Tue.Jan 29, 2013

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Be Vulnerable

Feld Thoughts

We are told that leaders must be strong. They must be confident. They must be unflinching. They must hide their fear. They must never blink. They cannot be soft in any way. B t. The first was that I expressed incredible vulnerability in my talk. She thanked me for that. She was absolutely correct on both fronts. Human. They allow others in.

A compass is not a map

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

An entrepreneur confided in me recently that he didn’t like Lean Startup; did I think that was OK? Or is he not cut out to build a startup?

Less Than a Week Left to Apply to the Nike+ Accelerator

Feld Thoughts

If you’re working on a quantified self product or are part of a startup that would benefit from integration with Nike+, you have less than a week left to apply to the  Nike+ Accelerator, powered by TechStars  (deadline is February 3rd). Nike offers mentors, executives, technology, access to the developer portal, API, and more.

API 54

Just Do It

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

We have a two year rotation program at USV for most of our non partner positions. We hire incredibly talented people, suck them into everything we are doing for two years, and then ask them to leave. The USV alumni group is becoming quite a collection of talent. We made it even harder on her because we flirted with extending her stay.

Goodbye Jody. You Really Were Awesome

Both Sides of the Table

You’re gone too early. We still had so many more times to spend together. loved this image I saw posted by Andy Rankin. You came back. Ok, Jody.

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7 Essential Elements to Small Business Growth

Duct Tape Marketing

Business plans are great, useful even, but the planning process and a growth oriented plan of action is where it’s at for the small business.

4 Smarter Ways to Work Your Connections

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Success in business is all about relationships. Your network is your most important asset. Treat it that way. Segment your connections. It's all good.

Don’t Wait To Graduate To Start a Company

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Pitch. Pitch. Pitch. You will have access to a number of business plan competitions at your own or neighboring universities.  Meet deadlines.

10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They're busy working on everything from ingenious devices to artificial intelligence to truly targeted mobile advertising. Until Hooked , that is.

DataGravity: Transforming today’s dumb storage into tomorrow’s information

Peter Levine

DataGravity is poised to transform the storage landscape. The company represents a once-in-a-decade opportunity to create an entirely new category of storage by unlocking the value of data that today sits idle in a storage system. call the category “Storage Intelligence” and the transformation will be profound. billion.

How to Spark a Great Idea: 5 Steps

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There is a simple method for creating great ideas. And it really works. Some people have a knack for creativity. They spark ideas all the time.

Flash 45

Eight Bad Sleep Habits That Are Killing Your Success

Mike Michalowicz

Eight Bad  Sleep Habits That Are Killing Your Success. Sleep. Sweet sleep. After all, burning the candle at both ends does provide more light, right?

Best Business Advice: Just Kiss the Girl

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Stop reading, studying, and preparing to start a first business or a new career. Follow this sage advice, as I did. Yes, the math works out. Indeed.

How the Houston Startup Community Helped Me Go to Startup Weekend HQ

Startup Houston

Read the short backstory to this article here. Just a year ago I didn’t even know a startup community existed within Houston. Javid Jamae. Toedt.

The Power of Not Solving Problems

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The next time an employee tells you about a problem, stop, listen--but whatever you do, don't propose a solution. Right? Sometimes the answer is no.

8 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Growthink Blog

The lifecycle of most businesses from the owner's perspective is generally the same. First, you start or buy the business. Then, you grow the business.

How to Avoid Self-Sabotage

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If your core beliefs about yourself, your job, and your company aren't aligned, you can't possibly succeed. Many people are their own worst enemies.

Teflon Man as a nickname is not a complement

Taffy Williams

If these are hanging on your door, consider seeking help! People use a wide range of styles of managing their businesses. Employees do make mistakes!

How to Bring Your IT Strategy into the 21st Century

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Remember "the stack"--the layers of software and architecture that ran your back-end systems? Mobile has turned it on its head. It's time to adapt.

Innovation in Michiana, How Whirlpool Creates Magic

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Benton Harbor, Michigan, have you heard of it? It’s a big enough town that it shows up on the weather maps of Chicago TV stations. Joseph.

5 Tips Every Start-up Should Follow

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't be a start-up failure. Defy the odds and create a successful business by using these tips. Starting a business is risky. For U.S.

Fighting With Your Back Against the Wall

Rob Go

It’s a great scene in many movies.  There is a climactic moment when it’s clear that the odds are badly stacked against the heroes.  But it’s also clear that there is nowhere to run, or no time to avoid a conflict. It’s now or never, and a glorious battle ensues with a dramatic outcome, win or lose. This goes for employees as well as founders. 

Want to Create Insanely Great Products? Lessons From Pink Floyd

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The legendary band wouldn't have been so successful without some savvy business moves. charts for a single week. You should do the same.

10 Steps To Stop Procrastinating – So You Can Be More Productive At Work


By Jude Bijou MA MFT, author of “ Attitude Reconstruction – A Blueprint for Building a Better Life “ Everyone procrastinates.

Amazon Deletes Negative Reviews & Gets Away With It.But Can You?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Reviews and ratings can build you up--or take you down. Tips to harness them successfully. Smaller companies, however, shouldn't try to do the same.

Four Things To Consider When Taking Your Startup Global


Your startup is growing at a healthy pace and you’ve done pretty well in your domestic market. Congratulations! Localize your product. Carefully.

Core Values: 3 Ways to Cut the B.S.

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Corporate America is filled with examples of companies that say one thing. and then do the opposite. Make your values mean something. Here's how.

3 Qualities Of Effective Store Signage


by Scott Quinlan. Since time immemorial, signage is used by businesses and shopkeepers to promote their wares and services to the public.

Why Immigration Reform Is Good for Small Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

An overhaul of U.S. immigration laws will benefit all entrepreneurs--not just foreign-born American-trained engineers looking to start companies.

The War Is On: Rdio Launches All Over Nordics To Compete With Spotify


There is no doubt about it, the war for online music streaming space is on and its about to get nasty. million paying subscribers. Who is going to win?

VIDEO: Introducing "Business Brilliant: Secrets of the Self-Made"

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Are you ready to learn what it takes to be business brilliant?

Video 12
Video 12

Is it Government vs Free Market or Big vs Small?

Will Price

The airwaves today are filled with contrasting visions for the future of government. More government! More free enterprise!

Your Start-up Name Matters--A Lot

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Video 12

Oracles expanding Cloud

deal architect

I am glad I was part of a (virtual) fireside chat yesterday with Mark Hurd and Thomas Kurian on the Oracle Cloud before I read Bob Evans’ indignant post on Forbes which has the tone of “when is the world. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP