November, 2011

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Small Features

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But are small features really that easy to build? Small features are not necessarily easily to build. Session Lock is below the list of participants.

Want To Be A VC? Start A Company.

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Steve Blank has a great post up on his blog suggesting that VCs should require startup CEO experience in their partners' resumes. He quotes from me in that post but I'm not going to state which one came from me. You can guess if you want. You might be surprised to know that I agree with Steve. have never run a startup company.

The Real Cost of Patent Trolls

Feld Thoughts

James Bessen, Jennifer Ford, and Michael Meurer of BU School of Law have written a phenomenal paper titled The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls. Some highlights from the paper follow: Regarding money: From 1990 – 2010 NPE lawsuits are associated with $500 billion dollars of lost wealth to defendants. This is a classic logical fallacy.”

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How cold calling (properly) works better than AdWords

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

(Powered by LaunchBit ). Tweet. --> This is a guest post from Robert Graham — a solo bootstrapper who  blogs about the experience. He is a Ph.D.

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Future of TV: The Quick Version

Both Sides of the Table

” Here’s a link to watch it  or click the image below. The key factors that had to come together are depicted in the graphic below. TODAY.

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Don’t Forget To Bootstrap

Feld Thoughts

I recently spent some time with a long time friend and entrepreneur who I’ve funded in the past. He’s working on a new company which I think is really neat and I’m already a user of. He called me for feedback on his fundraising strategy as well as to see if it’s something that we’d be interested in investing in. It was.

You’ll Be Dead Soon – Carpe Diem

Steve Blank

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Takeoff.

10 Preparation Steps to Win an Angel Investment

Startup Professionals Musings

Every new startup I know dreams of being funded by an angel investor. Line up an experienced team. Get your Internet domain name and website.

Your startup needs a pre-launch signup landing page

47 Hats

[After last week's post on A prelaunch page for your startup , Josh Ledgard of KickoffLabs reached out to point out his alternative. by Josh Ledgard.

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The Curse of Knowledge in Product Design

Instigator Blog

(Powered by LaunchBit ) You know your product best. You know every feature, how it all works, the bugs, nuances and hiccups too. You know what’s coming next in the product roadmap. You definitely know more than your customers, right? Yup, you have the Curse of Knowledge. Des Traynor has a great blog post about this: The Language of Interfaces.

What Exactly Is A Lead Investor?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The term "lead investor" is often misunderstood. have seen VCs negotiate to be called a co-lead or a lead in the term sheet. But you don't get given that designation. You earn it.  Pierre made a point of being there the day one of his other companies went public. That last bit is the key point. It is what VCs should do.

15 Years Of Technology Progress

Feld Thoughts

Next week at Defrag I’ll be giving a talk titled “Resistance is Futile” I’ll be talking about my premise that the machines have already taken over. A few days ago a friend of mine emailed me a perfect image to summarize where we are today. Ponder and enjoy. Technology humor machines

If You Don’t Have a Discrete Hypothesis You Are Incapable of Failing

Both Sides of the Table

There are very few people in Silicon Valley who have such a precise grasp on what defines success of early-stage startup companies than Eric Ries.

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Startup Lessons Learned

The following is a rather unusual guest post. can't seem to help tuning into comment threads on blogs, news aggregators, etc. STARTUP IS VISION.

An Extensive Guide To Web Form Usability

Magazine. Network. Job Board. Smashing Directory. Coding. UXDesign. Wordpress. Designinformer. Facebook. Twitter. Newsletter. All categories. Coding.

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The Specification is Dead; Long Live the Specification

Instigator Blog

In the olden days, most people followed a waterfall method. It involved writing “complete” specifications on exactly what had to be built, how it would be built, how it would work, look, etc. You’d have the “complete” package of documentation up-front and then you’d start coding. like to write. Quite the opposite.


A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

A few weeks ago, I met with a VC who has been investing in healthcare for over 30 years. He asked if we invested in healthcare and I told him that we'd like to but we don't really know how to fit it into our investment thesis which is focused on large networks of engaged users disrupting large markets. Then we mostly lost touch.

Racism in Tech

Feld Thoughts

There was a huge kerfluffle over the weekend about racism in Silicon Valley which tried to end when Michael Arrington wrote a post titled  Oh Shit, I’m A Racist. And I’m sure there will be more posts, including this one. Of something that happened last week. Just to remind all of us that racism is alive and well in the US and in tech.

Why MANY smart people are not social?

Life Beyond Code

You and I both have met enough smart people who are not social. went on a journey to explore the reasons for the same. Here are reasons that I got: 1.

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People


You want to be persuasive. The power to influence people to get what you want is sometimes all it takes to be successful. Be confident, talk fast.

10 mistakes I’ve made so you won’t have to

Jeff Hilimire

Here are 10 mistakes that I’ve made over the past 15 years that I thought I’d share. Started a company when I was in college. So dumb.

Sleeping Under Your Desk

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(Powered by LaunchBit ) I’ve slept under my desk before. A few times in fact. never used it, but my partner did. Others may have as well.

Raise Cache

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

On the evening of November 17th, the NY tech community is going to throw a party to raise $100k for HackNY. You can see all of them here.

PBS Newshour on Accelerators

Feld Thoughts

PBS Newshour has a neat eight minute segment on accelerators. TechStars is featured, along with several others. TechStars accelerator startup bootcam

Blind spots that smart people should be aware of

Life Beyond Code

Blind spots are a problem for everyone – not just for smart people. have picked 7 such blind spots to consider. Photo credit: John K on Flickr.

That old-time startup religion

Startup Lessons Learned

Warning: the video below may be offensive to some readers. It contains irreverent use of religious language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

Both Sides of the Table

Launchpad LA today announces it will accept applications for its third class of Los Angeles-based tech startups. History. For the past 2.5 Report Card.

Be Selective in Early Beta Programs to Find the Ideal Customers and Use Cases

Instigator Blog

The goal of a startup is to find a sustainable, repeatable and scalable business model. And so much of a startup’s success is dependent on the early “beta period” where you provide access (to your product) to a limited group of prospects. Getting people to sign up for your beta is getting easier and easier. are all over the map.

NYU Poly Speech

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Then I got up on stage at NYU Poly and explained why I had recently become a Trustee of both NYU and Poly.

Books On Entrepreneurship

Feld Thoughts

I love books. love to read. realize I’ve had a dry spell – I’ve hardly been reading books at all this fall. That hasn’t stopped them from piling up as my infinite pile of books to read remains – well – infinite. gobbled down some entrepreneurship books in the last week. Yes – I loved it. Buy some books!

Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second

Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Benchmarking Cassandra Scalability on AWS - Over a million writes per second. million client writes per second. The m1.xl

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The CEO Should Be The Chief Experience Officer


Earlier this week, I was chatting with my friend, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot , Brian Halligan. There's a better way to describe the role.

Smarter Data Analysis of Google's https (not provided) change: 5 Steps

Occam's Razor

It is astonishingly common that we are asked to analyze the impossible. On board? Let's go… In an effort to make search more secure, on Oct.

How Images Can Boost Your Conversion Rate


People hardly buy anything without seeing it. Usually they also want to touch it, hold it and take it for a spin. High quality images. Context.