December, 2010

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The Shortcut We Took to Build Yipit in Three Days

Vinicius Vacanti

Family, friends, journalists, potential investors and palm readers will tell your idea is brilliant or foolish but they don’t really know. Crazy?

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Just Make It Faster

Feld Thoughts

As a user, how often have you thought “I wish this web service was faster.&#  As a CEO, how often have you said “just make it faster.&#  Or, more simply, “why is this damn thing so slow?&#. People who develop broad skills also tend to develop a good mental model of how different layers of a system behave.

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How David Garland built a community of 100,000 followers in 24 months

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Two years ago I started my website The Rise To The Top in October 2008. Of course, like many of us, I really had no idea what I was doing. Zippo.

14 Ways To Be A Great Startup CEO


Everyone thinks that being a startup CEO is a glamorous job or one that has to be a ton of fun. You know the press articles I'm talking about. Don't.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

Both Sides of the Table

Let me explain. One obvious example is the OSI model in which we have seven layers ranging from the physical layer at the bottom of the stack (e.g.

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You Have to Jump First

Instigator Blog

Startups are founded by people that make the leap before anyone else. If you don’t leap first, you don’t stand a chance of winning. Insane.

7 Reasons Why You Need To Work For A Big Company


The following is a guest post by MArk Stephens. Mark is the founder and CEO of IDR Solutions. Large companies tend to be regarded as dull and unsexy.

How to Run Better Presentations & Improve Results

Both Sides of the Table

I sit through a lot of presentations.  It’s usually people wanting to raise money and/or persuade me of something. Most of them sucked. Aaargh.

Metrics that Matter for 2011 (One Page PDF)

Life Beyond Code

Note: I created this one page self-assessment checklist late last year. Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of the questions for this year.

Vetting a startup (or two): The systematic birth of @WPEngine

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Let me also dispel your doubts that you can't produce similar ideas with similar results using a similar process. And it worked. Here's how to do it.

Lean Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and Startups

crowdSPRING Blog

Small businesses and startups face many challenges when marketing their products and services. Such plans can help – and strategy IS important.

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The Secret to Successful Job Referrals

Instigator Blog

Lots of companies are entering the job referral space. It’s heating up like crazy. They’re looking at someone’s social graph and trying to figure out how to convince and incentivize that person to recommend friends for jobs. Why is that the case? If they have to think about it for a long time, they won’t do it.

How To Become Legendary- 23 Things Michael Jordan Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


If you know me personally, or even digitally , then you know that I am a physical fitness and athletic enthusiast. Have the courage to fail. DON'T.

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

Both Sides of the Table

It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter. was born. Excite, Netscape & MSN. That’s Twitter.

How to master your iPad

How to Change the World

Are you trying to master your iPad? I’ve got a deal for you. Just go here and “like&# the page to get it.


Learning Python

Feld Thoughts

January’s Tech Theme of the Month is going to be Python.  I realize it’s still December; I decided to get a head start. Every couple of years, I fuck around with a new language and environment. PHP is the one that has stuck the best and I can read it and hack around if necessary. Programming python

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3 Awesome, Downloadable, Custom Web Analytics Reports

Occam's Razor

In a world where we are overwhelmed with data and metrics and key performance indicators and reports and dashboards and. love custom reports. Sorry.

5 Ideas to Spot an Opportunity

Life Beyond Code

Note : A shorter version of this article was published first in my newsletter. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Look for gaps. Look to Listen.

How to Detect a Toxic Customer

Software By Rob

A month ago I received a sales inquiry via email for my  invoicing software package. The prospect asked if we could complete the questions he had attached in a spreadsheet: I will need the attached questions answered in order to proceed as I can’t get them all answered off your website. And that’s when it started to get good. Toxicity.

Why You Should Make Your Competitors Your Frenemies

Both Sides of the Table

But forget talking about them, how should you actually treat your competitors? When Enemies are Good. 1. Software. Software, software, software.

SaaS Economics – Part 1: The SaaS Cash Flow Trough

For Entrepreneurs

Provides SaaS entrepreneurs with an Excel spreadsheet model and graphs that show the cash flow trough that happens to SaaS or subscription businesses that use a sales organization. Building for Success Business Model SaaS Sales & Marketing Machine Software as a Service

The BigDoor MiniBar

Feld Thoughts

If you are reading this on my website you’ll see a new bar popup at the bottom of your browser.  It’s the BigDoor MiniBar.  If you are a regular reader of Feld Thoughts, check in and join the community. We invested in BigDoor earlier this year as part of our Distribution theme. BigDoor’s goal is to “gamify&# any website.

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Startup Lessons Learned

Thank you, 2010. I'm excited for 2011, and I want to share some of my plans for the coming year. My belief is that the lean startup is that theory.

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Reaching Corporate goals using Business Intelligence

Active Garage

Most companies have a mission.  While this is a noble gesture, is it realistic?  Unless you’re the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, probably not. 

Some Entrepreneurs Neglect to Enjoy the Holidays

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s been a tough business year, but I hope you are all taking some time off this holiday weekend, to celebrate with the family. Beat the competition.

Talking to a VC About Your Competitors

Both Sides of the Table

Competition. Unless you’re Microsoft selling an OS for a PC you probably have some. Remember: being too early is the same as being wrong.

Ten Crowdsourcing Trends for 2011

crowdSPRING Blog

Crowdsourcing is fundamentally changing business, government, non-profits, education, research, and other sectors. This trend is rapidly accelerating.

The “thin edge of the wedge” strategy

Chris Dixon

Establishing relationships with new users is the hardest part of growing a startup. For consumer products establishing relationships can mean many things: installs, registrations, purchases, or even just getting users to think of your website as a place to go for certain purposes. widget on their website). geo product design startups strategy

Invest In The Mess

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

There's a front page story in the NY Times today about the hyperactivity in web startupland. They quote from a few posts I've made on this blog and I think Jenna and Evelyn did a nice job with the story. The thing that's clear from reading the story is the hyperactivity is in the early/seed stage market and the late stage market.

The Origin of Leaders #4: Self-discipline. Cultivating the habit of completion

Active Garage

I feel a fraud writing on self-discipline. started this post over 6 weeks ago. Seth Godin says that “Professionals ship”. What would my parents say?

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Hubris, Passion and Customer Development

Steve Blank

While I was teaching at Columbia in New York in November I was interviewed for the Shoshin Project by my friend Christian Jorg. Filed under: Customer Development. Customer Development

Even Batman is annoyed with checking in

Jeff Hilimire

Found a great new blog, Frak Yeah Social Media , and this hidden nugget there… Mobile Random cartoon check-in location-based marketing

Going Down? Q3 VC Investments in US Tech Drop 14%

VC Cafe

T he latest VentureDeal quarterly report is out (see pdf) and it suggests that VC activity in tech has slowed down in the third quarter. million.

A Heart Surgeon and an Internet Marketer: Interview with Dr. Mani

Life Beyond Code

I am very inspired by the work of my friend Dr. Mani Sivasubramaniam. Dr. Mani is a heart surgeon. Dr. Mani is also an Internet Marketer. MS: One word.