Fri.Sep 09, 2011

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Promises and Platitudes – The Dangers of Low Quality Advisors

Instigator Blog

Having great mentors can make a huge difference for you, individually, as an entrepreneur. I’ve never had a mentor, but looking back I’m certain it would have been very helpful. Even today. Mentors are there to help you, and by extension (potentially) your startup. mentor is still there adding value. Your Board of Directors is different.

SaaS Math: Why “I” love SaaS!


Hey folks, this is the 1st post in the SaaS Math series. Today I’d like to start with I love SaaS. And when I say “I&# , I mean investors.

Sales 23

Your Playing Small Doesn’t Serve Anyone

Duct Tape Marketing

Your Playing Small Doesn’t Serve Anyone This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Think about a goal you’ve set. So, why is it you didn’t achieve it?

Entrepreneurs Unplugged With Me – Part 2

Feld Thoughts

Last spring Brad Bernthal and Jill Van Matre turned the tables on me and interviewed me for CU’s Entrepreneurs Unplugged series.

The One Thing Every Venture Capitalist Wants

Growthink Blog

The partners and associates at venture capital firms are known as venture capitalists. This is the one thing that every VC wants. Narrow your list.

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Consumers Exert Ownership

Venture Chronicles

I have written on several occasions about how social network users and online community members have exerted their shared ownership of a service to affect changes in policy and feature. wendyslea sent me an interesting article in Forbes about how this is spilling over to corporations more broadly. What does this mean going forward?

VCs’ Next Phase


Businessworld has a cover story on the Indian venture capital industry, the risks it faces, and key players. Read on… Ecosystem

What Motivates You?


I've found myself thinking a lot about the research being conducted by the Startup Genome Project these days. Sponsor. DNA photo by net_efekt. Discuss.

[Infographic][U.S.] Unemployment By The Numbers


Here’s an infographic that shows the sobering figures. Which leaves not very much for the rest. More infographics and resources.

The Trouble with Non-Investor Investors

Mark Birch

You can file this under investors to avoid.  There are plenty of situations that I have seen where non-investor types get involved in startup funding. 

Checking out this Mightybell app

Jeff Hilimire

I read this morning about a new service called Mightybell , which is Gina Bianchini’s new outfit. My 1st Mightybell experience.

Leader driven Harmony #39: Do the Crappy Little Jobs FIRST!

Active Garage

It is so easy when running a business (or office, branch, etc.) to put off doing the crappy little jobs.  Don’t put it off for even an hour. 

Women Business Owners – This Is Your Moment

Up and Running

Yesterday I was sent a link to a study on women owned businesses. million businesses in the United States. They employed 19.1 trillion in sales.

Remake The Nokia Tune With Audiodraft


The most liked tunes on the Audiodraft page are actually very good and I'd seriously be thinking of using one for my iPhone.

Kayaks and Startups: Signalling direction on the open water by making a hard turn

This is going to be BIG.

Tweet. kayak on the waters around Manhattan--which is a ton of fun but can also be a bit precarious when it comes to navigating ferry traffic. A few weeks ago, we were with a group of paddlers and came face to face with a ferry boat heading in our direction. We wound up between it and the pier that it wanted to turn into coming around a bend.

It's Lonely at the Top? Guidance for the Early Stage CEO

Small Business Force

So you proved your concept. You have some actual customers, driving real revenue and maybe even have an employee or two. You've never done this before.

[Survey] [U.S] Small Business Owners Poised For Growth in 2012; Concerns Remain About Economy


says Raj Seshadri, Head of Small Business Banking at Citibank. Personal stress/being accountable for everything/everyone (60-percent).

Arctic15 Exclusive: Derek Sivers - Uncommon Sense (3/8)


In the run up to our Arctic15 conference , we've announced an exclusive video series with Derek Sivers , the founder of CD Baby.

Know Your Battlefield, Pick Your Battles

Small Business Force

They would know where the enemy was entrenched and what resources in manpower and armaments they possessed. Pore over their website. He's been there.

Why Read Math When You Can Hear It With ReadSpeaker?


Ever tried reading out mathematical formulas and notations? Sounds interesting but can be pretty tiring and difficult when you have an entire curriculum for the students or a site that uses mathematical notations excessively. cos?(?)cos?(?)?sin?(?)sin?(?). cos?(?)?sin?(?)sin?(?). sin?(?)sin?(?). sin?(?). Functions like Trigonometry and logarithms.

It's Lonely at the Top. Guidance for the Early Stage CEO

Small Business Force

So you proved your concept. You have some actual customers, driving real revenue and maybe even have an employee or two. Yikes! It's a scary time.

Arctic15 Week Is Full Of Startup Action


Arctic15 is less than two weeks away. We've worked with multiple different organisations to spice up the week and it seems it's full of interesting startup action for everyone. In this post, we've covered the different events and activities taking place that week. We'll also link to this post from the Arctic15 website and update this accordingly.

Which Marketing Tactics Should You Use to Grow Your Business?

Marketing Junkie

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are notoriously over-busy. Or spread yourself too thin trying to use them all. How did you choose them?

One Of These Days by Pink Floyd - Awesome.

Mark Birch

music rock instrumental drums Pink Floyd Nick Mason One Of These Days live concert Pompeii

Video 1

More Innovation

deal architect

On the New Florence blog The logistics of moving the 9 ton Amenemhat II Energy Harvesting Displays Uncle Sam’s App Store Farmer’s Mobile Catastrophe Fleet. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

Getting My School On

Mark Birch

This led me to think about motivation and self-improvement.  Our sys admin guru Dave stepped my through Unix installs.  What makes Learning 2.0

Facebook doubles revenue

EIN News

Zynga Poker and Rovio's Angry Birds. Some venture capitalists and industry experts see early signs that. all internet display advertisement impressions in the United States in June, more than the combined total

What’s Wrong With the Twitter API via @orian

Mark Birch

What’s Wrong With the Twitter API via @orian : All the big Internet platforms create some level of API anxiety within their developer community.

5 Mistakes Carol Bartz Made as Yahoo CEO

EIN News

months at Yahoo. To be sure, the venture capitalists might have preferred to cash out via. co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page; legendary venture capitalist John Doerr; Paul Otellini, Intel CEO; Ann. cultural hero among Chinese, both in the U.S. but worldwide. And China is one market

COVER FRIDAY: Have a Cigar performed by Foo Fighters - I am on a.

Mark Birch

COVER FRIDAY: Have a Cigar performed by Foo Fighters - I am on a Pink Floyd kick this week and this is one HEAVY version. music rock cover song Foo Fighters Pink Floyd Have a Cigar


Research and Markets: What Venture Capitalists Need to Know Before Structuring or Negotiating Their Next Employment Agre

EIN News

has announced the addition of the "What Venture Capitalists Need to Know Before Structuring or Negotiating. your next founder employment agreement as a venture capitalist A roadmap to the most important practical, and Markets Laura Wood, Senior Manager, U.S.

daryn: J. Mascis - Circle (Edie Brickell cover) The year that.

Mark Birch

daryn : J. Mascis - Circle (Edie Brickell cover). The year that this song was tearing up the airwaves was the same year that Dinosaur Jr.’s Bug was released. I don’t think Bug-era J. would have believed you if you told him that 23 years later he’d be recording this, but it works…. From this week’s  Daytrotter  session. cover friday acoustic J.


NREL to Help Four Start-ups Ramp up Solar Energy Innovations

EIN News

awarded $5.8 million to work with the U.S. Department of Energys National Renewable Energy Laboratory. turn lowers risk and gives assurance to venture capitalists and other private investors that the technology

COVER FRIDAY: Mother performed by Sinead O’Connor &.

Mark Birch

COVER FRIDAY: Mother performed by Sinead O’Connor & Roger Waters - From The Wall Live in Berlin , not quite a cover in the truest sense, but just a great job by Sinead singing a great song. music rock Sinead O'Connor Roger Waters Pink Floyd The Wall Mother