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What is the difference between a vertical and a horizontal market?


A vertical market is one in which all of your customers are in one particular industry, regardless of where in the food chain they are.

Why there won’t be an Uber in every vertical

Version One Ventures

While these ingredients certainly aren’t unique to hiring a ride, they do not cut across all industries and verticals. But they operate more like a lead generation engine than an actual marketplace capable of facilitating the entire transaction with the couple-of-taps simplicity of Uber. Underlying Commoditized Services.

The rise of the vertical reputation graph

Version One Ventures

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a number of start-ups try to carve away parts of LinkedIn by being the “LinkedIn for x” – where x ranges from doctors, teachers, finance professionals, academics, lawyers, engineers, etc. The post The rise of the vertical reputation graph appeared first on Version One.

Start Your Marketplace Engines

Genuine VC

Communities like those of uTest (software QA testers), as well as NextView portfolio companies GrabCAD (mechanical engineers) and thredUP (parents), which resulted in marketplaces had origins in this approach. Often this focus can be on a specific geography or vertical. Brute force a mini-market and expand.

Scaling Techstars Horizontally

Feld Thoughts

There are two common ways to scale a system – horizontally or vertically. If you are a software engineer, you probably get this instinctively. Scale Vertically (or “scale up”): Add resources to a single node in a system, typically involving the addition of CPUs or memory to a single computer.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Top 10 Vertical and Social Web Trends For The Decade


In fact, in the discussion on JuJu brands is yet another validation of the verticalization and niche-ization of the Internet. On Jan. Sponsor.

Resilience Engineering #30: Balance and Perspective

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Maintaining balance and perspective is key to leading complex, constrained projects. Risk Analysis: A Traditional Approach. This is a good chart.

Benchmarking Performance: Your Options, Dos, Don'ts and To-Die-Fors!

Occam's Razor

With that, let's look at the first rich source of benchmarking data in CI tools, the industry and sub-vertical reports. Yes, four! etc.).

Crushing It With Competitive Intelligence Analysis: Best Metrics, Reports

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When you are done reading the post, you'll be super mad that your marketing strategy is not more influenced by your competitor's data! Do it.

The Future of Mobile Search Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Google Now has the fundamentals necessary to be that predictive search engine. Emarketer predicts that in 2014, that number will balloon to 4.55

Some problems are so hard they need to be solved piece by piece

Chris Dixon

Startups that have tried to go up against pieces of Craigslist (the “vertical approach”) have been much more successful (e.g. StubHub, AirBnB).

The Startup Factories, How Incubators Are Shaping Entrepreneurs [Report]

VC Cafe

Startup incubators have grown in double digits in the last couple of years. The opportunity. Criticisms of the model.

Vertical Markets 2: Customer/Market Risk versus Invention Risk.

Steve Blank

Steve,&# he said, “you’re missing the most interesting part of vertical markets. Holding founders and engineers feet to the fire will inevitably remove the rough edges from the the product, imporving bounce rates of newcomers and loyalty of established users. The line is just a first approximation, nothing hard and fast about it.)

Upcoming Etsy Engineering Talks

Code as Craft

Gregg Donovan will be speaking at Lucene Revolution in San Francisco, May 26th about building out Solr to power Etsy’s vertical search product, including a number of custom extensions to Solr trunk (contributed back). engineering eventsLearn more. Learn more. early bird registration ends Monday). Learn more.

How To Become Valuable To A Start Up (If You’re Not An Engineer)


These ancillary duties almost always involve coding, because a technology start-up is driven by software engineering. Excellent!


Sahale: Visualizing Cascading Workflows at Etsy

Code as Craft

If you know anything about Etsy engineering culture, you know we like to measure things. data databases engineering infrastructure monitoring

The State Of The NYC Tech Ecosystem

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

By “deep tech”, I mean startups focusing on solving hard technical problems, either in infrastructure or applications – the type of companies where virtually every early employee is an engineer (or a data scientist). Matt Turck has penned a “State Of The City” post about where the NYC tech ecosystem is right now. I like the NYC 3.0

Vertical Markets 3: Reducing Risk in Startups « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

Simulation to Reduce Invention Risk If you’re in a vertical where “invention risk” is dominant, then you want to do everything you can to manage and reduce those risks. When I wrote the Four Steps to the Epiphany , the Customer Development text, I hadn’t yet thought about what vertical markets it might be appropriate for.) Order Here.

Ardent War Story 5: The Best Marketers Are Engineers

Steve Blank

Some of these advisors from the academic community would work with our of VP of Engineering and help us solve specific technical problems.

Revenue = Product Market Fit

Agile VC

Most consumer web/mobile companies focus on user growth and usage early in the company’s lifecycle before shifting to monetization.

Top 25 SEO bloggers you should follow in 2016

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Great Post to Read: Use Verticals To Increase Reach. Bill Hartzer Bill is a Search Engine Optimization Expert based in the Dallas, Texas area.

SEO 42

Vertical Markets 4: Putting it All Together « Steve Blank

Steve Blank

would look in each of the verticals. Product Development – How do you engineer it? Each vertical is, in fact, a functional culture.

The future of food production – reasons to be hopeful

The Equity Kicker

Going forward here are three new technologies that should help maintain this trend: Genetically engineered crops: In 1996 there were 1.7

How to build the right management team

Version One Ventures

To dive into more specifics, I’ve found that building out a strong management team should typically follow this progression: 1 st hire: VP Engineering. Even after you hire your VP Sales, founders should stay involved in “experimental” sales, situations in which you sell either new products or into a new vertical.

Introducing Arbiter: A Utility for Generating Oozie Workflows

Code as Craft

The vertices of the graph are the actions and the edges are dependencies. data engineering infrastructure hadoop oozieThe Problem.

XML 10

The Innovation State of the Union

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

She’s also a professor at the University of Cincinnati in their Engineering department. Engineers are aging. Thanks Pamela.

Tracking Every Release

Code as Craft

This displays events as a vertical line at the time of the event. Combined with engineers pairing up for code reviews, we catch most issues before they get deployed. engineering operations continuous deployment deploy graphite metrics monitoringIt’s no secret that this is one of our keys to moving fast. Ah-ha!

PHP 16

7 Brilliant Strategies Marissa Mayer Used to Shake Up Yahoo

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

She''s hired heaps of engineering and editorial talent. When Mayer started at Yahoo, it had about 40 mobile engineers. Why the holdup? "It

Innovation Outposts and The Evolution of Corporate R&D

Steve Blank

I first met Evangelos Simoudis when he ran IBM’s Business Intelligence Solutions Division and then as CEO of his first startup Customer Analytics.

Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens

Burnham's Beat

Google Base + Vertical Search + RSS = Death of Walled Gardens. See Jeff Claviers blog for more in-depth coverage of vertical search.) This is not good news if you are currently charging to either to display or to access similar listings (or if you are a vertical search start-up). Burnhams Beat. About Bill. Archived Posts. Blogs.

Elon Musk: The Future Is Fully Electric

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors says the era of gasoline engines will soon look "quaint." He also divulges his idea for his next company.

CTO 33

Finding Blue Oceans #prodmgmt

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

User Experience Design Tactics for Product Managers

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

Product Management at Startups vs. Enterprises

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

Senior Product Manager and Your Next Career Steps

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

Hey Graduates: Forget Plastics - It's All About Machine Learning

Seeing Both Sides

"Tell me, what would you do if you had 1,000 times more data?".

Guide to Website Navigation Design Patterns

Vertical Bar/Sidebar Navigation. Vertical bar/sidebar navigation is when navigation items are arranged in a single column, one on top of another. The vertical bar/sidebar navigation design pattern is seen all over the place, on virtually every kind of website. Common Characteristics of Vertical Bar/Sidebar Navigation.

Conducting User Research in Product Management

The Product Guy

He translates complex business problems into solutions that are easily consumed by engineering, marketing and sales. View the live stream….

The Definitive Guide To (8) Competitive Intelligence Data Sources!

Occam's Razor

They are available from all the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo! 4: Search Engine Data. In May 2010 (!). 39%, good god!

Freemium is alive and kicking

David Cohen

As an example, one of the areas that I like to invest in is vertical search. With vertical search, it’s all about the crack. Vertical search is one of those areas where I think freemium can still make a ton of sense. I had a meeting today with the vertical search company that I recently funded. 2008: 30%. 2009: 42%.