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9 Ways To Make Your Startup Grow Virally

Vinicius Vacanti

If you want your start-up to become the next big thing, it’s not good enough to just build a great product. Tumblr.  Instagram.  Foursquare. 

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Killing Your Startup By Listening to Customers

Steve Blank

The art of entrepreneurship and the science of Customer Development is not just getting out of the building and listening to prospective customers.

What's Wrong With Sensationalist Media

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Check out this email I got from a major media company this past week: I was just talking to my boss about New York's tech scene and the types of stories I should go after. He  He wants me to get a little personal like digging into how founders and investors are actually using all this money flowing into the city.

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My Gradual Shift From Skype to Google Hangouts

Feld Thoughts

I’ve tried to aggressively shift to video conferencing instead of audio conferencing for anything longer than a 15 minute call. I’m also giving a lot of talks around the world, especially on Startup Communities , so rather than travel and burn a day (or more), I’m doing 30 minute videoconferencing things remotely.

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Entrepreneurs Need Creative Thinking After the Idea

Startup Professionals Musings

Most aspiring entrepreneurs believe their initial idea and inspiration requires the most important creative thinking. Think the unthinkable.

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Everybody Wants Their Pound of Flesh (Negotiating with Buyers)

Both Sides of the Table

I recently wrote a post about negotiating with suppliers called “ The End of the Mexican Road.” think most of us feel this way, really.

10 Ways for Startups to Expand Their Reach in 2012

Startup Professionals Musings

As entrepreneurs, you always need to be on the lookout for ways to expand your current business, and always on the lookout for your next big thing.

Some tips on interacting with the press

Chris Dixon

Here are a few things I’ve learned over the years about the best ways for entrepreneurs to interact with the press (by press I mean blogs as well as traditional media). - Don’t be afraid to ask what the rules are. Is this on or off the record? If they are writing an article about your company, do they require exclusivity? startups

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Verizon 4G MiFi Obliterates Hotel WiFi

Feld Thoughts

On day two of my 14 day visit to Miami Beach, I realized that the hotel WiFi at the W Hotel was not going to work for me. Once again I was at a Starwood Hotel, which I love, except for the abysmal WiFi and WiFi policies. In this case, performance of WiFi in my room sucked and the cost was $15 / device / day. tried my iPhone 3G tethering.

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Find Egg-breakers: People With Influence & Authority and Are Unafraid to Use Them

Both Sides of the Table

These are the permanent members of a VC. This lesson on NINAs applies to VC pitches as well as any sale. 1. Some people have authority (A).

Startups: Attack The Problem, Not The Competition


Pin It. Pin It. Do not become obsessed with beating the competition. Instead, obsess over beating the problem you are out to solve.

Once you take money, the clock starts ticking

Chris Dixon

One of the interesting things about having been investing in startups for a number of years is that at any moment you get an inside peek at startups at a variety of different stages. Sadly, there are also usually a few companies that are struggling and facing the serious possibility of running out of money and being forced to shut down. startups

5 Ways to Bungle the Step from Corporate to Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Many people, especially those who have spent years struggling up the corporate ladder, dream of jumping ship and becoming an entrepreneur.

5 Habits of Customer-Obsessed Companies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's a reason ESPN, Google, and Zynga lead their industries. They're relentless about understanding their users. Here's how you can be too.

Learn by copy

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

English III teaches you how to write things that English III teachers want to read, but it’s not necessarily great writing. It’s 160 words.

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Fred Wilson Visits With the HBS Start-Up Tribe

Seeing Both Sides

Similar to last year , it was a terrific session. started the class off by encouraging the students to live tweet the entire 90 minute session.

Your Entrepreneur World Changes When You Take Money

Startup Professionals Musings

His first reality reset is that now, maybe for the first time, he really has a boss, or several bosses, and often very demanding ones at that.

5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

My clients are just like yours: They want to Skype, email and text. But here's why you still need face time. You're off the record. Make an impression.

The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith: High Tech and High Touch

Grade A Entrepreneurs

” So the whole point is: how do you get to be known from people, how to you get them to like you and how to you earn their trust?

6 Tips for Awesome Blog Headlines

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

So what’s in a name? In the case of blog headlines it’s everything. Make it Pop. Use Keywords. Keywords are what get your content read!  Stay Short.

Chasing Problems?

Startup Marketing Blog

The best startups generally begin by trying to address a really important problem worth solving. If they can nail the solution to this important problem, they have a great chance of building a successful startup. How Solving Problems Can Lead to Failure. Surprisingly, founders’ instincts to solve problems can also cause us to fail.

It’s Time to Ditch the DIY Website

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Americans spent $200 billion online in 2011. The opportunity for retailers is huge--but you're not going to grab it with a DIY website.

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Why Pinterest Is Not the Next Big Thing for Your Business

Duct Tape Marketing

Why Pinterest Is Not the Next Big Thing for Your Business This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. That’s the next big thing. Here’s the thing.

Five tips for improving your website content

Up and Running

To be competitive in today’s online community, your website must give visitors a good first impression. Outline tangible goals.

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Design Staff ? Hiring a designer: how to review portfolios

Design Staff

It's easy to spot a beautiful portfolio. Designers know that looks sell, and many people sell themselves that way. But the

Fix Your Presentations: 21 Quick Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Drowning in a PowerPoint swamp? Use these easy tricks to make your presentations more compelling & persuasive. just plain boring. Keep it relevant.

Is your Boss killing your ideas?

Life Beyond Code

That one item is about their Boss killing their ideas ruthlessly. How do you handle the issue of your Boss killing your ideas? Carpe Diem!

Back To School

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I've always loved Rodney Dangerfield's Back To School. laugh out loud just thinking about that film. This week I'm doing my own version of Back To School. Apparently this is the fifth year in a row that I've met with them. talk for a half an hour then take questions for half an hour. Here's a Storify summary of the session.

Who You Gonna Call? Partnering with Goliath: A Tale of Two Announcements

John O'Farrell

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 2, 2003. HP and Opsware Inc. Join Forces to Deliver Enhanced Automation for HP’s Utility Data Center. SUNNYVALE, Calif.,

Happiness Makes Your Brain Work Better

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Entrepreneurs, in general , are strivers. And understanding this is particularly valuable for entrepreneurs, Achor said in an interview.

6 Small Business Website Must-Haves

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Owning and running a small business now most certainly requires the inclusion of an effective website. Even the smallest business is expected to have at least some sort of web presence.  Simply paying the kid down the street to set up a run-of-the-mill boring website is more than likely not worth your money.  Being a

Strata: Mixing the Social Data Cocktail

Everyone knows you can learn a lot by trawling data coming from social media services like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. Sponsor. The Data Cocktail.

Succeeding at the default metrics will kill you

The Startup Toolkit

Folks who know nothing about your business will evaluate it based on the default metrics: traffic & revenue. They will advise you to increase these 2 numbers. Accepting the default metrics is bad. The top cause of startup death is trying to grow before the foundation is solid. It’s tempting, too. They’re  default. Focus on referral.

The Golden Rule of Networking: Don't Keep Score

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This is the only way to win at networking: Always offer to help. Never expect anything in return. What's that mean? Reciprocity. No quid pro quo.