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If You Can’t Explain What You Do In A Paragraph, You’ve Got A Problem

Feld Thoughts

Here’s an email exchange that I had in the past 24 hours with an entrepreneur. Remember, I try to answer all of my emails and be responsive to any inquiry – this was a random one (which I get between 25 and 100 a day). Entrepreneur: I just wanted to touch base with you and see if you are taking on new startups right now.

Startup Communities – Building Regional Clusters

Steve Blank

How to build regional entrepreneurial communities has just gotten it’s first “here’s how to do it” book. Leaders and Feeders. It may even be right.

Why “saving money” and “ROI” are probably the wrong way to sell your product

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I can’t remember how many times at Smart Bear I tried to sell Code Collaborator with the argument that it “saves you money.” How-To

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Stealth Mode Entrepreneurs Only Increase the Risk


Image via Every time I hear about a new startup that is in stealth mode, I wonder what problem they are hiding from whom.

Kauffman Sketchbook on Startup Communities

Feld Thoughts

started my talk off today by showing a video that the Kauffman Foundation just did for Startup Communities. It follows.

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The Power of a Deadline

Feld Thoughts

If you’ve ever shipped anything, you understand the power of a deadline. My top work priority is my activity as a partner at Foundry Group.

Street Smart Disciplines Every Entrepreneur Needs

Startup Professionals Musings

Some people argue that street smarts are only a natural born skill, but I disagree. believe they are disciplines that can be taught and learned.

How Much Should A Startup Founder/CEO Pay Herself?

Early Stage Adventures

This post originally appeared on Dharmesh Shah’s wonderful blog –  OnStartups. The lower the CEO salary, the more likely it is to succeed. million.

6 Tips For Mastering Your New LinkedIn Profile

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Notice anything different on your LinkedIn profile page? It's not your imagination--and it needs your attention. Here's what you need to know.

90 Things I've Learned From Founding 4 Technology Companies Fab Feed Bradfords Blog. Archive. 90 Things I’ve Learned From Founding 4 Technology Companies. On October 27, 2010 I wrote a blog post about the “ 57 Things I Learned Founding 3 Tech Companies.”. The discussion quickly turned to those 57 things. Amazing. So, here goes. Your One Thing falls at the intersection of 3 truths:? So, pivot.

Google Founders Define the Meaning of ‘Exceptional’

Startup Professionals Musings

I tell entrepreneurs that Google was an “exception” to all the investment and startup rules, but I’ve always wondered what it takes to be an exception.

6 Environmental factors that may affect your business

Taffy Williams

Near the top of Haleakal?, an extinct volcano in Maui, lives a unique and beautiful plant called the Silversword. above sea level.

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8 Qualities of Fearless Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You know the type: They do things other business owners only dream of doing--and usually succeed. They say yes first--then figure out how to deliver.

Programmer Competency Matrix

Programmer Competency Matrix. Note that the knowledge for each level is cumulative; being at level n implies that you also know everything from the levels lower than n. Computer Science. 2 n (Level 0) n 2 (Level 1) n (Level 2) log(n) (Level 3) Comments. Working with someone who has a good topcoder ranking would be an unbelievable piece of luck!

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Mini Saga #126 – Artist

Life Beyond Code

Mini Saga #126 – Artist. Frank was an artist.  At least he thought he was. Four years, nothing had worked. Jim asked. Note: 1.


The Creativity of Entrepreneurs: An Interview with Author Bryan Mattimore

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Perhaps his unifying theme is based on facilitating creativity and productivity by getting your brain working in several different ways.  He gives up!

Do One Thing & Do It Better Than Anyone Else

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Become the best darn whatever-you-are that you can be. Set aside your other good ideas. The rest will follow. And they had a great idea. Wrong!

57 Things I've Learned Founding 3 Tech Companies Bradfords Blog Fab Feed. Archive. 57 Things I’ve Learned Founding 3 Tech Companies. I’ve been founding and helping run technology companies since 1999.  My latest company is Here are 57 lessons I’ve learned along the way.  I could have listed 100+ but I didn’t want to bore you. 1. You are your best focus group. 2.

When to Obsessively Focus and When to Court Serendipity

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Cal Newport writes a lot about the importance of hard focus to produce meaningful accomplishments. write  a lot about randomness and serendipity.

The 7 Most Important SEO Factors for Bloggers

Duct Tape Marketing

photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc. Right out of the proverbial box your site stands a better chance of ranking for key terms. Title.

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23 Rules for Face-to-Face Meetings

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Follow these guidelines when you meet with customers and you're much more likely to win their business. DO have a specific goal. DON'T be showy.

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8 Ways We Deceive Ourselves With Metrics (And How To Avoid Them), Part I

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The Only Way to Make Sure You’re Better Off Four Years From Now


by Gregory Downing, author of “ Entrepreneur Unleashed “ The anxiety swirling around the upcoming election is almost palpable. Don’t.

Regulatory hacks

Chris Dixon

A common way to think of business regulations is by analogy to sports: the rules are specified up front, and the players follow the rules. But real regulations don’t work that way. Regulations follows business as much as business follows regulations. Sometimes the businesses that change regulations are startups. ’s decision. startups

10 Barriers to Great Leadership

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Any growth process includes the inevitable stumbling blocks. Leadership growth is no different. They are signposts on the learning journey. ” 5.

Very Basic Startup Marketing

Rob Go

I was spending some time with an MIT senior who is very involved with the startup community and has spent some time working at venture funded companies.  We were chatting a bit about marketing for early stage companies.  How important is it?  Who does it well? Does it even matter? Potential users need to “get it” right away.

Hacker News For Startup Communities

Feld Thoughts

I’m a huge admirer of Hacker News – it’s one of the sites I look at every day in my Daily reading routine. scan the links, often click through to articles, and occasionally comment. I’ve decided to try a similar approach for the Startup Revolution community that I’m calling the Startup Revolution Hub.

What Tech Startups Can Learn From Dance Crazes


By Garrett Heath. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen South Korean rapper Psy’s music video Gangnam Style. Let’s Twist Again.

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5 Ways to Send Productivity Through the Roof

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how to motivate employees to get more done--no extra money or real effort required. It's easier than you think. The two always go hand in hand.

Highlights On The Business of Software (2012)


The following is a guest post by Matthew Dean. You can follow him on Twitter at: @GoghUA. One of these things I simply could not miss. Day 1. Value.

10 Ways to Make You the Best Part of Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

In fact, the idea is often the least important part of the equation. Don’t take your idea too seriously, either. You can’t do it all by yourself.

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[Infographic] The Generation Gap In Your Office


You may find yourself feeling far older too.). Well it’s true. So, better get used to that young face in the next cubicle.

Video 28
Video 28

How to Start a Small Business in a Few Hours

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Starting a business is surprisingly simple--you just need to take the first step. Whenever I saw him that's all he talked about. Here's how: 1. Don't.

Act 2

Life Beyond Code

They discovered you. Now what? The web is filled with articles about how to get attention. For me, getting discovered is Act 1. Let me explain.

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