Thu.Nov 29, 2012

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Recruiting Developers? Create An Awesome Candidate Experience


tl;dr: If you're trying to attract awesome developers, you need to create an awesome candidate experience (CX). Something that makes them go "WOW!".

The Series A crunch is hitting now. Have we even noticed?

Pando Daily. PandoMonthly. Video. PandoDigest. About. Search. Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Share on LinkedIn. Have we even noticed? billion.

Jeff Bezos attended 60 investor meetings to raise $1m from 22 people, just to get Amazon started

The Next Web

Amazon” himself, Jeff Bezos. “I’ve been optimistic about Amazon since the early days,” says Bezos. ” continues Bezos.

Airbnb: Changing Travel as We Know It

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Can you believe the home-rental site that lists properties in 30,000 cities across 192 countries once had trouble raising $20,000? billion. billion.

Solving the Pipeline Problem

Startup Lessons Learned

This post was co-written by Sarah Milstein and Eric Ries, co-hosts of The LeanStartup Conference. It’s well-known—and we ourselves have been publicly frustrated —that white men tend to dominate the speaker rosters for tech and entrepreneurship conferences, not to mention the portfolios of many entrepreneurship programs. Here’s how they played out.

Lean 46

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5 Things Disruptive Start-ups Do Well

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some entrepreneurs think it's crazy to go after an industry dominated by big players. Not this guy. Will it work? So what is Pheed? The catch?

Build Entrepreneurship Communities With Crowd Valley


Entrepreneurship communities and crowdfunding platforms designed to support entrepreneurs are popping up left, right, and center all around the world.

Whittle Down Your To-Do List. Finally

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Those items at the bottom of the list? You know you'll never get to them, so stop trying--there's a better way to get more done. Shorten the list.

How To Use Power Questions To Turn Your Office Holiday Party Into A Career-Boosting Event


by Andrew Sobel, author of “ Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others ”. Or even worse things. Lots of them.

6 Reasons Sales Campaigns Fail

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Are you making these six common selling errors? Find out what they are and how to easily avoid them. So why should they buy from you? 2.

Photo tour of the life of an entrepreneur

Taffy Williams

Every entrepreneur has dreams of great and wonderful things. This is normal and expected. They form a team ready to fight for success.

5 Tips to Keep Your Home-Based Business Legal

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It's that time of year when people think about starting a new home-based business. Pick the right business name. Get a tax ID. Get permits or licenses.

LLC 35

The Only Path to Sustainable Growth

Duct Tape Marketing

This post is one in a series of tips for making your small business run better and is sponsored by UPS. photo credit: swisscan via photopin cc.

Why I Never Post Job Openings

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Instead, I give candidates permission to stalk me. Find out what I'm up to, track me down, introduce yourself, let me get to know you. It works.

5 Simple Steps for Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization

Duct Tape Marketing

Thursday is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is from Aaron Houghton   – Enjoy! Image Credit: Qole Pejorian Flickr CC.

Rule 1: Control Your Emotions

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Change will come. Sometimes it will be unwelcoming, even threatening. There's only one way to get through it. He didn’t give us any details.


6 Ways Startups Must Match the Pace of Change

Startup Professionals Musings

Change is about the only thing constant in the world of startups. Too many find that out too late, and are left chasing a rabbit that is long gone.

America: Home of the Brave (Entrepreneurs)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When it comes to entrepreneurship, fear is not a factor in the U.S. Most entrepreneurs make their revenue from domestic sales.

[Infographic] The Decline of American Entrepreneurship


But the numbers don’t lie – entrepreneurship in America has actually declined over the decades. In 2010, brand new companies added 2.34

Creatively Kill the Competition: 5 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Vying to emerge ahead of your rivals? Here's what you need to know


Free prototypes

Design Staff

But don’t forget to test your competitors’ products too! Think of them as free, fully functional prototypes. Learn about branding (or not).

This Star Trek-Inspired Device Could Disrupt Modern Healthcare

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Scanadu, a Silicon Valley start-up, is developing a device that turns your smartphone into a mobile hospital. Eleven years later, he's in Inc.'s

How microeconomists can improve online marketplaces

Lightspeed Venture Partners

My partner Justin Caldbeck has made a number of investments in two-sided marketplaces, including Sidecar , Grub Hub and Task Rabbit. Living Social has some aspects to this as well. The Economist has a great story on how micro economists are making small changes that improve the functioning and liquidity of online markets. Pretty cool stuff.

America: No Longer the Land of Opportunity?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Let's face it: American innovation is losing ground to places like India, China, and Brazil. But I am afraid that’s not the America we see today.

Moneyball Design: Why the Research and Data Analysis is Critical to Getting Your Prospects to Convert


136 CMOs were recently asked “What do you see as your biggest opportunity for revenue generation in early 2013?” 46% Good design isn’t.

The Houses That Entrepreneurship Built

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Posh real estate is no longer only in the hands of Hollywood starlets and Wall Street bigs. Continued on next page.) Prestigious location!

How do serial entrepreneurs such as Kevin Systrom and Jack Dorsey sustain themselves while working on a project that doesn’t yet generate cash-flow?


Unfortunately there is no magic involved here. In the two specific cases you mentioned, one had made money from his previous startups, and the other had paying jobs at Google and Nextstop. original post can be found on Quora @ : [link] *. Uncategorized entrepreneurs funding income Jack Dorsey Kevin Systrom lifestyle

Inside Obama's Meeting With Entrepreneurs on the Fiscal Cliff

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

On Tuesday, President Obama met with 15 entrepreneurs from across the country to discuss the looming "fiscal cliff." When entrepreneur and Inc.

Snapchat posts more photos than Instagram

Lightspeed Venture Partners

We seed funded Snapchat , a terrific mobile photo sharing app, back in April when it had less than 200,000 installs. My partner Barry Eggers came across the app when his daughter told him it was one of the three most popular apps at her highschool. The other two were Instagram and Angry Birds. The app has grown wildly beyond our expectations.

3 Design Principles to Better Your Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Design is now at the forefront of innovation. Does your company have the best design team it can? Check out how the landscape has changed. Win-win.

NumberRings A New Take On The Calculator For Children


What does a calculator look like to you? Chances are it has a pretty standard form. Lots of buttons, LED screen, maybe a solar panel.

How to Turn a Commodity Into a Unique Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how one founder turned popcorn--yes, popcorn--into a multi-million dollar company. So why popcorn? Popcorn is a $1.7 and nobody shows up.

Green 15

Free prototypes

Google Ventures

By now we all know that successful startups focus on learning about their users — figuring out what features, branding, and messaging resonate and perform best. Smart teams invest valuable time designing, building, testing, and iterating their own designs and prototypes based on learning from analytics and user studies. Focus on “why”.

4 Ways to Work on Your Company, not in it

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Even entrepreneurs need to take some time to think the big thoughts. Carve out an afternoon to really dig deeply into what that means. How many people?