Fri.Feb 15, 2013

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Equity basics: vesting, cliffs, acceleration, and exits

The Startup Toolkit

false As a cheatsheet, the “normal” equity structure is: Founder terms: 4 year vesting, 1 year cliff, for everyone, including you. Advisor terms ( 0.5–2.0%

Engine. Where Startups Come Together

Feld Thoughts

I’ve regularly blog about patent trolls harassing startups and impeding innovation, the experiences of immigrant founders, and the battle for a free internet. That’s where Engine Advocacy comes in. A few months ago, I joined the Advisory Board of Engine to lend my support to an organization that is doing amazing work for the startup ecosystem.

Want Higher Productivity? Stop Treating Employees Like Children

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Monitoring every minute of your employees' day may make you feel better, but it keeps them from doing their best work. I'm sure that is true.

10 R’s of Motivation Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Startup Professionals Musings

One of the keys to maximizing the productivity of your team, as well as yourself, is motivation. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Resources. Rewards.

7 Ways to Tell Stories (Truthful Ones) to Sell Online

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to make social media work for you? Tell a story. personal, honest one about you, or an employee. Not effective? Try again. Use images often.

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3 Reasons to Treat Employees Like Family

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Applying some basic family principles to your employees can go a long way to improving loyalty and retention--especially during tough times.

Are You Guilty of These 7 Press Release Sins?

Rembrandt Communications

Save Money and Get Better Results with your PR Efforts If you look on the Internet, you will see some horrible press releases. And the businesses that distributed them probably thought they would be inundated with media and sales inquiries as soon as the press releases went live. Has this happened to you? If so, [.].

Make Your Writing Pop: 8 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With email and social media, everyone writes all the time now. Are you any good at it? Here are eight ways to improve. Have no fear! Doctorow.

1-(wo)man startups

Venture Hacks

The AngelList team is roughly organized into 1-(wo)man startups. That means we expect you to treat your project like a startup. You come up with the idea, do the design, write the code, release it, market it, support customers, collect external and internal feedback and then get to work on the next version. Or a designer. Or a product manager.

5 Women-Led Start-ups to Watch

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Female founders in Silicon Valley spent their Valentine's Day pitching their big ideas at the Women 2.0 start-up competition. Women 2.0

The Good News ? You're Really Successful! The Bad News ? You're Really Successful!

Small Business Force

Success is often a two-edged sword. With it comes the fruits of your labors.But also, with it comes the necessity to deliver on that success.

Reality Check: 5 Entrepreneurial Myths Busted

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In many ways, starting a business will be nothing like what you expect. One founder reflects on his top five reality checks.

In a Time When Authors Rule the Web

Duct Tape Marketing

About a year and a half ago I warned bloggers and content creators to take author markup and authority and Google+ seriously. If You Liked This Post.

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Gary Vaynerchuk: The Hardest Working Man in Social Media

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Scott Gerber corners the wine and social media entrepreneur for a heart-to-heart talk about life, Twitter, and the most valuable thing in business

Twitter Link Roundup #166 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing. Not Quite.

2 Kinds of Leadership: Are You a Steve Jobs or a Jack Welch?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Determine your leadership style and you can figure out the best way to approach change. Some are smooth; some are gruff. What is the point, then?

Take Risks. It’s Hard To Embarrass Yourself

Mike Michalowicz

It is a shame that so many entrepreneurs are afraid to take risks for the fear of permanent embarrassment. Ever hear of Marv Albert ? Then we forgot.

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5 Mistakes You're Making Online

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For a powerful online presence, what you don't do is as important as what you should be doing. Twitter? Don’t become a cautionary tale. 2.

I’m not saying no one is going to the Microsoft stores, but…

Jeff Hilimire

But everytime I see one, its empty. And at the same time, the Apple Store is almost always pretty full. Technology

Photos Are Social Media Gold

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are five ways to use images to grow your follower base on social media. Pictures and images make everything better, especially online.

Top 8 Best Business Schools in the US

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Going to the right business school can give you a huge advantage over the competition. Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Haas has a 12.2%

World's Dumbest Rebrand?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There have been some dreadful rebrandings in the past, but this one takes the cake. Get this: "" is changing its name to ""

Top 8 Best Business Schools in the World

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Going to the right business school can give you a huge advantage over the competition. Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Haas has a 12.2%

3 Things You Need to Know About E-Commerce in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A comScore report released yesterday outlined the big e-commerce, e-marketing, and web start-up trends of 2012 and predictions for 2013. Total U.S.

Elect Yourself President

Up and Running

This Monday is Presidents’ Day in the U.S. and in the spirit of the holiday we want to celebrate our favorite presidents and leaders. Namely:

Why You Need Marketing Automation Software

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't know what marketing automation software is? This sales tool will help you turn prospects into buying customers.

Game Consoles: The Last Remaining Walled Garden

Andrew Payne

The reddit user kmesithax wrote a brilliant comment yesterday about the realities of game console development, describing the tools and costs: Well, no, there is no OpenGL or any graphics API for that matter, it’s all some stupid low-level hardware API that you have to tickle to get any 3D rendering to work. Well, uh, okay.

API 10

Customer Service, Holistically

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two online platforms that help small businesses respond to customer commentary. Here are two to consider.

Helsinki-Based StyleLoving Gives Users A Social Fashion Shopping Platform


Helsinki has another Fashion startup popping up within its borders. This hook makes products an easy sell if you stumble onto them.

Founders: Do These 3 Things First

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sure, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But here are three things all entrepreneurs need to do right out of the gate. someone might steal it?

Reaktor POLTE Makes Their First Investment Into Helsinki Based Ninchat


In fact, we heard a rumor that they decline participation in the 'best place to work in Finland' competition, just to “let somebody else win”.

Gilt Groupe's Kevin Ryan: What Works, And Doesn't Work, in Flash Sales

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The online retail pioneer explains why he stepped down as Gilt CEO, and offers his predictions for the fate of the much-hyped industry. What happened?

Flash 19

The #1 Way to Improve Client Satisfaction

Early Growth Financial Services

The best way to improve your client satisfaction is by providing clients with the exact product or service they want. And how do you do that? By understanding your clients: what do they need and want and, of equal importance, what don’t they need and want. That may sound obvious in theory, but it is sometimes challenging to execute on.

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to be "Mr. Hustle" and Have a Life, Too

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The wine and social-media entrepreneur on being everywhere at once, most especially at home with his family