News

low to support the health of the venture capital industry, says a study. The survey which. Jensen, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP and United States national managing partner for venture capital services. survey over 57 per cent of Indian venture capitalists surveyed stated that current IPO activity levels

Raising Money: From Family and Friends, to Angels to VC's

Mark Birch

This is an invaluable event for entrepreneurs looking to understand the fundraising process from people that have tons of experience.  The best thing about it is that it is free, as any good advice should be. Like I said the other day, never pay for fundraising advice !  mjshampine or m [at]

Prince William, Kate Middleton to Stay in No Paparazzi Area in LA

EIN News

for the royal couple’s visit to the United States and that they take charity work and. brings together British and American technologists and Venture capitalists to find new avenues for investment and. will then attend a job fair for U.S. servicemen and women transitioning to civilian life

Tech Wildcatters Fall 2011 Deadline Approaching

The Startup Lawyer

The application deadline for Dallas-based seed accelerator Tech Wildcatters is July 24th. Tech Wildcatters will accept 7-10 startups. What is Tech Wildcatters? Tech Wildcatters is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator that puts participating companies through an intensive 12-week program. Why Apply? How to apply. Head over to [link].

Britain's Royal Couple Takes On The Golden State

EIN News

Brown and other dignitaries then meet with venture capitalists, industry leaders and philanthropists. There will be. couple will attend an event supporting the U.S. branch of Tusk Trust, an international group. William's younger brother, Prince Harry, visited the United States just last year and the brothers' father

Rice Business Plan Competition Winner BlackLocus raises $2.5m from DFJMercury

Startup Houston

It’s also good to see that business plan competition winners can get funded in the real world, outside of the rules of a structured competition.