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Rethink Web Analytics: Introducing Web Analytics 2.0

Occam's Razor

On Sept 5th I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to present as a part of the Authors@Google series. Wordy? Bland? Specific & direct?

Cracking The Code: SaaS business metrics: why are they different?

Cracking the Code

NetSuite One System.

Acting CTO Role in a Start-up


I generally am working as an acting CTO for about 3-4 start-ups or other companies at any one time. I was just talking with someone who asked me to define how that could work and what they meant. Great question. Roger Smith ) This helps explain where I normally play. During Stabilization, often the focus is transitioning to a full-time CTO.

CTO 16

Geek jewelry humor

Venture Cyclist

If you don't get it. don't ask. Tech industry Whimsy


The Mathematics of Energy: Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

Will Price

The VC industry profits from secular disruptions. In IT, platform transitions – mainframe to client/server to web, etc – create massive disruptions, new companies, and fantastic returns to investors. In a absolute sense, disruptive companies initially operate on the margin of major industries. Okay, online advertising is 6% of the total. The 2.3%

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"God is in the details." Mies van der Rohe - Startups and angels.

Tim Keane

Whether you like the architecture of Mies van der Rohe or not, this particular comment does make you stop and think. So often when people talk about businesses and startups, there is a great deal of high level talk about

the vc in me.: Generational Disruption in Media

the vc in me

Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs believe the greatest opportunities are those disruptive to the current state of the art/market. This disruption typically happens with a major technological change (e.g. the PC, the internet

» Facebook Image Uploader – Java Applet – Replica Script? - By.

Steve Poland

Facebook Image Uploader – Java Applet – Replica Script? By Steve Poland • November 29, 2007. Update: Found it! This thing is slick — it's by Aurigma. The java applet image uploader used on Facebook is slick — you select your pics from a

The Three Greatest Survey Questions Ever

Occam's Razor

The VP of a Fortune 100 company recently asked for some advice. They did not have any web analytics tool. Surprised? Want more: Got Surveys?

Share registers and electronic shares

Angel Blog

Every company is required by law to maintain a complete and current share register. Today, there is no question that the share register can be an electronic file as long as it meets the other requirements in the act. Share certificates can also be electronic.


Exploits of a Mom


Great comic from [link]


VC:VC Rising Tides, Ebbing Tides

Venture Cyclist

"A rising tide lifts all boats" is a famous aphorism, much loved by observers of the financial markets, and duly applied by everyone to everything. However, some folks beg to differ. rising tide lifts all boats and so swamps the effect of the hard work of some of those boat crews. Jim Collins is another (see my posting on his contribution ).

My Lawyer Wants Equity in My Startup

Ask The VC

Venture Hacks has today's great post titled Should I give my lawyers equity? This is a common ask by most lawyers of their early stage clients. Venture Hacks gives you all the correct answers to this question

The Annual Marker of the Web2.0 Summit

Genuine VC

The first Web2.0 conference which I attended was in 2005, and that one had a very authentic feel to it. And this year's elevation of the moniker to a "Summit" should continue with that trend. Regardless, conferences are for conversations. The important business is about connecting with people, as opposed to the content in the sessions themselves.

allensblog: Fidelity vs. Convenience

Allen's Blog

Recently, I've been considering investment opportunities in entertainment media (as part of some broader thinking about how brand advertising (as opposed to performance-based advertising) will move online). In connection

Christine: Web 2.0 Inspires Architecture 2.0, and World a Better Place


Architecture for Humanity creates sustainable, low-cost housing for both impoverished and disaster-hit communities. James Baty of AFH is here at Web 2.0

3M: Six Sigma vs Innovation

Will Price

I nnovation is the lifeblood of Silicon Valley. Technological and business model disruptions drive the cycle of category, company, and wealth creation. Innovation often leads to high growth and growth often demands the introduction of processes to ensure quality and scale.

the vc in me.: How Will Brand Ads Reach the "Long Tail"?

the vc in me

Online advertising is continuing to take off with over $25B in global revenue this year and no signs of slowing down. This has been dominated by performance based ads but brand advertisers have taken notice and are

How To Bootstrap Your Startup


The aim of many entrepreneurs is to take a business idea and convert it into a professional and functioning business on a low budget. This is typically called “bootstrapping&# and it is fraught with potential pitfalls and dangers. What is bootstrapping? So, what does it mean to bootstrap a company? Why bootstrap? How much will this cost?

Standard Metrics Revisited: #3: Bounce Rate

Occam's Razor

Bounce Rate to the rescue! Bounce rate is a beautiful way to measure the quality of traffic coming to your website. So what is this mysterious metric?

Sun Microsytems: Most Delusional Company Ever?

Entrepreneurship Blog

Sun has got to be one of the worst run and most delusional companies on the planet. Wow, $2,180 for a quad-core box!!! GREAT! NOT GREAT! Pathetic.

F2F Still Matters


kathy sierra has a great post today: face-to-face trumps twitter, blogs, podcasts, video.

12 Days of.

Venture Cyclist

And you thought Chanukah only had 8 days! Whimsy


What Skills Do You Look For In Founders?

Ask The VC

Q: What are the most important functional skills that you look for in a startup's founders and on a startup team? Sales/Marketing/Operations/Technical/Changes every times? A: (Brad): There are two attributes I want on every founding

Those Key Early Employees

Genuine VC

Much is often said about the founders of a company, including on this blog. And they seem to receive a preponderance of the recognition for the ultimate success of an endeavor. Of course, it's obvious that these individuals are vital to a startup. However, I think that the people often overlooked are those key first hires.

allensblog: Too Much of a Good Thing.?

Allen's Blog

Historians (especially economic historians) widely believe that nations that discover a single huge natural resource (e.g., oil or gold) always rue the day. For several reasons (in addition to the crippling corruption that always

UF and Alexandria Ink Biotech Labspace Deal

Florida Venture Blog

If you aren't already familiar with Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., Great work!

Isolating Causality: Bad Market or Bad Company

Will Price

Cervantes famously once said that, "proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience." In venture capital, one often hears industry veterans say something like, "bad markets make for bad investments." The importance of the growth, health, and timing of a market to a start-up's postive outcome is both vital and well-known.

» Web Startup Ideas – The List and The Drought - By Steve Poland.

Steve Poland

Web Startup Ideas – The List and The Drought. By Steve Poland • December 6, 2007.

Facebook is My Space's Best Friend


Kick Butt With Internal Site Search Analytics

Occam's Razor

I love Internal Site Search data. You Should Be. It is also covered in detail in Web Analytics: An Hour A Day. Intrigued? So the first step is simple.

Am I a Cat Man?

Entrepreneurship Blog

A couple of weeks ago, a friend posed a question: "Andrew, are you a cat man?" While I have always liked cats, my answer was of course no.


Map of VC Investments


found this map of 2006 vc investments post. some very interesting graphics including this heat map: very cool visualization tool

What do Jews do on Christmas?

Venture Cyclist

It's true. Peoplehood Whimsy