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7 Ways to Identify Your Strengths

Life Beyond Code

But the question is how does one identify his or her strengths? Here are a few ways: 1. You record what you care for. Have a great week ahead!

It’s Better to Beg for Forgiveness than to Ask for Permission

Both Sides of the Table

So I have a short story to exemplify my credo and my friend  Tyler Crowley has been telling me to write this story for a while so here goes.

What the Elephant God Can Teach Tech Entrepreneurs


This weekend I was at a family celebration in New Jersey and spent some time with an uncle who is a chemical engineer by training but also well versed in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures. We talked about the curiousity and symbolism around Ganesha, most well known as the Elephant God. It signifies the importance of knowledge.

8 Questions to Ask When Interviewing at a Startup

Instigator Blog

Job interviews are meant to be conversations. The interviewer asks some questions and the interviewee does the same. It’s never a good sign when an interviewee doesn’t have any questions. It shows a lack of interest. Recently someone asked me, “I’m thinking of taking a job offer from a startup. I’ll have to relocate.

No departments

Startup Lessons Learned

Big companies have departments. Startups are companies. Startups aspire to become big companies. Therefore, startups should have departments. Right?

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Ads for startups

Venture Hacks

For the last few months, we’ve been using InfluAds to power an ad widget near the top right of Venture Hacks.

the vc in me.: One of the Most Important Traits in a Founder: Self.

the vc in me

We all know human beings aren't perfect - not even close. It is almost impossible for a person to be great at most things in life - we have our strengths and weaknesses - whether its in relationships, friendships, sports

Spencer Fry — Freemium Model

Spencer Fry


Startups and the Magic of Seven

Leveraging Ideas

think this is a great way to evaluate companies one is thinking of joining, building or investing in. New technologies? Job related?

The Four Cornerstones of Every Business Plan

Startup Professionals Musings

By Akira Hirai The thought of preparing a business plan for the first time can be very intimidating. Solution: This is your brilliant idea.

When You’re a Hammer Everything Looks Like a Nail

Both Sides of the Table

Over the years I collected (or thought up) a series of short-hand phrases to remind me of life’s lessons that are applicable to business. Hammer.

Working at Google - the first 6 months

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

So, what is it like working at Google? How is it different than working at Microsoft? have answered that question at least 500 times in the past 6 months, so I thought I should write a more detailed answer. Google still feels like a startup. Larry and Sergey are very visible and active. Everything moves fast, and can change at a moments notice.

Platforms: Of Governance and Taxes

Non-Linear Growth

I like analogies. This week, Brad Burnham of Union Square Ventures wrote a thoughtful post based on an analogy between software powered platforms and governments. The government-platform analogy is good, albeit imperfect. The most salient aspects of the analogy are in the area of governance. Governance is a critical role for any platform provider.

The Pattern-Seeking Fallacy

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

What do these have in common? This pitcher has retired 5 of the last 7 batters.". "We tried 10 AdWord variants and combination D is the clear winner.".

Useless Feedback

Instigator Blog

Not all feedback is created equal. A lot of feedback is useless. This isn’t necessarily the fault of the person providing the feedback. Oftentimes it’s the fault of the person requesting it, because they don’t really understand why they’re asking for it in the first place. These things should be written down.

How to Solve Business Problems Effectively

Startup Professionals Musings

Creating a startup, or managing any business, is all about problem solving. Problems are an everyday part of every business and personal environment.

Identify The Known Unknowns: Leverage Analytics Custom Alerts

Occam's Razor

Hello Insights! ]. From: " Oh my God I did not know that metric had crashed for that segment!! That is easier to accomplish than you might think.

Web 3

How can you improve LTV and CAC? « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog


Great post Jeremy! Would love to see more discussion like this on optimizing revenue vs acquisition costs. definitely agree that it is often the right decision to focus early on on maximizing LTV. In addition to your reasons

I’ve Failed Over and Over and Over Again in My Life

Feld Thoughts

What a great short Nike commercial staring Michael Jordan. “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”.

Jordan 2

We should discuss this.

47 Hats

And now we can at just put into production Version 2.15, adding Group-centric Discussions to S2D. What’s Group-centric?

Designing products for single and multiplayer modes

Chris Dixon

The first million people who bought VCRs bought them before there were any movies available to watch on them. They just wanted to “time shift&# TV shows – what we use DVRs for today. Once there were millions of VCR owners it became worthwhile for Hollywood to start selling and renting movies to watch on them.

10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The folks at Behance and Cool Hunting asked me to talk at their 99% Conference a couple months ago. The 99% conference is aimed at creative professionals and is focused on Edison's "99% perspiration.". And in the spirit of how to get your ideas to happen, they asked me to talk about entrepreneurship and the myriad ways you can "be your own boss."

Founders 2010 #4: Let’s Be Honest

Feld Thoughts

MicroISV Digest – 06/17/2010

47 Hats

Community News: A quiet week… Interesting questions with useful answers: For mISVs that have a day job. How do you balance the effort with work, family and other obligations? Where to find study case report on startups? What are Some of the Most Successful Low Budget Startup Marketing Campaigns You’ve Seen?

Video of My Internet Week Session on Early Stage Entrepreneurship

Vinicius Vacanti

On Thursday, Owen Davis of SeedStart invited Amol Sarva, from Peek, and me to answer some questions on early stage entrepreneurship. The session was wonderfully moderated by Jalak Jobanputra. Amol represented a more experienced

Open VBX

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Yesterday our portfolio company Twilio announced the developer availability of their Open VBX platform. Techcrunch and GigaOm had good posts on it. And there are other cloud based telephony APIs as well. But what is important about Open VBX and the Twilio web service API for telephony is the pairing of the two. Look at Wordpress.

Who Wants To Be A Tech Star?

Feld Thoughts

Today’s first Tech Star video has nothing to do with TechStars. We had a twisted sister streak then which he maintains to this day.

This Week in VC with Om Malik & Paul Jozefak

Both Sides of the Table

To see the video of This Week in VC click on this link. The strategy of GigaOm and where they differentiate in the market. Real-time search engine.

Startups: So You Think You Can Dance

Startup Professionals Musings

Over time, I’ve concluded that even startup entrepreneurs can learn a few things from this one. It’s tough and not fun for either side. Break a leg!

Bits Interview

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

One of my favorite bloggers is Nick Bilton who blogs about tech for the NY Times. He covers the basics, like Twitter's purchase of Smallthought last week , but also blogs about cool stuff you might not know about like this story about an MIT Fellow who is using kites and balloons to record the impact of the spill.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Updated

Feld Thoughts

I’ve always been a huge Van Gogh fan. And some other stuff. Deeply awesome.


This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

Both Sides of the Table

We had a special edition of This Week in Venture Capital this week shooting out of the Next New Networks offices in New York.  Total raised: $16.0mm.

Technology Alone is Not a Pain-Point Solution

Startup Professionals Musings

Sometimes I chastise startups who seem to be first selling me their new technology, to be more market-driven (find points-of-pain solutions).

Work Market

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

This is a cross posting of a blog post I wrote this morning on the USV blog. We are big believers in the power of Internet marketplaces to bring efficiencies and new opportunities to people and businesses. And the market where this has the most potential of all is the labor market. So we are excited to announce our latest investment - Workmarket.