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Yikes: Many Americans Think HTML Is an STD

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Ever wonder how much your job applicants really understand about technology? Better brace yourself, because the answer is depressing. What''s an MP3?


HTML 5: The Next Big Thing for Content

Roger and Mike

“Hypertext Mark-up Language 5 (HTML 5) is just a programming language.” The web needs HTML 5. HTML 5 is still in its infancy.


Are Marketers Now Required to be Engineers Too?

Startup Marketing Blog

As much as I hate to admit it, online marketers with engineering backgrounds often have a significant advantage over non-engineering marketers. Not only are engineering marketers more capable of getting the essentials done, they can use their reserve of time and creative energy to be scrappy about building marketing experiments.

Why SEO Is Important In Online Marketing?


Algorithms Used By Search Engines. These are often used the search engines to rank websites. What Is SEO? Importance of SEO.

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Engineering Social Commerce

Code as Craft

In this post we explore some of the engineering challenges we faced in building a social commerce feature like the gift recommender. This holiday season we launched a redesigned version of a product we call “Gift Ideas for Your Friends”. The gift recommender is social in that it brings your friends to Etsy. Tight integration with Facebook.

LinkedIn engineering’s client-side template evaluation

Niall Kennedy's Blog

useful read when evaluating dynamic HTML templates. LinkedIn shares their evaluation process for choosing a client-side templating solution from 18 different options across 15 formal metrics. Programming

SEO News: Google Gets Serious About Mobile Search


Others Google mobile search mobile SEO search engine marketing search engine optimization SEO How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website.

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Responsive emails that really work

Code as Craft

But given the sorry state of CSS and HTML for email, how can we make an email look great in all those places? engineering mobile


How to use meta tags to get your website found

Up and Running

Meta tags are an important and often overlooked on-page component of your website’s search engine optimization. Meta Title Tags.

HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions For The Future

HTML On The Desktop. HTML Gets Naked (Again). Sections. Social. Mobile. Enterprise. Cloud. Small Biz. About. Contact. Advertise. Privacy.


Design Staff ? Hiring a designer: hunting the unicorn

Design Staff

And if you’re an engineer or MBA without a background in design, hiring a designer can be daunting, frustrating, or even downright scary.

How to Tell Google What Your Content Means

Duct Tape Marketing

Search engines love content. That’s what they eat all day long, and they use HTML code to figure out what all those web pages say.


A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build A Profitable Niche Content Website by Yaro Starak

Niche content sites, as I call them, are static websites that are rich in content that are well optimized so that they attract heavy natural or organic search engine traffic for free. Absolutely no HTML or programming skills are required, although learning the basics can give you a marginal advantage over your competition. Why not?


The Internet is Ready for Things

Andrew Payne

Mobile HTML is just HTML with a few mobile-specific features. Mobile and desktop browsers share the same core rendering engine. The infrastructure elements already exist, as the Internet is exceptional at expanding and shifting to accommodate new kids on the block. Qualcomm BREW , WAP , etc.) 4G/LTE is a pipe for IP packets.


The Small Business Guide To SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2017

crowdSPRING Blog

In that way, paid campaigns (like search engine marketing/ppc) can align nicely with SEO-focused campaigns. Image Source: SEO Linkbuilding.

In WordPress Hosting Hell? Pantheon Now Supports WordPress

Feld Thoughts

When companies are just getting off the ground, the founders often build the websites themselves, increasingly with flat HTML because it is simple and efficient. Startup engineering teams are now tasked with managing a CMS system. The startup’s ops and engineering team. We are not alone. This is where things start to break down.

What is Structured Data & Schema for Websites & SEO?

Duct Tape Marketing

This bonus search engine “bling” is often referred to as rich snippets. What is Structured Data & Schema for Websites & SEO? How so?

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How I Learned to Code

Vinicius Vacanti

Next posts on how to acquire users for free and how to raise a Series A. Don’t miss them by  subscribing via email  or via twitter. technology

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the vc in me.: New College Degree: Marketing Engineering

the vc in me

Professional Marketplaces - Web Based Platforms to Help You Make Money » New College Degree: Marketing Engineering. The “brains” go for engineering, math, or medicine. Marketing engineering could be one of the most valuable professions and become what every smart bright-eyed college student aspires to conquer…. Welcome!

SEO is Dead. Now What?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Until now, search engine optimization has been tactical and reactive in nature. But that''s all changing. Numerous releases followed.

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5 Ways to Stand Out in Google Search

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Fresh and relevant content attracts users as well as search engines. If a search engine can't read your content, you are irrelevant.

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Static Analysis for PHP

Code as Craft

We don’t use PHP’s native templating where code and HTML is mixed in one file. Nothing particularly exotic but they help make the code readable and consistent across an ever growing engineering department. engineering infrastructure securitySanity and Style Checking. php tag. Formal Checks using HpHp. No (phew).

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The 7 Most Important SEO Factors for Bloggers

Duct Tape Marketing

The title is an HTML attribute that does not actually show up on your pages, but is displayed at the top of the browser window. Title. H1 tag.

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What Is the Hypernet?

Roger and Mike

For more than a decade, the web has been stuck with HTML 4 as its platform and Flash as its media format.  No wonder content was commoditized. 


Page Speed: Why It’s a Big Tool in Your Page Ranking

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Get a high page rank, and your business can be easily found on search engines sites, especially the mammoth, Google. Why is Google doing this?

When being “first” is not a competitive advantage

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

” This is how one of our competitors attempts to differentiate and compete with us at WP Engine. (Powered by LaunchBit ). Is it effective?

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The Marriage of Content & Images for Local SEO

Duct Tape Marketing

When we think of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), we usually focus on online traffic.

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How HTML5 Is Aiding in Cross-Platform Development

The reason we included Rhodes in this roundup — despite being a Ruby tool — is that it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript in its views.


Are Marketers Now Required to be Engineers Too?

Startup Marketing Blog

As much as I hate to admit it, online marketers with engineering backgrounds often have a significant advantage over non-engineering marketers. Not only are engineering marketers more capable of getting the essentials done, they can use their reserve of time and creative energy to be scrappy about building marketing experiments.

Best Mobile Platform for Your App?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Plus, if Apple boots you out of the App Store, you can still use HTML 5 to create an app that your customers can use. Or all of the above?


Batch Processing Millions and Millions of Images

Code as Craft

Many of our job postings for Engineering positions describe the company as a place “where the word ‘millions’ is used frequently and in many contexts&#.  I got a taste of that within my first weeks on the job. Tags: engineering We are in the process of redesigning a few of the major sections around  Ganglia.

How to Use Keywords to Get More Website Traffic and Improve SEO

Marketing Junkie

Search engines have something called spiders that crawl the Web. Then they report back to the search engine database. META keyword tag.

Framework Benchmarks


Weak performance can also cause premature scale pain, user experience degradation, and associated penalties levied by search engines. Results.

The Local SEO Playbook – Your Guide to Local Rankings

Duct Tape Marketing

The image above from MOZLocal shows the interrelation of information sourced between data agrregators, directories, and search engines in the US.

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How I went from beginner to selling my app in the app store in 2 months

The Next Web

also dabbled in learning Ruby, Rails, CSS/HTML but literally had only done the code academy  web fundamentals  track. Timeline.

Go back to school for your startup. Free!

47 Hats

The Lean Launchpad , also know as Engineering 245, is an online class with free enrollment. How cool is that? to help organized their execution.

50 Places You Can Learn to Code (for Free) Online


SitePoint Reference : Find references for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Sitepoint. University. The Open University : U.K.-based General.

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Who should learn to program?

Chris Dixon

Every company I know is hiring engineers (e.g. There has recently been a lot of talk in the tech world and beyond about getting more people to learn computer programming. think this is a worthy goal*, but the question should be considered from various angles. 1. Jobs & the economy. Businesses all over the world need more programmers.

Solve hard problems and fly robots

High Contrast

Front-end Engineer (UI/UX). Shopximity, an early-stage startup, is looking for a front-end engineer. You’ll work with industry-leading Bocoup engineers and an experienced team of startup veterans at Shopximity to develop a system that will improve the user experience of 100 million people daily. We take care of our engineers.

Google Guidelines

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Check for broken links and make any corrections to HTML that is needed. Make sure that advertisements do not affect search engine rankings.