July, 2012

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Entrepreneurs Have Control When Things Work, VCs Have Control When They Don't

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I did an interview yesterday in Buffalo, NY where I was the past couple days for the launch of the Z80 incubator. It was a fun talk.

Lying on your resume

Steve Blank

It’s not the crime that gets you, it’s the coverup. Richard Nixon and Watergate. Badly Want the Job. Steve, you left off your education. 

Niche 2 Win, Baby.

500 Hats

Most startups think they have to be AWESOME to succeed. 1 of These Things != The Other. sounds inspirational, i know, but stick with me for a minute.).

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The Hustler

Instigator Blog

You spend enough time with enough startups and you genuinely come to appreciate the importance of The Hustler. The Hustler plays a few levels above where he * should, but gets away with it because of sheer willpower, ego and perceptivity. Tweet. The Hustler also gets into the nitty-gritty. The Hustler does not network for the sake of networking.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


I received a great question via LinkedIn: I'm the founding engineer and working hard to launch my startup. seem to encounter a lot of people who want to attach a CTO label to me as I'm the only programmer on the founding team of three. What can I do to best equip myself to step up when the need to officially fill this role arises? Accounting?

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Pink is the New Purple!

500 Hats

Dear Marissa: Think Different. It’s a bit off the wall, but if you think it thru with me, I bet you’ll agree with the strategy.


Steve Blank

TE·NA·CIOUS /T??N?SH?S/. Adjective: Not readily letting go of, giving up, or separated from an object that one holds, a position, or a principle: “a tenacious grip” Not easily dispelled or discouraged; persisting in existence or in a course of action. When I was a entrepreneur I’d pursue a goal relentlessly. Ok, no problem. Period.

New Early Stage Financing Options for Entrepreneurs


Don’t be embarrassed, since even professional investors are often confused these days by the new terms, as well as old terms used with new meanings.

Pricing to the demand curve

Chris Dixon

Many college microeconomics courses include the following exercise. The teacher takes the notecards and graphs the bids. That is lost revenue.

The Power Of Diversification

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I have written about this topic before but it's important and I want to say it again. Investing in startups is risky. They should be diversified.

Have You Fallen Into The Busy Trap?

Feld Thoughts

Are you “too busy.” ” When someone asks you how you are doing do you immediately respond with something like “I”m incredibly busy.” If Sure – I’ve been “busy”, but I don’t feel busy. We go out to dinner a few times a week. Busy, busy, busy. Or creative. Or particularly happy.

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late bloomer, not a loser. (I hope)

500 Hats

most of the time I think of myself as a failure. when I’m optimistic, I think maybe I’m just a late bloomer. know a lot of folks won’t understand this perspective, but when I was growing up I was always the smartest kid around. it was expected that I would do great things, by my mom, by my teachers, and most importantly, by me.

The Other Reason We Were in Stealth Mode

Vinicius Vacanti

When we quit our jobs to start a new company, the first question we always got: “So, what are you working on?” It puts you on the spot.

7 Ways to Cure Post-Pitch Depression


It’s one of the most frequent questions: What if I can’t get funded for my deal? What next? Who can I complain to? Lower your valuation.

Unrequited Love

Steve Blank

If there’s only one passionate party in a relationship it’s unrequited love. Here’s how I learned it the hard way. The Dartmouth Football Team. After Rocket Science I took some time off and consulted for the very VC’s who lost lots of money on the company. Their VP of Sales was about 6’ 3” and seemed to be almost as wide. Wrong.

Helping others to achieve greatness as I attempt a bit of my own

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Like many of my friends and colleagues, I was touched by this heartfelt post by Dave McClure yesterday. This part really rings true to me: and so here I am: still standing in the arena, in hand-to-hand combat with demons mostly of my own making, aiming to make a small dent in the universe. but I’m still grasping for that brass ring. Check. Check.

Tech Reporter Contact List

Feld Thoughts

I get asked all the time for a list of “tech reporters / bloggers” to contact around an announcement. A few weeks ago, I was pointed to a list on the web by Brownstein & Egusa titled the  Tech Reporter Contact List. It’s actually seven lists. Top 100 Tech Blogs. Top Tech Blog Reporters. Top 100 Newspapers. Popular Bloggers.

Entrepreneurs Who Can See Around the Corner

Startup Professionals Musings

The ultimate compliment that any entrepreneur can get is that they can “see around corners.” Most of you could suggest one more, but not many.

From Airbnb to TaskRabbit to Zimride, sharing is becoming big business


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“Bored” of Directors Can Become Clash of Titans


Rhetoric has the power to engage or alienate, to enchant or disaffect.  Perhaps no better example exists than the term “ Corporate Governance.” 

Reflections and Impressions from a 10-Day Meditation Course

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

became meta aware of this mental clarity. It’s how I imagine it feels to “wake up” in the middle of your dreams and control them.

How bundling benefits sellers and buyers

Chris Dixon

The assumption seems to be that bundling is an artifact of another era when distribution was physical. The cable company would get $18 in revenue.

Have A Wake For Failed Startups

Feld Thoughts

In my upcoming book,  Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City , Mark Solon ( Highway 12 Ventures ) tells the story of a “startup wake” in a section where he gives an outsiders view of the Boulder startup community. “I’ll never forget one of my early visits to Boulder. nice meal. Encouragement.

If You See Yourself Here, Skip the Startup Dream

Startup Professionals Musings

People who can’t manage their own lives don’t make good entrepreneurs. That’s why Fortune 500 executives usually don’t survive as startup CEOs.

Software Inventory


Joel on Software. Software Inventory. by Joel Spolsky. Monday, July 09, 2012. Buckets of sesame seeds. Big vats of dough. Little balls of dough.

Copywrong Again: Founding the Next Pinterest or Napster?


Does using a friend’s name or photo in a Facebook “Sponsored Story”  (e.g., “David S. Rose likes Gust.

The Most Obvious Mobile Ad Unit and What the New York Times Got Wrong

Both Sides of the Table

The New York Times recently ran an article titled, “ Tech Companies Leave Phone Calls Behind.” ” I love the NY Times and am a paying subscriber. But this article missed the real trend. They cite Quara, Google, Twitter & Facebook as obvious examples. … phones cost money, phones do not scale. But only from customers. 2.

BuzzFeed’s strategy

Chris Dixon

BuzzFeed’s CEO, Jonah Peretti , recently sent out an email to employees and investors summarizing the company’s strategy and progress. really liked his email so I asked Jonah if I could blog it and he gave me permission. think Jonah’s email captures this well. From: Jonah Peretti . Subject: The Top 7 Reasons BuzzFeed Is Killing It.

Business Model Canvas for Puppies (part I)

Grasshopper Herder

TaskRabbit launched a new business: Puppies-as-a-Service I think it's a fabulous idea and it'll make a great example to use with our new Business Model Canvas. Business Model business model business model canvas business plans puppies user experience

Five Legal Pitfalls That Sink Many Good Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

Here are five of the most common examples: Failure to document a Founder agreement at the beginning. Trouble with the IRS over Founders stock value.

Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox, part 1


Rajivs blog. RSS Archive. July 12, 2012. Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox, part 1. any real-world engineering project ;-). Run with extra load.

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A Startup Advisory Board Dream Team is Priceless


These should be carefully selected, with a proven track record, willing and available to help, and be completely trustworthy. Let’s talk specifics.

How to Find Startup Co-Founders Online and in the Real World

VC Cafe

“ You have to sit by the side of a river for a *very* long time before a roast duck will fly into your mouth “, said Guy Kawasaki.

Partners Forever (or close to it)

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Mitt Romney is taking some flack for continuing to have ongoing involvement in Bain Capital well after he supposedly left the firm for good in 1999. I am not supporting Romney for President as I can't get comfortable with his party's views on social issues that matter a lot to me. still sit on several boards from that portfolio.