June, 2012

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Gust Blog - Thoughts on startups by investors that fund them


Last weekend I caught Mashable announcing that Ebook Sales Surpass Hardcover in the U.S., And in January I saw that digital music

Startups and a Common Misunderstanding in Agile Software Development


I've done four Free CTO Consulting Sessions in the past month with startup founders who all had run into variations of the same problem.

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Stop claiming you’re profitable

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

So all you needed to do is sell one $49/mo account — which you did — and you’re profitable! Why not? — but not for years.

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Entrepreneurship for the 99%

Steve Blank

———– The 99%. Berkeley. The reality is that the United States is still a nation of small businesses.  Serendipity. companies.

What Do You Look For?

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I'm asked this question all the time. Is it team? Is it the idea? Is it product? Is it market? Why is this the right team to do this?

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When do I *stop* doing customer interviews and start writing code?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

How many should I talk to? 5? Here are the details of both of those customer development experiences. But there’s no one “number.”

Business Model Canvas for User Experience

Grasshopper Herder

The Business Model Canvas is the tool of choice for a business dashboard. It very much appeals to the business guy in me. It irks the UX part of my brain. Business Model User Experience business model business model canvas business plans user experience

Mobile Is Where The Growth Is

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

If you look at any of the top web properties on comScore, Quantcast, Alexa or any other third party reporting service you will see that they all have been fairly flat over the first half of the year. You might think that all these big web services are flatlining. We have seen this in our portfolio too. Web is flattish. Monetization is different too.

There is No Risk

Instigator Blog

When I started Year One Labs (with Ray, Alistair and Ian), we spent a lot of time looking for founders. It took us six months to make five investments. During that time we spoke with, interviewed, and hung out with lots of people, looking for teams, but also looking for individuals that we thought had what it takes to be startup founders.

Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe

Feld Thoughts

My friend Chris Moody , the COO of Gnip, has another guest post up today titled Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe. He’s written about this in the past on his blog, but we both thought it was worth reposting. Enjoy – and comment freely, especially if you disagree or have constructive feedback. Values. Play hard.”  Is this really a value?

When Should A Company Be Formed Around an Idea?

Ask The VC

Question: I participated in a company’s “app challenge weekend” (which they described as somewhere between a hackathon and a startup weekend). I am excited to continue working on the product that my team built over the weekend with 2 of the team members (my brother and the guy who pitched the idea).

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What A VC Orders for Breakfast Says

Genuine VC

One of the things that surprised me most about venture capital when I got into the business is how much VCs seem to like to meet for breakfast. VCs usually typically reserve dinners for portfolio companies’ CEOs and board members. And “doing lunch” doesn’t happen that often because VCs don’t like going out of the office mid-day much.

The 10 Best Sources of Cash to Start Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Money to build the business is the number one challenge for most startups. large percentage of startups never apply to either. Friends and family.

The art of important work, of making a ruckus and of inventing the future

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Entrepreneurs teach VCs , not the other way around. And I was lucky early in my career to back Seth Godin , who taught me a lot. When I met Seth, he was writing books and building a web company. backed that web company, Yoyodyne, which exited to Yahoo! a few years later. But books were always Seth's passion and he's written a bunch of them.

Free Startup Docs: How Much Equity Should Advisors Get?


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The Brilliance of The Struggle

Feld Thoughts

Ben states that there is no answer to The Struggle but offers some things that may or may not help. I’d like to take it one step further and explain the brilliance of The Struggle. And I’ll begin at the end, by starting with one my favorite John Galt quotes. ” – John Galt. And that brings to mind the famous Nietzsche quote.

Why the integrated approach to mobile devices is winning

Chris Dixon

Google took a similar strategy with Android but then reversed course when they acquired Motorola. But no one really knows. paywall ]. startups

Top 40 Mompreneurs You Should Follow on Twitter

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Holly Hanna – TheWorkatHomeWoman. Austin Work at Home Mom, Blogger & Woman Entrepreneur. link]. 2. Roz Walker – The Savvy Mompreneur.

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8 Attributes of a Real Entrepreneur That Run Deep

Startup Professionals Musings

Business success begins in the mind of the startup founder and his team. It’s not so easy to fake the important attributes when the going gets rough.

Some Perspective

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I don't disagree with PG when he says that Facebook's IPO performance (or lack thereof) has the potential to impact valuations in startup land. think it will be particularly impactful on the late stage and secondary markets where most of the IPO valuation speculation is happening. That means Facebook has an enterprise value of roughly $43bn.

Sketching A New Mobile Web


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The Power of TAGFEE and Just Executing

Feld Thoughts

So far I’m pleased with my shift to Maker Mode this summer.  I’ve managed to get in a solid four hours of writing on my Startup Communities book each day and will have a full draft to circulate to a small group of people on Saturday. Yesterday I saw a post from Gnip titled  You Are What You Do. It’s so unbelievably liberating. .

How do I know where to advertise?

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

This is part of an ongoing startup advice series where I answer (anonymized!) questions from readers, like a written version of Smart Bear Live.

Josh Breinlinger: Why VCs Lie

Ask The VC

I discovered Josh Breinlinger’s blog this morning via a tweet from @stefanobernardi. added it to the Ask the VC blogroll and read through  VCs are liars. And so am I. VC Post of the Day breinlinger sigma vc post of the day


Startups Today Need Anticipatory Customer Service

Startup Professionals Musings

Customer service has always been reactionary, meaning someone to wake up and answer website email requests. Self-service needs to have escape hatches.

Disqus2012 Launches

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Today is launch day for Disqus2012. And Disqus has made a 60 second spot showing off it's new baby and all the tricks it can do.

Steve Would Be Proud: How Apple Won The War Against Flash


Either way, it caps off a five-year battle to win the mobile landscape — a war which for Adobe ended in defeat. The iPad Effect. TC apple

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Startup Iceland Interview With The Brads (Feld and Burnham)

Feld Thoughts

Brad Burnham ( Union Square Ventures ) and I were in Iceland a few weeks ago for the Startup Iceland event.

What It's Like To Be The CEO: Revelations and Reflections


The following is a guest post from Paul DeJoe, founder at Ecquire and EIR at Fairbridge Venture Partners. It's worth reading too -Dharmesh. Epilogue.

Pro-rata Rights For Angels

Ask The VC

Joanne Wilson (aka Gotham Gal ) has an outstanding post today titled Pro-rata rights. In it she makes two important points about angel investing. She won’t do a deal if the legal documents aren’t good. She won’t do a deal if she doesn’t get pro-rata rights. Terms angel joanne wilson pro-rata rights seed

Even Startups Can’t Innovate Without a Process

Startup Professionals Musings

Most entrepreneurs I know are individually very innovative, but a successful startup can’t be a one-man show (for long). Generate ideas.

Social Proof Is Dangerous

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Hunter Walk has a post up suggesting that "social proof" is not as helpful of an indicator of startup quality as it once was. have always hated the idea of social proof. It's just the herd instinct at work. It's nonsense. If you can't figure out why you like an investment and why it will be successful, don't make it.

Ex-Facebookers launch MemSQL to make your database fly


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The Microsoft Accelerator (Powered By TechStars) Is A Hit And It’s Expanding

Feld Thoughts

The first cycle of The Microsoft Accelerator , powered by TechStars , is in its final run up to demo day. Demo Day is in Seattle on June 28th. Python?