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Something Ventured: The Founding of the Venture Capital Industry

Feld Thoughts

Last night Amy and I watched the movie Something Ventured: Risk, Reward, and the Original Venture Capitalists. ” If the answer is no, we stop.

7 Startup High Risk Factors That Scare Investors


Image via Flickr by artemuestra. We all know that every startup is risky. No risk means no reward. Historically high failure rate category.

10 Attributes of That Rare Ideal Manager at Work

Startup Professionals Musings

Everyone can recognize a great manager a mile away, so why is it so hard to find one? " Plan and delegate. You are a guide, not a commander.

One Of Our Investors Just Closed Shop. What Should We Do?

Ask The VC

Q: What is the best path to take if a VC which has invested in my company closes down, but we have not exited and are still operating profitably ? What happens to the LLC entity that was formed at the time of investment? Do we ask the VC for our shares back or buy them back at a discount? . There are lots of specific points in time to consider.

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The Google+ Long Game Is Brilliant

Feld Thoughts

I’m finding myself using Google+ more and more. I recently decided that the long game Google is playing is absolutely brilliant. They are being understated about it but doing exactly what business strategists talk about when they describe the long game as the one to play. Yeah, whatever. Here are some examples. I live in Gmail. Hate hate hate.

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Who Owns Your UX Philosophy?

Feld Thoughts

I’ve been in three board meetings in the last month where it was painfully apparent that there wasn’t a person in the company who owned the UX philosophy of the product. But the UX broke down quickly, especially as you went from novice first time user to experienced user. Now, it’s not that the apps sucks. Related articles.

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8 Indications of a ‘Wanna Be’ Entrepreneur Dreamer

Startup Professionals Musings

If I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me, “One of these days, I’m going to start my own company,” I’d be rich. Hidden fear of success.

In Between: The Tough Place To Be

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

In a comment on the latest tally of VC fundraising , NVCA President Mark Heesen said: “The venture capital fundraising environment has settled into a ‘new normal’ which is characterized by a barbell structure of larger funds which are stage and industry agnostic on one end, and smaller, early stage, industry or region specific funds on the other.

These Days, Recruiters Are Worth the Money

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When it comes to sourcing the right interview candidates, I've never been keen to use recruiters. But I recently changed my mind.

US Immigration Fails Entrepreneurs Again

Feld Thoughts

I’m so sick of how – as a country – our authorities treat people as though they are criminals. I hear a story about it almost daily and I’m now having someone I’m directly connected to or involved with impacted at least a month. It seems to be getting worse, not better, which just sucks. ” Awesome.

Great Entrepreneurs are Masters of Business Chaos

Startup Professionals Musings

Sadly, this false perception often leads to the death of their business, or at least the end of their tenure as CEO. Employees stop innovating.

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Why Fake It ‘Til You Make It Doesn’t Work

Mike Michalowicz

Want to guarantee failure? Do this: fake it ‘til you make it. I bet you didn’t expect to hear that. It has become the mantra for success. Fake is fake.

10 Things You Should Say Every Day

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They're small things. but each has the power to dramatically change someone's day. Including yours. Want to make a huge difference in someone's life?

Feld / Calacanis Interview on This Week In Startups

Feld Thoughts

I always enjoy hanging out with Jason Calacanis. We first met in the mid-1990s when Jason was hanging out in NY doing Silicon Alley Reporter. Enjoy!

Why Now is The Best Time to Buy Domains

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Domain names are the best investment you or your company can make right now. The timing is perfect, and the deals are out there for the taking.

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Are Marketers Now Required to be Engineers Too?

Startup Marketing Blog

As much as I hate to admit it, online marketers with engineering backgrounds often have a significant advantage over non-engineering marketers. They are simply much more capable of “getting stuff done.” ” The rest of us waste a lot of time and creative energy figuring how to get the obvious stuff done. What’s Next?

Put LinkedIn to Work For You: 7 Ways

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

LinkedIn is a great tool if used with skill and purpose. Not every one does. Here are seven tips for getting a good return on your efforts. Don't spam.

Launching Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur

Feld Thoughts

The second book in the Startup Revolution series, Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur , is shipping in the next week or so. My wife Amy Batchelor and I wrote this one, with contributions from about 20 other entrepreneurial couples. Amy and I have been friends since we met in college in 1984.

Finding Your Audience: The Rise of Niche Markets

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

As more entrepreneurs turn to the Internet in hopes of finding an audience, niche markets have risen in popularity and marketing power.

Being Behind, Effort, and Comparing Yourself

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

NCAA basketball teams that are behind by one point at halftime are more likely to win than teams that are one point ahead. The reason is motivation.

7 Ways to Be a Stress-Free Workaholic

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Saying it's a crazy, complex world out there is putting it mildly. The rate of technological change is staggering. It's for real. Systems break.

Experimenting With Writing On More Channels

Feld Thoughts

Historically, most of my writing has been either on my blogs or the books that I’ve written. Occasionally I’ve written for magazines, like a year-long stretch I did for Entrepreneur a few years ago, and longer form articles of mine appear in different places every now and then. Like all things, this is an experiment. Related articles.

How to detect if you are slightly brainwashed?

Life Beyond Code

Ask yourself a few questions below: 1. Are you open-minded? Are you a team player? Are you a good leader? Are you a quick learner? Are you likeable?

The 15 Business Trends To Avoid This Year

Mike Michalowicz

Every day it seems like there are a dozen new trends that I “need” to jump on to give my business a competitive edge. The Rule Of Thumb.

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Bottomline: Success Is Never an Accident

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Successful people always seem to make their own luck and find opportunities, but it has more to do with their state of mind than anything else.

Enterprise Software the secular trends

deal architect

This time of the year, many folks like to look at the year back or the year forward. This old fart has been in and around enterprise software for three decades so I like to take a somewhat longer look. Industry Commentary

Dr.Liz Alexander on Co-Authorship

Life Beyond Code

My friend Dr.Liz Alexander recently co-authored a book called Thought Leadership Tweet. Please check it out. Life is all about growth, isn’t it?

APE now available in softcover

How to Change the World

Amazon start selling the paperback edition of my latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

Secret to More Refreshing Weekends

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The busiest and most successful people use this strategy for restorative weekends to keep burnout at bay, according to author Laura Vanderkam.

Will Your Startup Get Venture Capital or IPO in 2013?

Startup Professionals Musings

For the full year 2012, venture-backed initial public offerings raised $21.5 Line up a winning team. Both operating executives and top advisors count.

How to Stay Calm

Life Beyond Code

Just to be more realistic, let’s slightly modify the topic to. How to Stay Calm (Most of the Time). What makes you lose your calmness? and so on.

How to Manage Energy and Why You Must

Duct Tape Marketing

A few weeks ago I started a series of posts I’m calling Recover You. You can catch the entire Recover You series here. Meditation. Yoga. Exercise.

10 Easy Tips to Get More Done

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Take control of your work experience and notice how much more gets done. However, misuse of email is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Weeks?

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Financial Freedom Is Costing You Your Life

Mike Michalowicz

Financial Freedom? I love money. It is a powerful tool for getting lots of things done. And it provides that all so valuable financial freedom.

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