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How to Configure Your Startup Team

Both Sides of the Table

I am fond of quoting that about 70% of my investment decision of an early-stage company is the team. Final startup grind from msuster. identify gaps.

What The Rails Security Issue Means For Your Startup

Kalzumeus Software. Patrick McKenzie (patio11) blogs on software development, marketing, and general business topics. Greatest Hits. About. by Patrick.

Be an Optimist: How to Train Your Brain for Positivity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Not a natural optimist? Use these simple exercises to train your brain to more easily pick out the positive. So what's the big deal? Do something nice.

Video 49

A Problem With Gmail When The Machines Take Over

Feld Thoughts

In general, I love Gmail. While Amy likes to complain to me about how ugly it is, I don’t even see the UI anymore as I just grind through the endless stream of email that I get each day. My biggest struggle is figuring out how to keep up, without the email ending up dominating everything I do. Fortunately, spam is almost non-existent for me.

Email 44
Email 44

Top 10 Influential Business Books of All Time

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These ten books changed the business world forever. However, there are a handful of business books that have literally changed the world. Nice, eh?

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Work With Someone You Hate? Why That's Actually a Good Thing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Forget your best friend. Working with someone who drives you crazy is more likely to help you achieve your dreams. It will be awesome. Or maybe not.

The “I-just-got-bought-by-a-big-company” survival guide

Scott Weiss

It took almost six months for my former company IronPort’s acquisition by Cisco to close and it seemed like forever. Although I was still the CEO by name, I was essentially running a “puppet” government with every hire, major expense and strategic shift needing explicit approval from my soon-to-be-overlords. What to do? Most acquisitions fail.

Branson: "Why customers come second at Virgin"

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In an exclusive Inc. interview, Sir Richard explains who rates highest at Virgin. And it's not investors, either

If you don’t “get” why Snapchat is growing so fast, read this

Lightspeed Venture Partners

When we invested in Snapchat a year ago it had a few hundred thousand installs, but incredible retention and frequency of usage. We believed in their vision but the growth that Snapchat has seen has exceeded anyones wildest predictions. No wonder they won the Crunchie for Fastest Rising Startup of 2012. It can be a crappy photo. It can be silly.

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7 Lessons From The Beatles' Biggest Failure

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What the Beatles' early failures can teach you about staffing, timing, market research, and product development. Be like the Beatles. Do your homework.

Why Women Make Better Business Leaders

Up and Running

I like this video from business and technology fields. For one, only twelve Fortune 500 companies are now headed by women.

Not All Entrepreneurs are Cut From the Same Cloth

Startup Professionals Musings

Anyone who works with entrepreneurs will tell you that all are different. Some just want to change the world and make it a better place. Opportunist.

Metrics for Series A - DShen's Blogs


Over this last year, I have been watching a whole group of startups attempt to land their series A. One aspect that has been shown to be incredibly important for sophisticated and series A investors is showing superior metrics

Lost a Big Sale? Don't Use These 2 Excuses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

All businesses are concerned with price, but that isn't the reason you failed to close that big deal. Here's why. You have to push to the real problem.

Sales 25

Meditation, Six Months Later

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

About six months ago, I completed a Goenka 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. Life’s a team sport. I love that. ” Habit formation.

4 Steps to be a CEO in the KNOW or plan to GO

Taffy Williams

The greater the EGO the greater the FALL! An entrepreneur with a great idea and drive is unstoppable. They may even know how to raise capital.

7 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Office

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Out with the old, in with the new! Get a jump on spring cleaning by swapping out some of your outdated technology. Start with your gadgets.

Thomas Smale, Professional Website Broker, Explains How To Value Your Website, How To Find A Buyer And Everything You Need To Know About Website Flipping by Yaro Starak

Tweet Download the Text Transcript in PDF. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. Thomas Smale is a website broker, who founded Flipping Enterprises.

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Branson: "The one thing that makes an average company exceptional."

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sir Richard says there's one thing that can make a company exceptional. He practices it every day at Virgin. Do you at your company


What does a COO do and should you hire one?

The Equity Kicker

These two posts from Vinod Khosla are also a good resource on COOs and the evolution of senior management teams generally. sales operations.

Branson: "In the end, you have to say, Screw it. Just do it."

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In an exclusive video interview with Inc., Sir Richard explains how he combats "analysis paralysis" at Virgin Group

Video 20
Video 20

Will Facebook Remain Relevant?

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with Ekaterina Walter. photo credit: Anirudh Koul via photopin cc. Vine and Instagram seem so much hipper right now.

Which Comes First, Customers or Employees?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Or better question: Why should companies have to choose between the two? Actually, I've got an even better question. Why not go for broke and do both?

The Next Decade Is The Internet Of Things


Since 1980‘s and 1990‘s we were constantly talking about world globalization and how interconnected we have become, partially thanks to the internet.

Give New Hires an Awesome First Impression: 3 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Think outside the HR handbook and give your new employees an unforgettable first day. Here are three ideas to get you started.

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Hiring Advisors or Finding Mentors

Babbling VC

As a VC and even now, I have a pet peeve about hired advisers (or board members) at very early stage businesses. In general, start-ups should not be paying for advice up until a certain point. Sure, there comes a time when you have to pay external professionals. Do pay for their services as you probably won't get them for free. Don't get me wrong.

Tech Trends: New Ways to Connect

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The skinny on new business-card alternatives. Recently, I tried out two promising alternatives, near-field communication and QR codes, at the L.A.

The Small Business Content Marketing Paradox

crowdSPRING Blog

“Content marketing” refers to creating information (content) that has value to others. ensure that the content is high quality.

6 Reasons to Choose a Strategic Buyer Over Private Equity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Nine years and three suitors after he was first approached, this entrepreneur decided to sell to a publicly-traded strategic buyer. Here's why.

[Hong Kong] Make a Difference Venture Fellows: A New Generation of Asian Entrepreneurs


A new Make a Difference (MaD) Venture Fellows Programme took place in Hong Kong from 24-27 January. shares Yotam Cohen, the co-founder of Wibbitz.

Rule for Success: Stay Open to New Ideas

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com, says you "have to develop a feeling for who your stakeholders are and figure out how to make them all winners."

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Leadership Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Jethro (Moses' Father-in-Law)

Seeing Both Sides

I was in synagogue last weekend for a cousin's bat mitzvah and was struck by the entrepreneurial lessons from the weekly Torah portion.

What 2012 Business Sale Trends Mean For 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

New data shows that sellers pushed to unload their small businesses before the possibility of a Fiscal Cliff and higher tax rates.

Warren Buffett's Definition of Investing

David Lee

From the Berkshire Hathaway 2011 Letter to Shareholders: with my edits. Read the whole thing here: (link). Investing is often described as the process of laying out money now in the expectation of receiving more money in the future. More succinctly, investing is forgoing consumption now in order to have the ability to consume more at a later date.